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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 4


Wait a minute, why aren’t there any heart-shaped icons appearing?


Translated by Lickymee

And now, I’m being forced to hold the pseudo-outer frame of the 3DS.


However, this thing wasn’t made from paper and wood as stated earlier, but with specialized resin that was hardened with laser beams and looked just like the outer frame of the 3DS.


By the way, it was made in Hakua’s lab.


“Nice one, Hakua!”(Aika) (TLN:Nice is in English)


…….Hmm? Wasn’t Hakua supposed to be on my side?


“Huh, so this is the touch-pen.”(Karen)


Karen held the 50 cm long stick made of resin in her hands.


“Do we use it like this?(Poke)” (Karen)



Karen poked the stick into my face.

“The heck are you doing!?”(Kimito)

“What’s wrong with what I’m doing? This should be one of the ways to interact with the boyfriend. Let me touch your shoulders and hold your hand!”(Karen)

Poke! Pokepoke!




“Wait a minute,why are there no heart-shaped icons appearing?

“I’m not a pervert you know!” I said as I snatched away the ‘touch pen’ from her. (TLN: He means that he wouldn’t gain affection points with her just from her touching him like characters in dating sims would)


“Ahh……I feel much better. Let’s break up.”(Karen)


You bastard……all you wanted to do was release the stress you accumulated till now on me.


“Are you alright, Kimito-sama?”(Reiko)


“I’m fine, Arisugawa-san. Thanks.”(Kimito)


“Hehe, then I’m next.” (Reiko)


It looks like each of them are taking turns.


Arisugawa-san sat excitedly in front of me.


“About that……Kimito-sama is the lover, right?” (Reiko)



“My lover?”(Reiko)





Her eyes shone brightly as she clasped her hands together as if in a prayer.


While I do not deserve you in many ways, I humbly ask you to take care of me for many years to come.”(Reiko) (TLN:Unsure, 在下虽缺乏礼貌,还请您一生一世多加关照 )





Aika coughed loudly .


“Let me get one thing straight. This is nothing but just a game.”(Aika)


Wasn’t that already obvious from the start.


This fellow just couldn’t get along with Arisugawa-san, can she?


“Then let’s get started——hold on Arisugawa-san, why are you performing the Mitsubi!?”(Kimito) (TLN: Mitsubi is a form of  respectful salutation often used by a wife to her husband)

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