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OreOjou Volume 3 Chapter 1


Eri is now recording a radio show♪♪

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ice Phantom, Sekiryuu, Ruzenor

Typeset-ted by GetRektByMe(A.K.A. MaybecoolestKid)

After much procrastination(and shitty internet), I present to you, Chapter 1!!!!


“And Misaki, presents!”

“[Always moving forward!]”

A tinkling sound emitting from the headphones indicated the start of the show.

After making sure that the red ‘On Air’ sign was lit, Hanae Eri pressed the stopwatch as she made an eye signal to her partner who was on her opposite side——and she made the first sound.


“Heya everyone! This is Hanae Eri!”

“Hi! This is Yamada Misaki!”

“Our greetings aren’t in sync(lol)’

“This is the third time already, so we should decide on a greeting already~”

“That’s right~(lol)”

The two of them were now recording a radio show.

As Kimito’s childhood friend, Hanae Eriwas a voice actress/idol currently in high school with fame increasing dramatically as time went by.

With her long black hair tied into a ponytail with few tactile strands of hair going down her face, it gave her the appearance of professionalism, and yet it still made her look cute at the same time.

Her mouth was cutely shaped into a ω, coupled with her extremely charming eyes, and her gaze that seemed as if she can see through anything.

From her point of view, she was at the peak of her fame in the seiyuu industry.

“And so, we’re looking for interesting ideas from all of you!”

“If you send something in, Eri-rin would be very happy!❤”

Eri used the crisp seiyuu voice of hers.

Acting coy with all her might was how Eri presented herself.

It made the seiyuu fans think of the possibility of her voice being edited before, yet at the same time made them think that ‘This is really good. Who knows, she really could be an angel……?”

This was what Hanae Eri used as her signature move, which in reality was what made her popular in the industry.

The staff members at the other side of the glass all had grins on their faces. 

——Very good.

It should be due to the response from the listeners, which made Eri feel good.

“Misaki-chi will be happy too❤”

——Don’t just snatch my spotlight would you!.

Eri voiced her dissatisfaction about her partner in her heart.

——At this moment you should be saying ‘That’s a voice that sells!’ or ‘Oh, she’s playing coy(lololol)’ or something like that to add spice to Eri! How dare you freeload off me, you piece of shit!

That’s how selfish she was.

“This program is sponsored by Ichijin-sha¹☆”

“Thank you for your hard work♪”

When one of the two programs was finished, Eri walked out of the recording room with the smile of a professional on her face.

When the staff members with the producer at the lead headed towards Eri to welcome her with happy smiles on their faces, Eri felt as if she was a famous person, which she was, and felt very happy.

“The [Hirame-chan²] corner was very good.”

“Reallyyy? But, well, it was sooo embarrassing for me……would you please remove that absurd corner, pleaseeee~?”

Eri said that while making it seem like the producer was someone gallant.

Although this somewhat normal technique was very effective against the bigwigs, Eri actually knew that this was due to her looks and how she presented herself.

“Thanks for your hard work~~♪”

“Y-you too”

Eri also gave an affable smile to the assistant directors (to show that she was friendly towards the people around her) as she walked onto the corridor to head towards the restroom.

As she walked into a toilet cubicle, she sat on the toilet……and heaved a long sigh.

Once she was safe and alone in an area, only then would Eri turn the switch in her brain into the OFF position.

————That fucking piece of shit!!

Yamada, you bitch! When I am announcing my new photo album, can you not reply with ‘Wow——Awesome’ in such a dispiriting tone! Attentive listeners would immediately see through a comment as that at once!! And didn’t I agree to help you on your character song! Even if we have totally no interest in each other’s work, it’s still our job to laugh and chat with each other okay!? It’s to give those hopeless hikkomoris a dream to live!!! Bullshit! Just bullshit with all your might! And you, Sasebo(radio scriptwriter), what the hell were those nonsense text messages!! Can you please fucking choose which message(topic) it is that would spice the program up or cool it down!! How tasteless can you be!! Don’t you know the messages you choose will affect the future ones!? Why does Eri have to bother herself while thinking about these kind of things!!³

While she was releasing the anger in her heart, she used the smartphone in her hand to send an email containing the message [Eri is now recording a radio show~♪] to the anime’s sound director.

At this moment, her partner Yamada Misaki and someone else walked into the restroom while chit-chatting.

“Meh, it’s nothing big.”

“What is it what is it???”

That voice belonged to Kurada( a seiyuu who started around the same time as her). It could be that she was a guest of some other show or something and they met up coincidentally.

‘This radio scriptwriter keeps sending me some worthless emails.”

“Eh, like what?”

“[What are you doing now] and things like that.”

“Uwaaa, how annoying!”

“And here he thinks of himself as a boyfriend.”

Yamada said while laughing.

——Are you an idiot!?

If you say that to a colleague, it’s confirmed to be leaked out! Who knows what would happen if that said person himself heard about it!? Idiot!Idiot! You’re retarded to the maximum! You’re gonna get fired! Don’t you know how much he likes you!? You should have used it to your advantage! And why doesn’t he send any to Eri!? Sasebo you bastard! So you liked people like her! Still, it doesn’t matter as she won’t ever get famous. To be honest, Yamada, your acting and conversational skills are only so-so. If this keeps up you would disappear in three years you know! You wouldn’t last long in the chaotic world of Asian female seiyuus!



     Annoying Annoying!

                            Annoying Annoying!


 Eri who was feeling very annoyed unconsciously opened an email she received.

It was an email she received two weeks ago. A simple email from her childhood friend.

[I’m doing fine, and also made a few friends. Don’t worry about me.]

——Who would! You asshole!!

Kagurazaka Kimito, who was her childhood friend, had been kidnapped by a maid during class time last month.

And then she received an email with the message [I became a student of another school.]

She had intended to go to his house to ask about the situation, but his family had moved away somewhere due to renovations.

In the only phone call she was able to have with Kimito, he didn’t seem like he was in some kind of dangerous trouble based on his tone of speech.

But what really bothered her……was the woman with an ojou-sama-like tone of speech.

And especially that maid that took him away. Somehow, it felt like it had some kind of connection to that incident in the past


She unconsciously let out such a voice.

And immediately covered her mouth.

Concentrating her sense of hearing, Eri breathed a sigh of relief as there seemed like there wasn’t anybody outside.


It’s all because Kimito’s gone that she’s so annoyed.

Since there was no one to kick to release her stress, no one to clean her messy room, no one to run errands for her, and no one to cook for her.

It’s all because she relied on him for everything. He is also to take the blame for her repeating yesterday’s recording numerous times.

Staring at Kimito’s email, Eri went red with rage. Even though she had already looked at the email for 50 times ever since she received it, her heart was still in a mess.

——Where and what the hell is that jerk doing!?



1.Ichijin-sha is the publisher for the OreOjou LN as well as the manga.

2.Fun fact: Hirame=Flounder. Flounder-chan, kawaii af.

3.In a seiyuu radio show, the hosts read texts picked by the scriptwriter among the ones sent from their listeners.

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  1. Just finished watching the anime, off to go read the manga from the start and then I’ll comeback to read the LN from the start. The world needs more people like you (lickymee) Thank you for what you are doing!!

    Hope you have a great day 🙂


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