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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 2

           Has this become your iconic move?



Translated by Lickymee



Aika, who had just finished listening to the instructions of the game, was sweating profusely.


Having a pair of middle-lengthed twin ponytails, red ribbon, a pair of watery eyes which slightly slanted upward, a small nose as well as a pair of cute pink lips.

One couldn’t help it but think she was a hyperactive puppy. She was Tenkuubashi Aika, an Ojou-sama which didn’t act like one.


“…A lover…in a game?” (Aika)


Hmm. Her reaction was expected.


“In other words…it isn’t real?” (Aika)




This simple and naive question somehow made me severely depressed in the inside.


“I wanted to say “How disgusting”. What do I do. Maybe I should choose my wording better….”(Aika)


“You are already saying out your thoughts you know.”


Let me explain.


Tenkuubashi Aika is a tsun-pure ojou-sama who had poor social skills.(TLN:If you don’t know what tsun-pure means,why are you even here)


“The-there was no meaning behind my words.” she said with an unsatisfied tone.(TLN:Unsure,刚,刚才的话并没有要隐瞒的意思)


“Let me tell you beforehand. I didn’t have any intention to play this game. It’s all because my friend is a seiyuu.(TLN: huehuehue who’s the tsundere now)




“Don’t the characters in games speak? It’s a seiyuu’s job to give them a voice.”


“Ohhhhhhh! You’re right! There are people who voices them!”(Aika)


“Yep. That’s what a seiyuu is.”


Aika sat at my side as she glanced as the 3Ds.

Her dry hair spread out loosely on her shoulders, releasing a light fragrance. Even though it’s this fellow, she’s still a daughter from a prestigious family.

“Let me hear it! The voice, I mean.”(Aika)




What do I do.


Wait, I believe there’s an option in the game to ‘introduce your girlfriend to your friends’. Let’s use that.


“Then, try saying something.”




I passed the 3Ds to Aika.


“Nice to meet you. My name is Marika.”




She looked at me with eyes pleading for help.


I replied by signalling her to speak to the device.


“Ni-nice to meet you. My name is Tenkuubashi Aika.” (Aika)


“You must be his friend, right?”(TLN: 您 is used here, which is said to show respect when calling someone)

“Ye-yes! Fri-friend. You can say that.”(Aika)


“Huhu, don’t be nervous~”


Uwaa, this voice recognition system is excellent!


So the game even had a dialogue prepared for a situation like this, huh. If one indulges himself in the game, it will really feel like a real conversation between two persons.


“Actually, I’m a little nervous too myself.”


“It’s the same for both of us, isn’t it?”




Aika’s face slowly blushed……and she giggled as she held the 3Ds.


Yup, she’s addicted. I can sense it.


“What’s your hobby, Marika?”(Aika)


“Hmm….let’s see…Making desserts and playing the piano.”


“Uwaaa….I see…”(Aika) (TLN:Took some liberty here 这样啊)


“If you don’t mind, why don’t we make some desserts together next time?”


“Ye-yes! Of course! Let’s do it!”(Aika)


Both Aika and Marika chatted happily with each other.


Normally, due to the other person being a program, one would normally have some errors in communication with them.

However, it seems like both of them had somehow hit it off from the start and have been talking without any reservations now.



Maybe Aika had  the sad trait of being good with relationships with the 2D world.


“Uwaaa….I can’t wait for us to make the desserts together!”(Aika)


…….She do realise that this is just a game,right?


Just as I was worried that she would walk on the path of no return, her eyes moved away from the screen.(TLN: I think he means that she would give up on the real world and just prefer to indulge in the 2D one)


“Hey, Kimito.”(Aika)


Of course,even she wouldn’t become such a person.

Sighing in relief, I replied to her.


“Yeah? Are you already bored of it?”


“Serve a cup of tea for Marika.”(Aika)




“Sorry, Marika. I’ll make Kimito serve one now for you, alright?”(Aika)


I sweated profusely at her words.




To hell with your thanks!


“It feels like we are already the best of friends~”


“Yep, you’re right.Huehuehue……”(Aika)


“About that……can you be my friend?”


“O-of course! Till death do us part!”(Aika)


“Huehuehue,huehuehue.” (Aika)
She laughed disgustingly as she chatted with the 3Ds girlfriend.


“I like Marika the most!”(Aika)(TLN:Yuri is justice)



This game shouldn’t be played by an idiotic loner at all.


“Hey, hey. Shouldn’t you return it to me by now?”


I said that while reaching for the 3Ds.


PAK! (TLN: Onomatopoeia for slapping a hand away)


“Don’t touch Marika!”(Aika)




“……Hey, Marika.”(Aika)


Aika hit the screen of the 3Ds repeatedly with her fingers, making a thunk sound.


“Don’t just stay there. Why don’t you come over to my side already?”(Aika)


Her eyes were swivelling as she drooled while laughing stupidly.(TLN: Refer to the image at the top)


This…could it be…a gamer’s brain!? (TLN: gamer’s brain is a pseudo-scientific theory that a brain can become demented after being exposed to an excessive amounts of visual images, such as games)






“Actually, Marika is trapped inside the game.”


Decided to play along with her for now.




Aika looked at me with a look of astonishment.


Haa…this should calm you down.

“I knew it! Marika really exists!!”(Aika)


The brain of the the tsun-pure lady which was tainted by the game has already become hopeless beyond repair.


“What do I do!? I must get her out of there!! What do I do!?!??!?!?!”(Aika)


“Calm down! For now, listen to my next instructions.”


“Yes! Yes!”(Aika)


“First, do 10 squats!”


“1! 2!3! 4……!”(Aika)

“Next, extend out your left hand and right leg while shouting ‘O! PA! PI——!” (TLN: O! PA! PI——! stands for Ocean Pacific Peace, an iconic move of  Kojima Yoshio, I think. It’s used when someone says a funny joke or even used to change an awkward situation. Doesn’t really matter,it has no special meaning.)


“Ok——Here I go!”


She extended her hand and leg——

“O!PA!PI——!” (Aika)


“Again! Do it with your eyes turned over! Come on!”


“O!PA!PI——!” (Aika)

And then, say Get’s!” (TLN:I remember the manga scanlator explaining something about this. Go search it up yourselves.)

“Get‘s!!” (Aika)

Has this become your iconic move?

“Wha-what’s next!?” (Aika)


“Hmm…its that…”


“What? What that?”(Aika)






“You’re right! The key to undo Marika’s curse is a kiss of a dear friend!”


“Dear……. friend?”(Aika)


Her body shuddered upon hearing that.


“I’ll do it!”(Aika)


“Good! Now kiss the screen——I mean, Marika who is trapped inside. Free her from her cage!”


“I understand! ……Marika…….I’m gonna save you now. Although it’s our first time, it should be fine if it’s between girls. But…if Marika wants to consider it as her first…..I won’t mind!” (Aika)


While blushing and spouting words like a retard, Aika closed her eyes.


And her lips slowly neared the screen of the 3Ds……


Ka-chak.(TLN: Onomatopoeia of door opening)


“Greetings, Kimito-sama❤” (Reiko) (TLN:  您 was used here)




“Today I shall also grant you my presence.”(Karen) (TLN:Unsure, 今天我也给你捧场来了哦)




The three girls who entered the room witnessed Aika’s kissing scene.

“…What are…you doing?”(Reiko)


Arisugawa Reiko, who was the chairman of the club, could only stare in shock at she looked at Aika kissing the 3Ds.


Turning her head slowly around, Aika had a smile on her face.


“I just saved my friend!”(Aika)


The three of them turned ghostly pale at her reply.



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