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OreOjou Volume 3 Chapter 3

Peas are Unripe Soybeans

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ruzenor, Anivyl, Ice Phantom

And so, the club activity of the Commoner Club today was about fortune-telling.

As to what the Commoner Club is, it’s a club created solely for the purpose of Aika’s desire to ‘become the most popular person in class by grasping the commoner’s culture’.

After a series of events, there is now a total of 5 members in the club.

The others aren’t here yet, though they should be arriving soon.

The club had already partook two previous plans, one titled [Popularizing Plan], which, as the name suggested, was getting Aika out of her lone wolf situation.

And a few days ago, the plans in ‘ShominLand’ had undergone smoothly, though it failed miserably in the end. Not to mention, rumours started going around that Aika and I were an item……

Luckily, the rumour was quickly dispelled by the Class President Reiko before things got worse.

Well, her competence can’t really be described in words.

In the end, Aika was still all alone in the class.

“So what’s a commoner’s fortune-telling like!? How do you do it!?”

With gleaming eyes, Aika spouted one question after another.

So, where fortune telling and the likes are concerned, the ojou-samas were no different from the normal girls.

“We use a cellphone.”

“A cellphone!?”

Exclaimed Aika with shock.

“A cellphone can do even that!? Isn’t that just too amazing!?”

Uhh, what’s so surprising about it……

Well, if you think about it seriously, cellphones really do have a lot of useful functions, huh……

As I thought about these stuff, I typed in [Fortune-telling] into the search engine and entered a fortune-telling site.

To be honest, this was my first time doing this kind of stuff too…

“Show me, show me!”

Aika moved her body closer to the phone——eh, just a little too close.

Although this school prohibits the Ojou-samas from using the internet……well, a fortune-telling site shouldn’t matter.

The main page of the site was filled with pictures of fortune-tellers, as well as their rankings.

“Oh? There are rankings too.”

“What’s that?”

“Ranking by popularity. It shows which fortune-teller is more famous.

“Then let’s check the top one!”


I entered the ranking page.

[Number 1: The legendary famous fortune-teller finally hits the streets! Mama from Shinjuku Ni-chome.]

Sounds like some mama of a gay bar……

At the top of her page was a menu, listing many recommended fortune-telling topics.

[What does my crush think of me……?]

[Find your fated one! I can even predict your soul mate’s face!]

As expected, the majority of the topics were related to relationships.


As for Aika, her eyes gleamed excitedly like a child receiving a new toy. To be honest, she looked cute with this expression.

As for how the fortune-telling systems worked on this site, a part of your fortune can be read for free, though you need to pay a certain amount for all of it to be told.

[Totally free of charge! I’ll be blunt and tell you your personality!]

Oh? So the personality test is free, huh.

How generous of you, mama.

‘What does ‘free of charge’ means?”

“That means you don’t need to pay for it.”


It seems like she doesn’t really understand. As an ojou-sama who lived in Sekain Academy ever since she was young, she must have limited knowledge of money.

If Eri was here, I bet she would probably say ‘Shit!’ or something like that.

“Does it mean that she will read my personality?”

“Wanna try it?”


And so, things were decided just like that.

After entering her name and birthdate, Aika pressed the ‘Confirm’ button.

A picture of the fortune-teller popped up on the screen.

[Welcome to Mama’s shop……]

So it’s really a gay bar……

Skipping the video, we arrived at the results page.

“How is it? How is it?”

Aika leaned closer to me. It seems like she didn’t realise her boobs were pushing hard against me.

Although she was flat-chested, the soft, squishy feeling is still there.

Damn, so even Aika can have such a body!

Although I felt somewhat discontented, I don’t know why, but I didn’t attempt to remind her to move her body away.

Then the results finished loading.

[Basically, Aika is a sensitive person, although you can be bold depending on the situation, right?]

Hey, isn’t this result a little too general?

“Exactly right!!”

This fellow got hooked, huh…….

[There’s a thin wall around your heart, so you are sometimes too honest and get easily hurt by trivial things. But at the same time, you are very considerate of others. You stubbornly go at your own pace and hate doing some repeatedly. You always have some bright ideas, and always live your life in your own way. And you would give your all for the one you love☆~]


“Huh, they got quite a lot right though……?”

“Amazing! So amazing!! How did she know!?”

Aika was extremely excited.

“I was so surprised! All I did was enter my birthdate, and the detailed results came out a few seconds later……! All we do here is read our horoscopes in the books!”

I see. No internet means no computer-generated fortunes such as this, huh.

“Commoner’s fortune-telling are so amazing!!”

“Oh, your lucky color is listed here too.”

“Huh!? Let me see, let me see!”

Aika stared hard at the screen.

“——It’s green!”

Aika checked the clothes on her body and started panicking immediately.

“What do I do, there isn’t even a speck of green on me. This won’t do, I have to wear something green immediately……!!”

“Calm down a little.”

“Gr-green things……uh……uh…………AH!!”

And she dashed out of the room in a hurry.

……My goodness.

A moment later, I could hear her returning quickly.


Pushing hard to open the door, Aika dashed into the room.

All I could see was her, in a green skinsuit, that covered her whole body.

“How is it!?”

How did it become like this——.

“……What is that?”

“It’s a costume I wore in last year’s play! I played the role of the [Forest Fairy]!]

I’m pretty sure it’s a role that’s closer to [Tree A] or something like that……

Aika, who was covered tightly from head to toe the skinsuit, was moving around excitedly.

“Since I’m wrapped in green, I’m sure I’ll be filled with good luck!”

Facing the extremely excited Tsunpure-san, who was also making such a happy face, I……

“Then, you should cover you face in green too.”

I used a green marker to colour a cardboard into green colour and made a mask (just like Princess Mononoke) for Aika to wear.

“That’s right, since we already did this much, might as well go all the way.”

It really felt like it was Princess Mononoke speaking.

“Hey, what do I do with my hands? Shouldn’t we do something about it?”

“That’s right, Aika. Nice point!”

“I-is that so?”

Princess Mononoke looked like she was really happy.

“What do I do?”

“Leave it to me.”

I took out the peas, still in their pods, from the fridge in the pantry for Aika to hold.

Wearing the “Princess Mononoke” mask, Aika who was completely in green stared hard at the peas.

“I see. So it’s perfect now?”

Yep. I have a suggestion.”

“What is it?”

“Hold those peas like this, and then take steps like these, then cry out [Beans! Beans!] as you go”


“Passed down over the ages, It’s a dance that is said to invite good luck amongst the commoners. We perform it on Setsubun¹.”

“Setsubun? On that day, we throw beans, but commoners do this?”

“Yeah. Even though, it isn’t Setsubun today, but I guarantee you’ll have about 50 percent of the effect. In your hands are peas with your lucky color. You have to do it now!”

“But, don’t we use soybeans on Setsubun?”

“Peas are unripe soybeans.”(FACT)

“I didn’t know that!!”

“Now dance, Aika. Dance! Attain your good luck with your own two hands!!”


Aika held up the peas and started waving it around with her steps.

“Beans, Beans——!”

“Not bad, Aika!”

“Beans, Beans——!”

Aika, wearing the “Princess Mononoke” mask, suited up entirely in green and dancing around with peas in her hands, had transformed into a weird shaman.

Scratch that, she had already transformed into a weird God of Beans.


“Now, do a Get’s!”


With a swing, she held the beans in front of her.

“One more time, from the top”

As she danced around, Aika’s excitement only grew higher.

The God of Beans danced around with all her might, fusing passion into her wild dance.

“Beans, Beans——————!!”


Reiko opened the room door.




With her hand on the door knob, Reiko, and standing behind her, Karen and Hakua, stared at the God of Beans, their bodies paralyzed with shock.

“……Who, is that…………?”



1.Setsubun is the day before spring, usually on or around February 3rd. Japanese people throw roasted soybeans while chanting ‘In with fortune! Out with evil!’. Read more here.


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