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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 16


I was so bored, so I decided to toy with Aika

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ruzenor,Ice,Rockgollem

We had a rehearsal of the field trip.

“Out of what we had practised just now, surely at least one of them will come up.”

Her classmates, exposed to the commoner culture for the first time, would hesitate in their action. At that moment, Aika would lead them confidently, saying ‘This is how you do it’. Even if she couldn’t teach them through words, she could demonstrate it to them..

With this, everyone’s attention on Aika would sharply increase .

With the knowledge that I bestowed upon her, she would use it as a bridge to socialise with her classmates.

This concluded my plan.


Aika who was sitting on the bed laid her back on it.

It was currently the afternoon of a holiday. In the room, there were only me and Aika. Due to the inconsistencies of Commoner Club’s activities, there was no set time for the members to gather by. It was also up to each individual whether they wanted to participate in the club activities or not during the holidays.

Long story short, the timings and the corresponding club activities to be done were inconsistent.


As if remembering something, she said:

“I have to do a handout……”

“Oh right. You were caught doodling on the ‘Reader’s Text’, and had to do an extra handout.” (TLN:Reader’s Digest?)


Funya~~……She laid down on the bed lazily.

“What’s the fuss drawing a little beard on Queen Mary’s face?”

“You…are you really an Ojou-sama?”

“Ahh, how tiring—……’

Spreading her legs a little, she shaked them continuously.


With a fwoosh, she sat upright.

“Why don’t you do it for me?”


“You can do it, right? As a commoner, you should serve an Ojou-sama like me!”

Aika spoke with a grin:

“Ah, right. If you do it, I may write you a thank-you letter. A letter written with my peerless writing should be more than enough to make a commoner squeal with glee. Yup, I’ll allow you to put the letter on an altar and pray to it every morning! Hehehe!”

I stood up silently.


“Aika, it seems that you are completely clueless about the importance of studying.”

I was bored, so I decided to toy with Aika.

I took out a small pamphlet from the bookshelf.

“Read this.”

This was some advertising pamphlet sent to me a while ago.

In it was a manga about some famous learning materials.

“ ‘Son Ken Seminar’……? What kind of manga is this?” (TLN: Parody of Sun Quan)

“This book explains the importance of studying, and shows how miserable the future is for those who don’t study. It’s quite a famous book among us commoners, and has even been dubbed the ‘Bible’.”


Aika held her breath as she stared at the pamphlet.

“Can I read it?……Isn’t this something very valuable?”

“It is very valuable, but because today is a special occasion, you can read it to your heart’s content.”


Aika nervously flipped the pamphlet open and started reading it

The contents of the pamphlet were like this:

“I, Son Saku Hakufu, am a distressed examinee for a highschool I was aiming to enter.” (TLN: Parody of Sun Ce?孙策伯符? I used the name in the manga)

The story started with the female protagonist introducing herself in first person, who had failed to obtain the passing mark in an exam(which was 70 marks). Due to her poor results, she had lost her important position in her club. To make matters worse, the boy she had a crush on was going to be snatched away by her love rival.

To sum it up, she was in a horrible state now.

During this time, she had met a female senpai of the high school she aimed to enter.

She had transformed into a dazzling fashionable girl.

The female protagonist opened her troubled heart to the senpai, asking ‘What can I do to be like senpai?’.

Senpai: “Actually, I have a strong ally.”

Son Saku: “W-what is that!? Please tell me!!”

Senpai: “Its……[Son Ken Seminar]!”

With that, the female protagonist started her life anew with the seminar.

Son Saku: “This question……I saw it in the [Seminar]!”

Her grades had improved dramatically, her position in the club hierarchy had risen to the top again, and she got closer with her crush.

While she had been improving her life, her love rival who didn’t participate in the [Son Ken Seminar] had confessed to the boy she had liked, but had been rejected. In addition, her results had plummeted to the bottom and had been demoted to a mere errand girl in her club.

Following that improvement, the female protagonist and her crush entering the same high school.

On the way to the opening ceremony, they had bumped into her love rival.

But the love rival was wearing the uniform of a school two ranks lower than theirs.

Love rival: “I ended up failing the entrance exam.”

Son Saku: “I see……then take care!”

With that, both of them went their separate ways.

The road the female protagonist walked shone brightly, while the love rival’s was dark and gloomy.


Aika who finished reading the manga trembled.

“Do you understand the importance of studying now?”


She had a face of amazement as she mumbled.

“The reason my school life was so miserable, was because I didn’t attend the Son Ken Seminar!?”


“I want to try it too! I want to join the Son Ken Seminar!”

“Now now, calm down first.”

“Actually, what’s Son Ken Seminar!? Seems to be some kind of studying material——”

“No, it isn’t something that simple.”

“!! R-right. Since it can turn someone into a riajuu like that, it must be something awesome!”

“So you get it.”

“Eheheh. I guess so?”

As if.

But to be honest, getting good grades and entering the school of your choice must be something worth celebrating.

“Then, I shall personally teach you.”

“You know of it!?”

“Yup. To be frank, I joined the Son Ken Seminar before(Lie). So the school life I had before coming here was as spectacular as a riajuu could have.


“I even played the guitar until I was euphoric.”

“You can play the guitar!? I want to hear it! Ah, let me get a guitar from the music room! Is it the Acoustic? Or the Electric? There’s every kind of guitars in the music room!!”

“W-well, let’s talk about me later. For now, the most important thing is about you.”

“Y-yeah, you’re right.”

She bobbed her head up and down.

“Then, let’s start already!”


Facing Aika who looked like an excited puppy who was about to be taken for a walk, I——

“First, make a bridge with your arms folded. Also keep mumbling to yourself ‘Flash,Flash~!’”


Aika immediately put the back of her head on the floor as she raised her hips to make the shape of a bridge.

“Can you fold your arms?”

“Leave it to me!——Ha!”

In the blink of an eye, she had folded her arms and and still kept her posture intact. She seems to be quite agile, doesn’t she.

“This is that, right?? The posture to train one’s thinking abilities!?”

“You’re becoming smarter.——Oh, it’s already having an effect on you!”

“I-is that so!? Ok, here goes! Flash, Flash~!”

She excitedly exclaimed ‘Flash’ repeatedly.

“——!? Something flashed!!”


“If I store all my textbooks in my desk, I don’t need to pack up according to the schedule everyday!”


“W-what’s next!?”

“Ok, it’s the real deal now.”

“Huh!? It wasn’t that just now!?”

“It was nothing but a warm up just now.——But Aika, you just realised the school life-changing procedure of ‘leaving your books in school without bringing it back’ right?

! Y-yes! I realized it!”

“You are very talented, Aika.”


She looked very happy.

“Your talent can surpass my own.”

“I-is that so?…..Well, it’s obvious for me to be better than you. In the first place, your statement of me surpassing you is too shameless, but I won’t point it out! Hehehe!”

“——Anyway, let’s get real now.”

“Yeah! Bring it on!”

“Next is…go to a park full of kindergarteners and pass by them once. Then, return to them at once and ask them ‘Didn’t I just pass by here!?’ and then say ‘You idiots! That guy was Lupin! Chase after him!’. After that, leave that place instantly.” (TLN: According to manga, it’s a Lupin the Third anime joke. He is considered the world’s greatest thief.)

“……Why do I have to do that?”

Aika asked me a fundamental question.

“Why, you ask?——Because this is the Son Ken Seminar.”

I said that meaningless line with a pretentious face.


Aika held her breath.

“How……How profound.”

“After doing these, you will be a step closer to become a riajuu as depicted in the manga. Aren’t you looking forward to it?”

“I am!”

“Then go!”

“Yeah! I’m going now!”

Aika ran out of the room.

While I silently followed behind.

Aika who just came out from the dormitory walked with an energetic aura around her.

Nearby the dormitory, after crossing two streets, was a playground frequented by kindergarteners.

As usual, the playground was filled with little girls playing with the swings and slides. Their innocent smiles and laughter was no different from a commoner’s.

Suddenly, an Onee-san in high school(Aika) entered the playground.

The children who were playing sensed her weird aura and looked at her with doubtful eyes.

Aika walked straight through the playground and disappeared behind the shadow of a building nearby.

And immediately returned to the playground.

She jogged lightly towards the children who were playing in the sandbox.

“Didn’t I just pass by here!?”


The little girls stared blankly at her.

Aika immediately blushed while saying:

“You idiots! That guy was Lupin! Chase after him!”

Pointing at the entrance of the playground, she rushed through it herself.

The children who were playing stared at the leaving Onee-san confusingly.

“Ah, Kimito!”

Aika who was running spotted me who was standing nearby.

Her ears were as red as an apple.

“Did you see it?”


“H-how was it? I executed it properly!”

“Yup, you did your best.”

Looking at Aika who was stuttering on her words, she spat out her next line with a lot of effort.

“T-then, what’s next!?”


I raised my head to look at the sky.

Evening was approaching as the setting sun coloured the sky yellow with it’s warm rays.

Closing my eyes, I took in a deep breath.

——Ah……it was a perfect time-killer.


I gave her a smile one would give to his comrade in arms.

“Everything I said before was nothing but a lie. I am terribly sorry.”

What came next was a round of beating.

The next day during homeroom, we received a notice about kindergarteners spotting ‘a suspicious Onee-san’ and we were warned to ‘watch how we act’.

TLN: Finally done with this chapter. Seriously though, I need another active editor. Rockgollem and Ruzenor are riajuus and busy with real life…*cries*

Also, Volume 7 of NGNL is completed (Chinese). Time to disappear from the world. :p

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