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OreOjou Volume 2 Afterword


Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom

Special thanks to Razorace for helping with this!

Producer-san! This is getting a manga, a manga!

Just like that, this light novel received a manga adaptation just after it’s second volume. This is a first for me! I’m so excited!

And guess what? This wasn’t requested by me. The Editor-sensei of Comic REX read my work and liked it, and so, he gave me this offer.

Isn’t this something more to congratulate about!

The aim of this volume was to be more lively, foolish, and perhaps more moe than the previous volume. For those who are tired from working or studying, you can read this book to empty your brain.

If this book can let you feel even a moment of happiness, then I would be satisfied.

Uruu-sensei who drew such cute and personality-filled illustrations for this book. K井-san who always helped me with his careful editing. The Senseis at the Sales Department who supported me throughly. Namori-sensei and the head editor of Comic Yuri Hime who allowed me to use the contents of [Yuru Yuri].

Comic REX editor Okada-sensei who offered to serialise a manga adaptation of this book. Risumai-sensei, the mangaka who even helped draw the belly band for the book and the 4-koma manga announcing this news. Shiratori Shiro-sensei who promised to help with the configuration of the illustrations, and also Sagara-sensei who invented the word ‘self-service mixed bath’.

I sincerely thank all of you. I will do my best too, in the future.

Takafumi Nanatsuki


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