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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 18


I’m not talking about the apple being crushed!!

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ice, Sekiryuu, Rockgollem

After coming down from the plane, we immediately arrived at a large entrance.

The uniquely tiled floor coupled with the magnificently designed furnishings and lightings were emphasised further by the beautiful flower bushes surrounded by butterflies. The lavishly built entrance gave a feeling of ‘an entrance to a theme park’.

——Just how much money did they spend on this……?

——While I as the commoner sample was taken aback by the grand scene in front of me, the Ojou-samas stood there without giving much of a reaction.

“Say, it’s not special at all?”

Aika had mumbled that disappointingly.

How can you even say that!?

Soon, we neared the entrance.

“Welcome to ShominLand!”

A woman in a uniform that looks like it belonged to a certain theme park in Chiba welcomed us with a bright smile. (TLN: I don’t know which theme park. DisneyLand, maybe? Find out yourself here)

“This theme park was built on the intention of letting each one of you experience the life of a ‘Commoner’! Ojou-samas, please become commoners and enjoy this dream-like moment!”

“““““How amazing!!”””””

Why so!?

With the exception of myself, each and everyone of the Ojou-samas fixated their sights on the entrance.

The entrance is already like this, so how I wonder how luxurious the interior is……


A sharp scream came from the front of the line.

What was that!? What happened!?

What could have happened that let the Ojou-samas who didn’t have a big reaction to the magnificent entrance have such a large reaction!?

I quickened my pace towards the entrance.

In front of my eyes were——Gyudon shops, hamburger shops, a two-storey building with a convenient store on the first floor, a small T-junction and a station with a small-sized plaza in front of it(with ash boxes installed).

“This is, without doubt, a commoner’s world—————————————————!!”

I was utterly shocked.

“This is ShominLand, which is modeled after an obscure station area.”

Kujou-san who was in the lead explained.

The Ojou-samas who were walking on the same pace as me opened their mouths in shock and……

““““““SOOOO FANTASTICCC——!!””””””

Were abnormally excited.

After that, the Ojou-samas behind us had the same shocked look as the ones in the front. They lost their composure and ran around the place excitedly.

“What’s this!? What’s that!?”

“How amazing!!”

Some had hugged each other in shock


“Mizuho-sama! Please get a hold of yourself!!”

One had even fainted.

“We have come this far! You mustn’t lose consciousness!”

Why does it feel like they were like characters in ‘Journey to the West’ reaching the end of their journey.

“It’s a traffic light!”

“It a crosswalk!”

“I’ve never seen the real thing before!!”

“Let’s cross it!”2120a0dd-9b93-4de3-8595-7093f3aa4874


“Yes! Ahh, I’m so nervous……”

“Kikuka-sama, you ought to raise your right hand while crossing!”

“Ah! You’re right!”

They chattered non-stop.

I see. They had been living in dorms until now, and had not even seen a traffic light before.

Reiko was also having fun with her group of friends.

Although——Aika didn’t look like she was surprised by seeing all of this.

“You don’t look surprised.”


For a moment, Aika paused in her words for some reason.

“……Because I walked in this kind of place once.”

Her gaze towards me had some implied meaning behind it.

“Oh. I see.”



Just as two of us were staring at each other.

“The two of you, please come this way. It is dangerous to stand over there.”

Kujou-san said towards us.

At that moment, a commotion occurred between the group of Ojou-samas.

A blonde white beauty had exited from the tram.

She had sportswear on as she pulled a slim trunk behind her.

“We had prepared a street performance.”

“Street performance……?”

I don’t think there are any except in big towns……Well, whatever.

The beauty walked towards the center of the plaza and put down her trunk.

The Ojou-samas around her had sparkly eyes as they waited in anticipation for what would she would do next.

“But, what do you mean by dangerous——”

The beauty drawed a large bow and an arrow from the trunk.

Creakkkkk—— she pulled the bowstring back to it’s limit.

The arrow was pointed upwards at a platform where an apple was placed on it.

When did they prepare that?

The arrow flew as she let loose of the bowstring.


The arrow shot through the center of the apple, bringing the apple with it to stick into the board behind us where we were standing before.


The apple turned into small bits and pieces.

“——No! We don’t do such dangerous performances!!”

“Relax. She’s a MakBook user. There is no ill intention behind this.” (TLN:MacBook by Apple)

“I’m not talking about the apple being crushed!!”

The naive Ojou-samas clapped and cheered.

“Now, with the atmosphere warmed up, I shall guide you all to the first attraction.”

Said Kujou-san who was in the lead.

……I’ve a bad feeling about this.

TLN: Next chapter’s a doozy. Will need some more time to translate…

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