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TIPS Side Story 4


The maid wakes up early

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom

The maid wakes up early.

As the head maid, Kujou Miyuki attends the daily morning meeting in the maids dormitory, then swiftly goes to the office to manage the complex managerial works.

By the time she’s done with that, it would be 6:30 in the morning. At that time, most of the students would still be sleeping.

But even then, it was expected of them to be like that.

Because the maids have the important duty of taking care of the students under their care.

Thus, Miyuki walked out of the maids dormitory and headed for Kimito’s.

Sekain Academy, which was located on high ground, was quieter than usual in the morning.

However, the early morning sun, rising from behind the mountain ridge, shone down clearly on the school pathways, trees, buildings as well as the fountain, giving people a feeling of coolness.

There was no place better than this for the pure girls to live in.

There was a student jogging slowly towards her on the path Miyuki was walking on. Of course, there were also students who did this as a daily routine.

When the tracksuit-clad student came close to Miyuki, she suddenly tensed up and said:

“G-good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Miyuki stepped to the side and respectfully bowed towards the passing student. Suddenly——

“Please wait a moment.”

Miyuki called towards the student.

“……W-what is it?”

The Ojou-sama somewhat timidly turned her head towards her.

Miyuki walked a few steps towards her and picked up the handkerchief that was on the floor.

“You have dropped something.”

“Ah…….Thank you.”

She thanked her in fear, and stretched her hands to take the handkerchief.

“No need. I shall take this towel and wash it for you.”

Saying that, Miyuki took out a plastic bag-wrapped new towel from her apron.

“Please use this one instead.”


The Ojou-sama who received the handkerchief was deeply shocked by how meticulously prepared Miyuki was.

“Well then, Tomoko-sama. Please excuse me.”

She gave her a respectful bow.

To know her own name, the Ojou-sama was surprised. No matter what anyone says, the number of students in the school totaled up to almost 1000 if you include the kindergarteners

“——Ah, umm……”

She called towards the leaving Miyuki.

And then, nervously asked the Miyuki, who had turned her head towards her……the question that everyone was being bothered about.

“……Why is someone from the Kujou family such as yourself working as a maid?”

Disregarding wealth and power, just from their family’s lineage perspective, those that can rival the Kujou family only consists of the three large families – one of which is Arisugawa.

However if it’s only influences, then even the three large families can not hope to be on par with the Kujou family.

Ironically, the Kujou family wasn’t very well known. Because the best way to keep your power was keeping a low profile and trying your best of not flaunting it.

“Miyuki-sama is a Kujou, and is a daughter of the main house too. But now……”

In response to the sudden question, Miyuki simply replied:

“It is not worth listening to.”

“Could it be that it was due to some special reason——”

“Please excuse me.”

After giving a respectful bow, Miyuki turned and left.


Miyuki silently walked into Kimito’s room.

The dark room which had its curtains drawn.

Kimito was sleeping on the bed.

Lying on his back, he was sleeping soundly.

His expressionless face looked more dignified than his usual one.

Miyuki stared at his sleeping face. After a while, she slowly put both of her hands on the bed.

Kimito was between her arms as her body neared him.

Just like that, Miyuki slowly neared her face towards Kimito’s. And then——……



When I opened my eyes, I saw Kujou-san who was looking at me with eyes one would give to a person buying a garage kit that was ten thousand times worse than the original. A pair of eyes that looked like the owner’s mood had surpassed anger and made people feel insignificant was staring at me.

“Are you awake?”


I replied to her just like I usually do. In response, Kujou-san replied to me just like she usually does..

“Though it would be better if you never woke up.”




TLN:  WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! This volume took over a period of 3 months!

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