Medusa · Translations

Medusa Volume 1 Prologue

Regarding the Story of My Wife, Medusa

Volume 1 Prologue

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Rockgollem, Joe, Ice


Ever since I have started reading novels and watching movies, I’ve had a strong desire to head for the other world. Riding a cool dragon, wielding a mighty sword and defeating many types of fierce monsters, possessing many high-tech weapons, having a strong army under my command, or even having a beautiful harem……and accompanying those are obviously the superpowers of the protagonist.

Unfortunately, reality wasn’t as perfect as I would have imagined it to be.

Of course, I wasn’t mentally prepared for it in the beginning . After all, it was something that had exceeded my brain’s processing capacity.

I am logical enough to know that nothing is perfect. It doesn’t matter if I have no superpowers, no cool dragons to ride, or even no mighty swords to wield, which I probably am not strong enough to do so anyways.

Still, there’s only one question I want to ask, and that is: Why did I end up in a monster’s nest when I woke up?




TLN: This was something I wanted to do quite a while now. Oh by the way, please welcome Joe, a new editor!

7 thoughts on “Medusa Volume 1 Prologue

  1. Nadeko Sengoku is the front character picture for this novel? Or am I just overlapping characters together? You might want to see if the picture is copyrighted or not. Also, thanks for this new wonderful novel!


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