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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 8


Today was an ordinary day which I had spent with Hakua

Translated by Lickymee,KuroNeko

Edited by Rockgollem,Ruzenor,Ice,Sekiryuu

 Warning: This chapter is heavily laden with kawaii-mines. Tread carefully as these mines may cause severe nose-bleeding or even extreme sadness due to you will never see such a kawaii loli in real life…*cries*



Pomf. A small weight landed on the bed.


Awakened from my deep slumber, I grumbled as I tried to go to sleep again.


The small ‘weight’ shook my body lightly through the blanket covering me.


….(Shake shake shake)




I opened my eyes——and saw Hakua in front of me.


She was carefully putting her hands on the blanket on top of me as she gently shook me.




The first voice I let out in the morning sounded hoarse.


“…..Did you come to hang out?”

Nod Nod.


Hakua was wearing casual clothes.


The white sleeveless dress she was wearing fit her nicely, giving her an appearance of a snow fairy.




My eyes were still a little cloudy from just waking up.


Today’s a holiday.


Usually, even if it was Saturday, Aika would come here as soon as the sun was up. But today, I was free from her.


It seems like the class today was a special course just for girls. (TLN: Ahhh, those times…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


As a boy, I wasn’t allowed to attend. I even had no idea what the class was about.


I asked Reiko, but she just kept quiet and blushed.


It felt like when I was in Standard 5 back in primary school, where they ordered only the boys to play dodgeball while the girls attended a special class. (TLN: I have no idea how the other countries call Standard 5, but it practically means the 5th year in primary school.)


Whatever. I just wanted to sleep for the whole day today.

Looking out of the window, I estimated the time to be around 9 o’clock judging from the brightness of the sun.

“…Sorry…Please just let me sleep in…”



Hakua just stared at me with that large and pure eyes of hers……


She climbed onto my bed.

“Hmm…What’s wrong?”


She came to my side.

“You wanna sleep together?”



“Okay then…come over here.”


I pulled my blanket open as I signaled her to get inside.


Hakua tunneled into the blanket like a worm and laid obediently as I covered her with the blanket.


Hakua who looked as if she just took a weight off her shoulders breathed a sigh of relief as she snuggled herself under the blanket.


I, too, snuggled myself under the blanket.


Hakua moved her arm over to touch mine. For some reason, she loves to have body contact with me.


The blanket had the smell of milk from Hakua’s body.


This smell made me want to go to sleep again…


As I closed my eyes while feeling Hakua’s soft and smooth arm, I went back to sleep.





I woke up.


As I looked to my side sleepily, Hakua was already up and was laying on the bed.


In the direction where she was looking, a thing that looked like a mini-version of a human shaped robot was walking around.


“……What’s that?”


“I made this.”

It was around 10 cm high, and moved like the Honda company’s ASIMO robot using limbs made from disposable chopsticks. In other words…

(TLN: For those who don’t know what ASIMO is, click here)


“That looks amazing!”


I expressed my amazement as Hakua responded to my exclamation


Although she still had that blank look on her face, her eyes widened and shone a little more than usual. This was her habit when she was feeling proud. (TLN: Unsure, 虽然面无表情,但眼中却产生了“嗯”之类轻微的力量。这是她充满自豪时候的习惯)


I’ve been hanging around her for a long time. Now, I can notice the slight changes she makes on that blank face of hers.


“It can even do a front kick as well as a back kick.”


With a beep, the robot jumped.

“Ohh! It’s so cool!”


Her eyes moved and shone a little again.


“As expected, Hakua’s a genius.”

I patted her forehead gently. (TLN: I can only imagine this)


In an instant, she turned her line of sight towards the outside of the window as she breathed a little more heavily.


This is her habit when she was happy.


So, I patted her head more.


After washing my face, we headed to the canteen to have our meal.

Because it wasn’t afternoon yet, the canteen that was on par with a 5-star restaurant was as large as a banquet hall was devoid of people.


We found a place to sit down as a maid approached us with a menu.


It was a menu for lunch. We’re having brunch now, I think.

Although the maid stood beside us, she made sure to have her presence felt as little as possible. Unlike those staff at the fast food restaurants who stared at you while you were making orders and made you feel uneasy.


“I’ll have the western cuisine.”




She listened to my words with respect. Can she replace Kujou-san as my exclusive maid?


“Hakua-sama’s order must be seaweed-wrapped sea urchin tempura, right?”    



How can she be so certain? I looked at the maid’s face and saw that she was sure. (TLN: Unsure,我看了看女仆,结果她一脸知晓的表情回答道)


“Hakua-sama only eats a certain type of food depending on the day——”

“No need” (Hakua)


“Huh? What’s wrong? Have you got no appetite?”



“You mustn’t skip your meals, you know?



“Hmm…Suit yourself. Then shall l eat mine then?”



After that, we returned from the canteen.


The primary and middle schoolers were also enjoying their holiday.


Some sat on the benches near the fountain and read books, while some tried to play with a cat that got into the school. There were also people who were jogging around the area. The number of people that started to gather in the direction of the canteen weren’t small either.


Sounds of people playing violins and pianos came from the top floors.




The sound of a stomach grumbling was audible from beside me.


Looking at her, Hakua made a face that it was like none of her business. However, it looked like it was more of an act than the usual blank face she makes.

“Didn’t you say you weren’t hungry?”



“You must be hungry now, right?”




“Then shall we head back to the canteen?”




“I want Kimito to make it.”


“Uwaa…It can’t be…”


There were only potatoes left in the fridge (TLN: You put potatoes in a fridge?)


The pantry in the dormitory was practically  a kitchen. It was very wide and was fully equipped with the latest cooking equipments. I had always used it to make desserts for the Commoner Club activities, supper and etc.


Maybe it was due to today being a weekend, but the ingredients weren’t restocked.


“There are some seasonings left though…”


What can I make with these…

“Hey Hakua, between steamed potatoes, french fries or potato cake, what do you want?” (TLN: I’m not sure what the hell is a potato cake, but the manga says imo mochi. Though I’m still gonna go with Potato Cake.)


“Potato cake? What’s that?”


“It’s a cake made of potatoes. The dough is made using mashed potatoes and then fried in a pan. It’s pretty delicious.”


“I’d like that.”


“Okay then, then let’s make that.”

I took the potatoes out.



Hakua’s stomach growled out again.


Did she really not feel hungry back then……?

“Say, the maid said something like sea urchin tempura…right? Is it fine for you to not eat that? Based on the conversation with her earlier, you have a scheduled meal everyday, right?”


“It’s fine.”


“It is?”


I’ve only heard of athletes practicing the habit of eating scheduled meals.


“Anything you make is fine, Kimito” said Hakua with a calm tone.




I feel a bit moved.


“Okay! I’ll fix you something yummy!”


I am now cooking the peeled potatoes in a stove.


Hakua observed the flames as she stood still by my side.

“You can wait in the other room.”


“I’ll watch.”

“I see.”


I poked the potatoes with a fork——it’s done.


“It’s dangerous, move away a little.”


I poured the contents in the stove into a colander in the basin.



After that, I mashed the piping hot potatoes in a bowl and added in some starch. 

After forming them into a ball, the dough was done.


Next is……






“I want to assist.”


Hakua stared at me expectantly.


“Oh, that’s good. Here, turn these dough into small balls.”


I took a bit of dough from the bowl and rolled it into small balls.


“Just do it like this.”




“Wash your hands first.”


I stood beside her as I cleanly washed her hands in the sink .


“Oh, right.”

I took an apron for the females hanging on the wall and put the frilly apron on Hakua.


Although it was a little too long and hanging over her knees, it was actually——


“You look cute in it.”




Hakua had a face of amazement as she touched the frills of the garment.








She lowered her head as she closed her small lips up tightly.


This was the first time I’ve seen her like this.


Hakua took a small chunk of the dough as she slowly rolled it into a ball.


Next, she used her tiny palms to apply pressure on the ball as to slightly flatten it.


The end result was an irregular round-ish shaped dough that was smaller than mine.


“Yeah, that’s it.”




But she looked as if she was a little unsatisfied as she proceeded to redo it.


“Hahaha, then I’ll leave it to you.”

Leaving the task to Hakua, I started on the sauce.

I estimated the amount of soy sauce and sugar visually and mixed them up together.


Using a spoon to stir it up, I tasted a little of it.


—— I guess Hakua would like it sweeter……


Just as I was about to add some more sugar inside…


Pomf…something fluttered down on my head.




I took down the thing that had a milky scent from my head and looked——it was a grey panty. (TLN: SO THAT’S WHERE THE MILKY SCENT IS FROM( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Looking behind me, Hakua was scribbling mathematical equations on the wall while starting to take off her clothes.




I tried to stop her, but it was already too late.


She moved her hand with the marker in it on the wall with lightning speed while taking off her clothes quickly.

Normally, she wouldn’t take off her panty. But when she is fully focused, she would unleash her inner potential to become naked, no matter the time or place.


“But why don’t you take the apron off!?”


Hakua was now stark naked with the exception of the apron on her.


Although this looked like a scene of crime in progress, she didn’t care about it as she continued writing the equations.

A-anyway, let’s put on the panty at least.


I tried my best to turn my head away as I lifted her legs to put on the underwear on her with much difficulty.


Now the fetish looks even more specific.


After putting the pan-fried doughs onto a plate, I drizzled the sauce on it.


“Good, it’s done”

The freshly cooked potato cakes emitted the fragrance of soy sauce.



Hakua put both of her hands on the table as she stared intensely at the potato cakes.


“Then, let’s take them to my room to eat.”


“……I want to eat them right now.”



She usually didn’t say something like that.


The intensity of Hakua’s stare on the potato cakes was a dedication that I had never seen before.


Ahh, now I get it.

She helped out today.


She must be excited about the food that she made herself.

“Okay, then let’s have an appetizer.”



‘That’s right. Before we bring the food to the table, we take a little bite.”


I put the plate at a height where she could easily reach it.


Hakua raised her head and looked at me like a cat, and then took one…and ate it.


Her eyes shone brightly.

“Is it yummy?”





That’s good.


I also took one and ate it.


The slightly burnt taste of the sweet and spicy sauce went well with the glutinous rice-like softness of the potato.


“Oh, it’s quite delicious.”


The two of us said the same thing.


Hakua was leaning against me while reading a manga.


The relationship between us was like a grandfather and his grandchild already.


While feeling the soft yet very warm back of Hakua, I smelled the milky scent of hers which had a healing effect on me. Her white, slender thighs that were defenselessly revealed from her skirt was like a creature’s from a deep cave, …they were like a deadly poison to the eyes.

No…I’m absolutely not a lolicon, got it?


But as long as I have a genuine fetish for thighs, I must treat each and every one of them equally regardless of the age. That was it.


Suddenly, Hakua’s back shuddered.


Could it be that my love for thighs was seen through by her!? But it wasn’t the case.


The hand she used to flip the manga pages had stopped at a certain page.


I glanced at it from behind.


[What closes when passing through, and opens up when blocked?]


A character in the manga was asking another character a riddle.


The answer was ‘A railroad crossing.’.


“……. I see.”


Hakua silently mumbled with a serious expression.


It was as if she was genuinely surprised by the new knowledge.


Is it that much of a surprise?


“Haven’t you played with riddles before?”




Hakua turned her head back and asked me.

Her eyes had the look of ‘What on earth is that?’.



“It can’t be. You must have played it at least once when you were in kindergarten or primary school, right?”




……You serious?


“I don’t possess memories of my kindergarten days.”


Ah, well. People usually have faint memories of those days.


“Then when you’re in primary school, what kind of games did you play?”

“……I proved the Ergodic hypothesis.” (TLN: For those curious kitties, click here)



“I developed a robot that could grab things, and drew many CPU circuit diagrams.”



I see.

She’s been a genius since she was very little.


That’s why she can easily think about difficult things, and get immersed in them.


It was like she’s been special ever since she was born. Those kind of people had the fate of giving orders and criticizing everyone starting the day they were born.





“Has Kimito ever played with riddles?”


“Well, to some extent, yes.”


When I was young, Hanae Eri always gave me weird and hard riddles that made no sense. She loved watching me in agony or be troubled since a long time ago.


“Then, how about you let me give you a riddle?”


Hearing that, Hakua’s body became nervous and still. This meant that she was happy.


Nodding her head, she turned her body to face me.


Looking down, I could see her neck and shoulders shuddering with nervousness. (TLN:Unsure,低头望去,脖颈和肩膀上传来临阵时的气场。)


“Father Frog cries vigorously ‘Croak Croak’. Mother Frog cries beautifully ‘Chirp Chirp’. How would the baby frog cry?”

Hakua’s body became stiff.


She became quiet as she considered the question..




Her mouth emitted soft sound effects.


“…No,considering the vocal cords……with that species……….f11……….”


At last, she slowly turned her body towards me with a face that looked like she finally figured it out.


“Did you figure it out?”





How did you end up with that!?


“The answer is ‘The frog’s babies are tadpoles, so they don’t make noises.”


Hakua became stiff as if she had been struck by lightning.


Her eyes had the deep remorseful look of ‘How could I have missed that’ .


For the genius Hakua to make such a face, to be honest, it was quite interesting.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect Hakua to be weak at this kind of stuff.”



My knee was hit once.


Ohoh! Hakua hit me!

Hakua turned her body away from the surprised me.

“……One more time.:

I could sense a blue flame dancing around her body.


I guess I should give her something more well-known next.


“What would a car always lose when it’s cornering?”

The answer was speed. Everyone knew that.




Hakua thought about it for a moment.




“The car doesn’t lose gasoline.”




“That’s scary.”


“……A man?”


“You’re scaring me!!”




Hakua fell silent again.


“Umm, the answer is——”


“Not yet.”


Saying that, she sank  deep into thoughts again.


She became still like a computer calculating something.




Now she was sitting on my legs while moving her hips up and down.



The movement became more violent.

The girl who looked like a Standard 4 student was now moving up and down repeatedly on a high-schooler’s legs.



I feel that if someone saw this scene, my life would probably end.


Sensing danger in this position, I moved Hakua a little more to the front from my lap. To be honest, she had already touched it. (TLN:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Hakua stopped trembling as she held her head.


Her hands looked like she was blocking out the sun from her eyes.


A gloomy and despairing aura surrounded her.


……She’s trying to find an answer to that riddle,right?…


Suddenly, her shoulders twitched as she turned around quickly.


“Did you find the answer?”

She nodded her head with a blank face satisfactorily.


“Worn tire molecules.”


“Those things will probably fall even when the car is moving straight.”

Hakua turned silent.


“The answer is ‘Speed’.”


Hakua’s eyes widened as she looked so shocked that I could imagine a thunder blast behind her.




Pomf Pomf


She kept hitting my knees as an aura,which I couldn’t discern to be hate or not, covered her whole body.


“Hahaha, Hakua, you don’t even know this.”


I teased her.


Pomf Pomf Pomf Pomf


An instantaneous reaction.


“Another one.”


“Sorry, I ran out of questions.”


Pomf Pomf Pomf Pomf Pomf Pomf Pomf Pomf

I was hit countless times


It was evening. 

We had passed the day with club activities that were different from the usual. It was quite peaceful and comfortable.


Hakua was lying against my body like a cat, while I was being healed by the softness and the warmth of her body.


Yup, days like this are good sometimes.


Knock Knock—— Someone knocked on the door.


“Please excuse me.”


Sakimori-san (Hakua’s exclusive maid) bowed politely.

“I have come to fetch Hakua-sama.”

Oh? It’s already so late.


I closed my book up as I stood up.


Hakua refused to move from where she was, so I lifted her body upwards


“Sorry to trouble you.” (TLN: 您 is used here)

“Oh, it’s nothing like that. Hakua is always under your care.” (TLN: 您 is used here)

It’s the same greeting as usual.


“Okay then, Hakua”


I nudged her to move, but she stiffly remained standing on the same spot.



I slightly pushed her away——


And the result was her hugging me tightly.




She buried her face into the side of my waist with strength that did not match her physique .


“Hakua, go back.”


Shakes head


“I want to be with Kimito.”





What’s wrong with her today.


Normally, she would return obediently after the usual club activities .




Shaking her head, she rubbed her forehead against my shirt.


“It must be hard on Sakimori-san, right?”

Saying that, I turned towards Sakimori-san

Oh Oh❤

She was looking in my direction with an excited gaze.


But in an instant, she recovered her signature ‘What’s wrong’  face of hers.


“What’s wrong?”




……Am I thinking too much?


In the end, we walked together towards the dormitory.


While walking in the slightly chilly hall with the setting sun shining down on it, Hakua held tightly onto my shirt as if she was scared that I’ll run away.


“My shirt is going to get stretched.”

I reached for Hakua’s hand——and held it.


“Okay then, let’s walk like this.”




Holding my hand, Hakua had a look of shock on her face as she looked at me. But…

She grabbed my hand tightly.


Her fingers were as smooth and slender as a silverfish.

Staring at me with clouded eyes, she looked very happy.


“It looks as if the two of you are lovers.”


Sakimori-san, who was walking in front of us, spoke happily.


Hold on a moment, for that to happen, isn’t that impossible?


I glanced at Hakua, only to see her head lowered. The setting sun blinded my eyes so I couldn’t see her expression clearly.


Walking towards the nearby dormitory, we reached Hakua’s room.


‘Then I’ll stop here.”


I wanted to let go of Hakua’s hand, but she held on tightly.

“Hakua-sama, please do not trouble Kimito-sama.”


Sakimori-san said that with a troubled expression as she opened the room door.


“Please come in, Hakua-sama.”


But, she was motionless.




I squatted down to her height and looked her in the eyes.


Her gaze towards me had a tinge of sadness in it.


“We can still meet again tomorrow ”




Seem like she understood what I had meant.


You’re a smart girl as expected.


Hakua released her hand softly and walked towards the room.


I followed beside her.


Her room, which I didn’t see for quite some time looked no different from before.


The bookshelf was messily stuffed to the brim with books, with 70% of them being in foreign language. The floor was also littered with report papers.


These mess were cleaned by the diligent maids. Other than that, the room looked pretty normal…




A large-sized stuffed male doll laid beside the pillow on her bed.


“A stuffed doll? This wasn’t here the last time, was it?”

I asked this question unconsciously. Hearing that, Hakua stopped in her tracks.


Sakimori-san tried hard to control her laughter.


“Kagurazaka-sama,that doll is actually ——”




Hakua pushed me.


As if she was pushing a large stone, Hakua’s two hands pushed me out of the room slowly.




Bang! The door closed.




What was that?


I walked out of the dormitory.


The sky became darker. Looks like the day is ending.


Thinking back on the things that happened today, I felt somewhat satisfied.

It’s been a long time since I spent a holiday with such peace and comfort.

——Today was an ordinary day which I had spent with Hakua.

TLN: Finally done! Please welcome another new editor, Ruzenor! On the other hand, I finished watching OPM and episode 1 of OreOjou…so much cringe at OreOjou’s character designs and weird af opening ==

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