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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 6



Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Cxmys




It was Hakua’s turn.




Sitting still, we stared at each other silently for almost a minute.


Hakua who stared at me with her usual blank face raised her head.









Hakua stretched her hand through the pseudo-frame as she touched my head.



Her small hands lightly played with my hair.


And then she took a biscuit out of the box as she passed it to me.




I stretched out my hand to receive it


But she retracted her hand.




I stretched out my hand to take it again.

But she retracted her hand again.


Her hands darted inside the pseudo-frame as she neared my face.

Is it that….


“Do you want to feed it to me?”


She nodded.


This is the usual way of conversing between us.


Huh…If Hakua did or said something like “Ahh~Open your mouth~”, even though that happens only between lovers, it only gave me the warm feeling of playing with a child.



I bit the iced biscuit with a crunching sound.

Still, it’s a little awkward though.


I ate the whole biscuit from her hand.



“Yep, it tastes good.”



Hakua’s eyes were instantly covered with a mist-like expression that showed satisfaction.


When I’m with her, I feel calm like on those cold winter days where your body feels warm.


I suddenly felt a slight commotion behind me and I turned back to check.


Aika and Reiko were staring at Hakua with their mouths agape as they made sounds like “Uuuu…” (TLN: Onomatopoeia someone makes when he/she feels unhappy/ unfair. Not really sure, 唔唔唔)


On the other hand, Karen was staring with her mouth open as if she was waiting for a kiss.


Suddenly, Hakua stretched her hands out to hold the pseudo-frame of the 3DS that I was holding the whole time.

“What’s wrong?”


“This thing was made by you, you know!?”

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