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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 7




Why does your brain generate nothing but useless ideas!?



Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Cxmys, Ice, Sekiryuu


Aika’s pair of eyes shone like a puppy who wants to go out for walk.


She must be thinking of some stupid idea again.


“You! Do an image change!”




“You can change your hair and clothes according to my preferences, right?”


Certainly, there’s such a system…

She really can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy, can she?




What’s the point of changing my attire.


…Though it’s only me that’s thinking that. The girls led by Reiko had a look of interest in this matter.


“Then, crossdress.”



“I’m telling you to dress like a woman.”




“Fufufu, how would you look wearing a female uniform? Oh, don’t forget the wig.”


‘Sto——Stop joking around! As if I’ll do that——”


“Do it.”


Karen’s katana blade was pointed against my throat.


“Why!? Do you want to see me in female clothes that bad!?”


“Why the hell would I want to see something as ugly as that?”


“So why——”


But if you hate it that much, then I’ll agree with it.”




In that case, the only one person that I can rely on.


“Rei,Reiko. Save m——


“Good job, Kiryu.”


“Why are you receiving the uniform and the wig from the maid——————!?”

“K-Kimito-sama!? Please do not misunderstand. It isn’t like what you think.”


Arisugawa-san hugged the uniform and wig she received earlier as she looked at me with watery eyes.


“……But you do not get such a chance so often, so……”


The heck!?


Hakua stared at me with a blank face.


And thus, it was decided.


“Ugh, don’t look at me!”


Looking at me who was wearing the frilly female uniform after taking off my pants, Aika laughed loudly.




‘Don’t laugh!!”




For some reason, Reiko, Hakua and Karen were interested in watching me taking off my pants. (TLN: They want the D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


I get the feeling that I am being violated by their stares…


“Kimito-sama, please do not move.”


Reiko had started combing the wig she had put on me .


“It’s done.”


The girls surrounded me.



Ugh…My legs feel so bare…and I wanna pee…




“What do you want, Aika?”


“How unexpected for you to look so good in it.” (TLN:For those who want to see Trapmito…I mean Kimito, here’s the manga…*cries at sad joke*)


“It suits you well, Kimito-sama”


That doesn’t make me feel happy at all!


For some reason, Karen had turned her head away. On the other hand, Hakua just stared at me the whole time with the large round eyes of hers.

Please, stop looking at me everyone…




Aika took out her cell-phone.


“Let’s take a picture! The phone is on ‘camera mode’ now!”


“Why does your brain generate nothing but useless ideas!?”

“Say cheese~”


She giggled as she raised her phone up.


Ever since Reiko’s ‘Tea Party Incident’, the Ojou-samas in our class possessed mobile phones.


However, the phone’s internet service as well as the calling function had been locked. The news of the students possessing such devices was also kept a secret from the other classes and years. Or else, the phones would have been confiscated a long time ago.


“No! Don’t take a picture!”


“Ah! Hey, move your hands away!”


“Move those dirty hands of yours away.”


Once again, Karen pointed the katana blade in my face.




“Are you a demon!?”


“Okay. I’m taking the picture~”






“Haha, this is fun.”


Aika is excited.


“Aha~then make a cute pose☆” (TLN: Pose is in English)




“Do it. (Swings blade)”


“Come on, pull your legs together and twist your waists…Fufu, that’s right!”

The result is me being forced to twist my waist and sit like a girl.


“Uuuu…how did it come to this….”


I teared up a little.


Sitting like a girl, with tears in my eyes, I looked at Aika and co. while blinking my eyes prettily. (TLN: Unsure,翻着眼珠娇滴滴地瞅着爱佳她们)

“……Hey,please let me go…”

I begged with a soft and delicate voice.


A strange quiet atmosphere enveloped the room.


The girls looked like they had suffered from a surprise attack as well as finding something far from good while staring at me with big eyes.

“…Wh-What are you talking about!?”


Aika’s face had a tint of red on it as she stuttered.


“It’s not over yet, we’re just beginning…”


A smile was fixed on her face as she raised the phone in her hand again.


Click! Click! Click!


“H-here! Look here!”


I was forced to make more sexy poses. (TLN: Pose is in English)


Aika’s enthusiasm was entirely different from before as she pressed the button on the shutter rapidly.


“Yes! That face! Make it sadder…more!”


And then the pose she ordered me to do became more and more wrong.


“…H-hey…is it good enough already…? Uuuu…”


“Hau!? N-Not yet!  Look sadder——show me your disgusted look!!”


She was saying more and more weird stuff.


Without noticing, the room was covered with a weird atmosphere.


“……Th-Then next is…flipping your skirt up?”




Just as I was going to stand up, the katana blade was held against my throat.

“D-Do it!”


Lowering her head as she looked at me, Karen blushed furiously as she held the katana.


“Re-Reiko!  Do something about them please!”

Pant Pant Pant Pant Pant


In front of me, Reiko sat on the floor as she stared at me without blinking as she panted heavily. (TLN:Refer to the manga)




She didn’t hear me.


“Hey Hakua, we don’t need that frame anymore. Put it aside.”



Hakua didn’t say anything as she stowed the pseudo-frame away in a box.


“Don’t put it aside!?”


What the hell is even happening anymore…


I was forced to lift my skirt up and reveal a part of my legs to the audience


“Sub-sublime!” (TLN: Unsure, 妙哉 is used here, which means ‘almost perfect’. Feel free to give me suggestions.)


Click! ClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClickClick……!!


While pressing the button on the shutter repeatedly, Aika laid down on the floor to find the best angle to take the picture.

I’ve seen people doing that on the internet.


If I was in such a situation, I think I wouldn’t mind it. But as for now, since I’m in such an attire, blood started to rush towards my head.


“Sublime….Just like——that……” (TLN:妙哉 is used here)


“Kimito-sama…Please turn this way……”


“Reiko!? Since when were you holding an expensive-looking SLR camera!?” (TLN:SLR: Single Lens Reflection)


“Pointless…How pointless…”


Karen covered her nose as her whole body trembled.

Tremble any more, and I’ll lose my head! (TLN: Remember, the katana was pointed at his throat)


Suddenly, Aika stopped taking pictures.


And then she…stared at me——


“Then now………let’s get you naked?”




“How is that possible!!”


“Don’t move!”


Karen threatened me.


“Don’t you mis-misunderstand! I only agreed to this because you hated it……!”


Blood dripped out between the fingers that she used to cover her nose.

Reiko came front and undid my ribbon. (Refer to manga)


Her eyes lost their colour as she speak with me with pants and moans as if she were sick. (TLN: Imagine a yandere Reiko.)



Everyone’s gone crazy!


My certain important thing is now having a crisis.




I used the opportunity to stand up and tried to escape from the room.


But, I got caught by Reiko.


“Please stop struggling? ❤”


“Le-Let go of me!”


Although I struggled with all my strength…Reiko-san, what’s with this strength you possess!?


Maybe it’s due to sports or martial arts, but I can’t even move an inch.


Sticking against my back, one of her arms held me in place while the other nimbly undid the ribbon that held the uniform in place.


“Lean back, relax, and just stare at the chandelier on the ceiling…” (TLN: I thought they were in Kimito’s room? Where the hell did that chandelier come from?)

“Take it off! Take it off!”






The room’s door swung open as my exclusive maid Kujou-san entered.


The grip on me instantly became loose.


In an instant, I escaped.

“Sa-Save me!!”

I clung onto Kujou-san desperately.

“They are assaulting me!”


The wig fell off as well as the uniform which revealed my bare chest while I was holding on to Kujou-san without letting go.


“I’m being assaulted by perverts!!”

Kujou-san merely stood there without moving like an ice sculpture.

“……Is that all? Your will, that is.”



In the next instant, Kujou-san’s Iron Palm hit my chin from below——I’m flying.


Then, by the infinite combo attacks of Kujou-san, I danced around in the sky like a butterfly in the spring.

Ahh, I was only dreaming of being a human,but I’m actually a butterfly. (TLN: Reference to ‘The Dream of the Butterfly’.)

Realizing that, I lost consciousness.

(TLN: As the next chapter is pretty long and hard, it’ll take me longer than usual to finish it.)

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