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Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 16

Unwanted Guests

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Anivyl, Ruzenor

“I am a simple person, so my view on life is simple. You can hit me, shame me, or bully me. But once you touch my family, prepare to taste hell.” ——My father’s view of life was as the same as mine.

The dense forest, which I thought served as a perfect hideout, was easily

‘breached’ by 5 humans just like that.

Consisting of 4 guys and a woman, the party was bigger than I expected.

Before they came near, I had carried out my plan as fast as I could.

The main goal was to prevent her from being spotted. So I told her to stay put in the cave and to not come out.

After that, was to find a way to somehow lead the humans away from this place. Although I didn’t know if my xifu would listen to my words obediently, but this was the best solution available at that time.

Of course, according to the Dark Forest theory¹, Medusa and I should just kill these 5  people.

Yet, the Dark Forest laws isn’t suitable to used here. This is because we didn’t know if they were stronger than us or not.

If the opponents were much stronger than us, then attacking recklessly would result in death.

Also, this is a world where human civilization exists, so communications was possible.

And communications were vital in solving problems, which could even benefit both sides and bring forth a win-win situation.

But then, I had forgotten a very important point, and it was that I don’t belong in this world.

No matter how I disguised it, it was still impossible to let them think of me as a normal human being. With my poor grasp of the language, and the fact that I live in such a desolate place, it would arouse their suspicions even more.

With such a situation at that time, I didn’t have much time to think much about it.

On the other hand, as I am a peace-loving person, I decided to do what I did next .

The leader must be the guy with a typical Caucasian facial features. I thought he was the leader amongst the 5 in the party as he was the only one with a sabre hanging off him. The other 3 men also had Caucasian facial features, and one of them had a short hair cut.

(Anivyl: Great logic bro. I carry a sabre too, so now i am leader of all humanity.)

With blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a cerulean batwing-like cape², the woman next to them was quite a beauty.

I was unable to tell what sort of abilities or jobs these people had based off what they were wearing. I was hoping to distinguish their skills, like in the MMORPGs that I used to play. However, 3 of them had flintlock pistols, whilst the woman looked unarmed, making it hard to tell if they are warriors, mages or priests.

When we met face to face, both of us had shocked expressions on our faces.

Well, this was within what my expectations.


With the most natural voice possible, I greeted them.

“Oh, xxxxxx”

Crap, he was speaking too fast for me to understand, not to mention using words that I have never heard before.

What do I do next? What should I say next? Come on, brain. Work!

“We are the kingdom’s xxxx. Who are you?”

“I am…live here.”

The Blond Leader(temporary name)placed his right hand on the hilt of his sabre as he questioned me.

Seeing how he puffed his chest out, he must be quite a proud person. At least, I was able to, mostly, understand what he just said.

“You live here?”


“Hahahaha, he said he lives here……”

Blond Leader said that as he laughed with his other party members. Although I felt slightly annoyed, I laughed along with them.

Previously, within the society, I had already trained my “fake laughter” technique to get along with people.

“Are you alone?”



Blond Leader started pacing around as he sized me up. Beside my other-wordly glasses, I was entirely outfitted by my purchases from Nightfall Town and the Black merchants. There shouldn’t be any problem with my apparel.

“Alyssa, we’re here, right?”

“Un……it can’t be wrong.”

At this moment I noticed two things. The first is that the woman was called Alyssa, and the second is that she knows magic.

In her hands was a navy-blue gem, and, if my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, the interior of the gem was letting out a white light.

At that very moment, I realized that things were not going according to my plan.

To me, there are only 2 kinds of situations in a fight: One of it is me reacting to the opponent’s moves; and the other is the opponent reacting to my moves. When either side is unable to take anymore actions, the victor and the loser is certain.

Currently, it was my turn to move. Facing against a party of 5, which also had the advantage of magic, it was impossible for me to get rough with them.

I also had no intentions to let Medusa be caught up in this  trouble, so I had to say something now that could turn their attention away.

“May I inquire about everyone’s job?”

Since there was just too little time for me to think, I could only ask such a question.

“I believe we have said it, mister. We are the kingdom’s xxx”

“Or could it be that you don’t know about and have never seen xxx before?”

“Living in such a place, it isn’t weird for him to have not heard about xxx.”

“Could it be xxxxxxx?”

Maybe because the question was quite effective, they started making guesses about me. Please, just take me as a savage who is living in the forest.

“Mister, can you allow us to go into the mountain cave at the back, to xxx?”

With an extremely invasive sound, a cavalry sabre was pulled from from its scabbard in front of me.

I subconsciously clenched my fists.

Stabbing the sabre fiercely into the ground,the leader’s glared at me with his brown eyes, as if he found a prey.

“I’m sorry, everyone……this is not……”

“I already said, we are xxx!”

That’s why I said, who the hell are you guys! Does this world have secret organizations like the FBI who can intrude into the homes of civilians too?!

Even if you guys are armed with guns and blades, even if it means getting one of my limbs chop off, I can’t let you guys in.

But the beautiful tip of the sabre connected my chin with his hands.

Two pistols and a rifle, which someone must have been carrying on his back, were aimed at me.

In other words, a limb wouldn’t solve this problem. Heck, the problem wouldn’t be resolved even at the cost of my life.

The situation till now was the worst I had, even worse than the time I was pressed against the wall by Medusa, because they were really going to kill me.

I raised both my hands up, silently hoping that this international sign of surrender was usable here too, while praying that she would stay obediently in the cave and not come out.

“Everyone…I have no hostile intentions……”

“Then please move away.”

“Sorry, I can’t do that.”

“Alyssa, it’s really here, right?“


“Then we could only xxxxx.”

A second ago, I was still working out what was he saying, in the next moment, I felt such great pain in my stomach that I nearly crumpled to the ground.

When a leather boot connects with stomach that offers up no resistance, it was clear who the victor was.

Next, a series of sudden movements made me unable to react in time.

After my body had undergone a series of turns and my hair experienced being violently and painfully pulled, in front of my eyes was Medusa, standing at the front of the cave, her bow taut in her hands.

The cut I had on the right side of my neck was throbbing painfully, as Blond Leader held the sabre against my throat, in a way that’s totally different from the movies.

The sharp edge of the blade had already dug into my flesh by a few millimetres, which served as a painful reminder that my life was in his hands.

At that very moment, fear had already overloaded my brain as I almost screamed out ‘Help me, xifu!’.

In the end, I managed to stay quiet, although it took all my willpower to do so.

If I let her know that I am terrified, it would surely affect my xifu’s decision-making. Thus, I clenched my teeth so hard that my jaw started cramping.

Though the percentage of a single bow winning against 3 guns isn’t that high, huh.

Various sounds started entering my ear, which must be short but precise orders.

I couldn’t understand a single thing, except the phrase ‘Kill that Medusa’ said by the Blond Leader.

From that phrase onwards, anger slowly overtook the fear in my heart, fueling the anger in my heart, transforming it into rage.

Every sense and every ounce of energy I had was used in planning amidst this struggle.

I had immediately understood that this blond asshole was using me as a meatshield, because Medusa has her Petrifying Magic.

But all you had to do was not look at her eyes, and it would be fine. Besides,maybe because xifu was being considerate of me, she didn’t use it.

Thus, I looked at my wife, and squeezed out a smile that looks even worse than crying.

“Oh, my Xifu er……”

I closed my eyes.


1.This theory is explained very well near the end of the science fiction novel, The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin. The first axiom is that survival is the primary need of civilization. Therefore, civilizations will do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival. The second axiom is that civilizations always grow and expand, but the amount of matter and resources in the universe are finite. For more info, click here.

2.Something like this?


T/N: Life getting busy. Not sure when is next update.

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