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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 17


To be able to speak with only 5 neurons, I’ll say that I’m pretty impressive, don’t you think!?

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Rockgollem,Ice


The moment I woke up, the face of a despised Kujou-san glared at me. Her eyes were like a computer coldly calculating the worth of the thing worse than scum in front of her.

“Are you awake?”


“If only you would just never wake up again……”


We had the usual conversation in the morning.

Does she hate me who is a commoner? Or is it just that she hates men in general? And why does my heart beat so fast even though I had just woken up?

Hmm, even though she’s like this, she still takes care of my laundry and cleans my room like a proper maid.

“The only thing that is motivating me now is my professionalism.”

“How did you know what I was thinking!?”

“With only 5 neurons in your brain, anyone could easily guess your thoughts.”

“To be able to speak with only 5 neurons, I’ll say that I’m pretty impressive, don’t you think!?”

“Impressive indeed.”

The hell!? And it’s been decided that the number of neurons in my brain is only 5!?

……Ugh, I’ll ignore it for now.

Today is finally the first day of the field trip.

Two tour buses were parked in front of the school gate.

The Ojou-samas of the whole year which only consisted of two classes had gathered there, and were currently chattering excitedly with each other.

In the eyes of the Ojou-samas from the other class, I was like a rare species to them as they kept staring at me.

The warm rays of the morning sun, and the smell of the bus’s exhaust gas made the time before we departed for the field trip feel totally different from the ones I experienced before.

As expected of Sekain. (TLN: Unsure,早晨的微光,尾气细微的气味等等,远足出发之前的感觉就是与众不同啊。这种感觉在清华学院也一样。)

Still, the sight of the Ojou-sama’s luggage being carried by the maids accompanying them was a refreshing sight for me.

After a roll call, we boarded to bus and departed for ShominLand.

The bus drove on the road furthest from the school.

However, these roads weren’t paved and looked more like village roads. On both sides of the road, we could see horse stables as well as large lakes, making me realize again how large this school was.

Incidentally, the driver of the bus was a maid. Among the maids, there were also some who had licenses to drive heavy vehicles.

The atmosphere in the bus was at the max as the chattering and graceful laughters of the Ojou-samas sounded out loudly.

The whole bus was completely brimmed with the highly concentrated smell of Ojou-samas.

……I feel dizzy.

Although I was getting used to it, being in such a confined space with so many of them around me made me feel like gasping for air.

Although the female students back in my old school would put on perfume, it was a totally different case now.

Drowning in the colorful chatters of the Ojou-samas, my brain was on the verge of becoming stupid.

“What are you spacing out for?”


I sat with Aika on the last seat in the bus.

As to why the both of us were always together, some kind of rumour had spread out between the students about ‘Kimito-sama is trying his best to open Aika-sama’s heart’.

Thus, whenever both of us were together, everyone kept their distance from us.

“Hey Aika, you understand, right?”


Aika listened to me with a nervous face.

“This field trip is the whole point of the Commoner Club’s creation. It can be compared to a battleground.”

Just for this day, we had prepared many possible scenarios and responses.

“We had a rehearsal of the field trip the other day as one of the Commoner Club’s activities, right?


“Then there won’t be any problem as long as you execute everything as planned.”

Though I don’t expect her to suddenly be able to hang out with others in a casual way.

If we set the goal too high, it would be too hard for an inexperienced person like her. She would then imagine that the hurdle was too high to cross and would just give up.

That wasn’t the plan.

“What’s the objective?”

“……T-to exchange phone numbers.”


Even though there was no internet, it was still possible to exchange emails with each other through the wireless connection built in their phones.

And I had noticed that emails allowed you to ‘Think for a while first before typing’ and that made it a suitable method of communication with others for the shy Aika.

First, she would establish connections with others through emails. Then, she would voice her opinions through the email system.

“Brace yourself and go.”

“I-I know……”

Aika lowered her head as a determined look appeared on her face.

This will be interesting

At this moment, the bus stopped.

“We’re here.”

Kujou-san who was in the lead explained.

Huh? Barely 10 minutes had passed and we had reached the destination?

Maybe ShominLand is built within the school compound? ——is what I thought while I looked out of the window.

A large airport entered my line of sight.

The Ojou-samas exited from the bus as if it was the norm.

“What are you spacing out for, Kimito?”

Looks like I underestimated Sekain once again.

TLN: Short one, so here’s an early release. 

Also, Sekiryuu’s back I guess.


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