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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 5



Do you want to be a Reggae singer!?


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Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Rockgollem

“So, what do you want, Arisugawa-san?”(Kimito)


“Please call me Reiko.”(Reiko)



“As I’ve said many times before, please call me by my given name.”(Reiko)

“Uhh…Okay…Do I really have to say it?”(Kimito)

“Why is it that you call others by their given name but not me…?”(Reiko)


“Err…that’s because Arisugawa-san gives an aura that makes me hard to say it. Maybe it’s because Arisugawa-san’s emits an aura equal to an ojou-sama? I don’t have any malicious intents in my actions.”(Kimito)

“Then does that mean that I am not an ojou-sama!?”(Aika)


Please ignore that small-fry. (TLN:He means Aika)

“I do not understand.”(Reiko)


Arisugawa-san stared confusingly at me.

“Shouldn’t you be able to change how your lover address you in this game?”(Reiko)


Wow. She was able to completely grasp the concept of the game so fast.


“So, please call me Reiko.”(Reiko)


She emitted an aggressive aura that didn’t give me any time to think about it.


“Then please hurry and call me by my name.”(Reiko)





Holding her blushing cheeks with both of her hands, she had an intoxicated face full of happiness.


Is being called by her name that worthy of being happy over?


Well, she’s an ojou-sama among all of the ojou-samas. This game must be quite the interesting experience to her.


“Now then, Kimito-sama. Let’s have a date next.”(Reiko)

“Ah? Sure.”(Kimito)


Though it’s not like we are really doing it. It’s all just a game.


“So, where do you want to go?”(Kimito)


“Where do you propose?”(Reiko)


Reiko looked like she was very happy.


“Because it’s our first date, why don’t we just go to somewhere nearby? For example, a park.”(Kimito)


“A park? That’s splendid.”(Reiko)

“Then it’s decided.”(Kimito)


“About that, I wish to visit a park that Kimito-sama had been to.”(Reiko)


“Then let’s go to the park nearby my house.”(Kimito)


“Wahh! What does it look like?”(Reiko)


“Err, it’s just a normal-looking park. Nothing really special about it.”(Kimito)

“Please describe it in detail.”(Reiko)


“Umm…It’s a rectangle with 15 meters long on every side.”(Kimito)


“A rectangle with 15 meters long on every side…”(Reiko)

Closing her eyes, she begins to imagine it.


About that, she doesn’t know about what a commoner’s park looks like.

“It’s surrounded by a black fence around my height and the ground is covered in gravel.”(Kimito)


“It also has a swing and a slide.” (Kimito)

“A swing and a slide…”(Reiko)

“Oh, and a wooden bench too.”(Kimito)

“Then, let’s sit there.”(Reiko)

“Oh, okay.”(Kimito)

Thus, we decided to sit on the bench.

“It’s serene.”(Reiko)



“It is just…the two of us.”(Reiko)

“What? Ah, yeah.”(Kimito)

As expected of Reiko. She closed her eyes as she tried her best to imagine the scene.



She moved silently as she shuffled her body to her left. It seems that she was silently trying to close the distance between us. Since I was  holding up the pseudo-frame of the 3DS, I had been watching her the whole time.


Reiko blushed as she turned her head to the left where no one was.

“Kimito-sama, I…have always…!”(Reiko)

“Oh! Excuse me!”(Aika)


Suddenly, Aika sat down roughly  beside Reiko with a thud as she pushed her shoulder.


“Oh! How convenient! There’s a bench here!”(Aika)


“Aika-san…what do you think you are doing?”(Reiko)



“I am not talking about that! We are having a date now! Please do not invade the world where only Kimito-sama and I are in!”(Reiko)

“Hah! What do you mean when you said ‘the world where only Kimito-sama and I are in❤’ when I’m here! Is there something wrong with your brain!?”(Aika)


“There is no reason to hear that from you, Ms. bottom of the test ranking!”(Reiko)

“ I’m top in Japanese and Physical Ed! Also, a good brain is much more important compared to grades!”(Aika)

“Why are you looking at me with that kind of eyes!?”(Aika) (TLN: Unsure Reiko or Aika)

“Ask yourself!”(Reiko)  (TLN: Unsure Reiko or Aika)

“Stop, stop. Both of you!”(Kimito)


Seeing that it was going to turn into an all-out fight, I hurriedly stopped both of them.


The two of them had always fought. Even Reiko who had the image of a ‘perfect ojou-sama’ would show this side of her when she was with Aika.

“…Let’s start over from when we were sitting on the bench.”(Kimito) (TLN: From this point on, the manga had omitted the parts below. Do not ask why is wasn’t depicted in the manga/anime)



“For now it’s Reiko’s turn to play, so don’t interfere, Aika.”



Aika had a gloomy face. What made her unhappy?

“Kimito-sama, what is the park surrounded with?”(Reiko)

“Houses and farmlands.”(Kimito)

“It looks nice.”(Reiko)


“It does?” (Kimito)


“Yes. I feel very happy.”(Reiko)


With her eyes closed, she gave me a smile.

“Then it’s good.” (Kimito)


“Kimito-sama’s house should be nearby, right?” (Reiko)



“Then on the way back, I should go greet them.”(Reiko)



“……What gifts should I bring?”(Reiko)


“Uhh, about that, there’s no need to——”(Kimito)


“Oh no, I can’t do that. I must try my best in becoming a lover fitting for Kimito-sama. The first greeting will affect the future developments greatly.” (Reiko)


“Future developments……?”(Kimito)


Reiko closed her eyes as she mumbled to herself.


“……Ah? Are you asking how we both started this relationship?” (Reiko) (TLN: 您 is used here)

“Err, who are you talking to?” (Kimito) (TLN: 您 is used here)

“……And I have to let you meet with my parents……”(Reiko) (TLN: 您 is used here)


Reiko had a dreamy look on her as she started braiding the long hair of hers.


“ Should the parents of both sides meet during the betrothal gifting ceremony? Or, should they meet in a banquet held before that?” (Reiko)


Mumble…mumble…hair braiding


“……You want to hold a grandchild soon? Oka-san, aren’t you a little impatient……hehehe”(Reiko) (TLN: 您 is used here)


Mumble…mumble…mumble…hair braiding…


“Hey, I gotta say it, but what’s with you braiding your hair so fervently? Do you want to become a Reggae singer!?”(Kimito) (TLN: Unsure,我说,您那编得如此细腻的头发是什么啊?)

TLN: Many thanks to Rockgollem for editing my piece of shitty translation.Been busy with real life and stuff at sky’s blog, so bear with me.

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