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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 3


But if you hate it that much, then I’ll agree with it

                                       Translated by Lickymee

                                                      Edited by Rockgollem


With all members present, the Commoner Club started the club activities.


Hmm? What happened to me, you ask? Other than suffering a bout of hitting from them, nothing really serious happened. (TLN: Unsure, 你说我后来咋样了? 结果是一顿臭揍,有啥问题?)


“Uwaa, it’s incredible! Look, it’s really looking at me!”(Reiko)


Arisugawa-san spoke as she held the 3DS and leaned it in every direction. (TLN: Unsure,有栖川小姐把3Ds朝各个角度倾斜)


Using the 3DS’s gyroscope function(TLN: Dafaq???利用3Ds的陀螺机能), one could observe their girlfriend from all angles. In response, the girlfriend would have different reactions to the player’s movements.


Male players tended to look up their girlfriend from below. However, let’s not talk about that for now.


“Uwaa, it’s wonderful!” (Reiko)


Even her shocked expression and actions had the elegance of a white rose.


Her name was Arisugawa Reiko, a class monitor who was looked up by many and was labeled as the perfect example of how a lady should be.


Just as before, the girl who looked like a grade schooler sat on my legs as she leaned against me.


Although Shiodome Hakua looked like a child, she was actually a middle schooler. Possessing many awards and patents under her name, she was a science prodigy whom even the school had specially built a lab in the school compound just for her personal use.


While putting on a blank face, she munched noisily on the biscuit I held in my hand. Though I don’t know why she insisted on eating only from my hand.



In front of Hakua was  squatted a black-haired girl who was kneeling down.


At her waist hanged a fake-looking katana . Her name was Jinryou Karen.


She had a complicated face as she stared at Hakua while taking a piece of biscuit from the box.


She pushed away my hand that had biscuit in it. Next, she slowly…..extended her biscuit to the front of Hakua’s mouth.


While making ‘pu’ sound, Hakua turned her head to the side.

Karen glared at me with eyes filled with hatred.



“It hurts?!”(Kimito)


“Relax. I only hit you with the head of the scabbard.”(Karen)


“Hitting with that part hurts a lot you know!”(Kimito)


“Ar-are you alright, Kimito-sama?” (Reiko)


Arisugawa-san immediately repositioned and sat by my side.


“Are you alright?” (TLN:您is used here) (Reiko)


“Ye-yes,I’m fine……” (Kimito)


Arisugawa-san batted her slender eyebrows as she looked worriedly at me.




A pair of ‘melons’ squished against my elbows.


“….Err, Ar-Arisugawa-san?”(Kimito)




Squishy squish~


“——!? Err…th-that…”


Arisugawa-san noticed my downward gaze as she followed my line of sight.


“!? Ah!”(Reiko)


She got away immediately.




“It-its fine…”(Kimito)


Arisugawa-san blushed furiously as she said:


“…If its Kimito, then I won’t mind…”(Reiko)






Aika deliberately coughed a few times as she glared at me.



“It wasn’t on purpose!”(Kimito)


“You too, Arisugawa Reiko. Move your udders away from there.”(Aika) (TLN:Literally udders huehuehue)




The Arisugawa-san who had good upbringing since she was young tried her best to not flare up at the insults.


“Ab-about Kimito-sama’s friend, is it true that she works as something called a ‘seiyuu’?”(Reiko)




“I personally think that she is really good.”(Reiko)


She elegantly clasped her hands together.


“It seems that Aika-san can’tt differentiate between reality and fantasy while playing the game.” (Reiko)


Everyone present focused their gaze on Aika.


“Wha-what!? I understood it a little!!”(Aika) (TLN: Unsure, 什,什么嘛!? 我也明白了一点点啦)


Just a little?


“It’s okay, Aika-san”


A bright smile just like a white rose. As expected of Arisugawa-san, she’s an ojou-sama on a different level compared to others. She wouldn’t bear any grudge against Aika about the statement earlier——


“It can’t be helped that there’s no other human being who has a brain of a monkey like you.” (Reiko)


“So you really still are bearing a grudge against her!!!” (Kimito)


The Arisugawa-san who was said to ‘have never disliked anyone or been angry before’ only showed this dark side in front of Aika.


She was the only person Arisugawa-san had ever stated that she ‘hated’ and quarreled with before.


Meh. Lots of things happened between them…, Since then, their relationship had always been bad.


“I want to take a step further in understanding  Kimito-sama’s friends.” (Reiko)


“Oh——about the club activities of the Commoner Club today, what should we do?” Reiko spoke as she clasped her hands together.


Arisugawa-san activated the skill suiting of a class monitor. The currently aimless club activities immediately began to look more like a club’s.


But regrettably, the cooperation from other members was amazingly horrid.


“ About that, Arisugawa-san, why don’t we start with the games?” (Kimito)


“Okay then. Please give me some guidance.” (Reiko)


Arisugawa-san held the 3DS tightly as she pressed on the start button. The screen displayed the part where you name your character.


“Err…do I enter my name?” (Reiko)

“Yes. The main character uses this name to get close to the heroine. Since Arisugawa-san’s name starts with あ(Ah) , just press the A button for now.” (Kimito)



“Next is り(Ri).  Press the arrows on the left side of the 3DS to move the box in the screen.”(Reiko)


“Is-is it like this?” (Reiko)




“Uwaa! It really moved! Its awesome!”(Reiko)


She excitedly typed in her character’s name one by one .


“れ(Re)…..い(I)….こ(Ko)——its done.” (Reiko)


As expected of the model student Arisugawa-san, she got used to something she never used before so quickly.


“But, there’s something I am confused about.”(Reiko)


“Hmm? What’s that?”(Kimito)


“You see, isn’t the main character of this game a male? If I use my name to establish a lover relationship with another girl I feel that this is kind of weird”(Reiko) (TLN:您 is used here)


“Hmm. It doesn’t matter, cause it’s just a game. But If there is a ‘boyfriend’ version of this, it would be awesome——”(Kimito)


“This one!!!”(Aika)


Aika’s eyes shone brightly as if a light bulb had lit up on top of her head.


“This one! Let’s play this!”(Aika)


“What? What’s this?”(Kimito)


“I’m talking about a boyfriend! Let’s play [Love+Boyfriend]!”(Aika)




“You just have to act like the girlfriend in the game and we’ll play with you!”(Aika)


“Using paper to make a window like the game screen while you hold this——yes! That’s it! It really looks like it! But what do we do about a touch pen?….”(Aika)


…….This fellow. How did she come up with such a stupid idea?


“Uhh, nope. Don’t you think playing that kind of game is kinda pointless?” I spoke as I shrugged my shoulders.


“Today’s club activity is playing the game. Won’t it be meaningless if we play a fake version of it? Don’t you agree, Arisugawa-sa——”(Kimito)


“Let’s play it.”(Reiko)




“Aika-san, all we need to do is just position the paper correctly, right?”(Reiko)


“Hmm, we still need a stick or something hold it in place though.”(Aika)


“Why did you guys start discussing about art and crafts!?”(Kimito)


I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling about this……






“You must be unwilling right? For me to be the boyfriend or something like that.”(Kimito)


“I’m unwilling in both physical and mental states. If it’s like this, I might as well eat grasshoppers boiled in soy sauce…….”(Karen)


“Is-is it? If its like that——”(Kimito)


“But if you hate it that much, then I’ll agree with it.”(Karen)


“So you really do hate me!?”(Kimito)


I looked at Hakua who was the last hope. All I saw was her playing the LoveGF which somehow got handed to her.


“You-you are on my side right, Hakua?”(Kimito)



She lifted her face to glance at me without saying a word. And then went back to the game.


This…can I say that she’s on my side?


Within this period of time, Aika and Arisugawa-san had been planning the game, one step at a time.


“Ju-just hold on for a moment!”(Kimito)

I called out to them.


I keep having a bad feeling about this. Also, a game such as ‘LoveBF’ is too embarrassing for me.


“Don’t plan the game without my consent! I never said that I will take part in it——


“Kimito always peeks at my underwear, you know.”(Marika)


The sound emitted from the 3DS vibrated loudly throughout the whole room.


I could see that Hakua playing the part where she asked Marika ‘what do I do normally’.


“Although I kept telling him to stop, all he wanted to do was take pictures of it?”(Marika)


………I believe everyone knows that male players would tend to do that naturally.


So, how would the ojou-samas react to this?


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