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Kujou-san’s Extreme Sadist Consultation Room

Kujou-san’s Extreme Sadist Consultation Room


Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Razorace

Special thanks to Razorace for helping with this! Do check him out when he releases his chapters!

TLN: As I said before, no one in the team knows how to edit pictures, so you gotta have to roll with this.


Kujou: I am responsible for the consultation room this time. Due to this being the first time, I shall answer a few example questions.

Q.I don’t have any clothes that I can wear to the convenience store [Tokyo (Do you mean Kobayashi?)]

A.Relax. No one is paying attention to you. Even if they think ‘Uwaa’ in their hearts, they will forget about you in a minute. Worst case scenario, you would become a neta¹ in the eyes of the other party. So what if irrelevant people talk about you? The outside world isn’t just filled with pain and suffering.



  1. The food my wife makes tastes bad. What should I do? [Ichijinsha K井]

A.Isn’t that just an evaluation from your wife?


Kujou: Consultation Room is taking in the troubles of everyone. Please state your prefecture and pen name, then send it to the address stated below.


Mail address: 160-0022 Tokyo,Shinjuku Prefecture 2-5-10 8F, for the person in charge of Ichijinsha Novel Editorial Department [Kujou-san’s Extreme Sadist Consultation Room]

On a side note, this Consultation Room is only geared for ‘Henjin²’ who understand the point of this. Those ‘hen-jin²’ who want to discuss with me about what kind of good things they can gain from this, do participate in this actively.


1.Neta:Laughing stock

2.According to Razorace,  this is a fairly obscure pun. The kanji for “gentleman”(henjin) and “weird person”(hen-jin) are phonetically the same etc where “hen” is the part from “hentai”.

So people call e-hentai like e-绅士(Gentleman) rather than e-变态(Pervert) in China, so the Chinese TL just made use of this to TL in a similar pun… which absolutely works and is reflective of the original Japanese pun.

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