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Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 14


A Bad Cold

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Anivyl


“Relax, I won’t die from this. The old lady who was my neighbor read my palms before. ”——said me, who was down with a serious cold.


It’s been two days since the day I went shopping at Nightfall Town. Within these two days, the thing that I felt most sentimental about was——woodwork was really a handicraft.

Why would I say that? Well, that’s because the perfectly made eave by Mr.Parker had been disassembled by me……


As for the reason, it was quite simple. Once this thing was put in place, it would really block the rainwater from flowing into the cave. But then, as the eave was rectangular in shape whilst the cave entrance was round, the only way to fix it in place was by cramming it .

Unfortunately, cramming it at the entrance would most probably result in her being unable to enter and exit the cave freely, so the only thing I could do was to modify it.


The modification process was quite a pain in the ass. I had to slowly disassemble the wooden boards one by one, and then fit them up into the curved cave entrance by hammering them in, nail by nail.

Should any of you wish to make your hands rough within a few hours, my personal recommendation for you would be to go do some carpentry work.


There was also the problem of fixing it in place. Even though I used Wolflang’s design and suggestions, it was still very hard to turn ideas into reality.

Contrary to how easy it was to build a small house model using toothpicks, it was the total opposite when trying to build a real wooden house with wooden boards.

Unless you have the skills for it, building a house based only on your own imagination would result in how the eave I built turned out ——a pile of mess.


But no matter how shitty its appearance was, it still did its job. As a bonus function, you could even hang clothes off it.. So, it was a degree of success.


Oh right, Medusa had helped me quite a bit, though I tried to prevent her from doing so.

After all, I wasn’t that type of man who would allow his woman’s smooth soft hands to become rough and hard.


As for the door sill, I made it quickly by using the wood I chopped before and some animal pelts. With that done, the problem of the cave being flooded during rainy days should be solved.


While I was doing the carpentry work, I had also considered the weather changes. If I had arrived in the summer season, then after a month or so, it should be fall. The heavy rain before had helped me figure that out.

Also, there was another evidence.  If I slept shirtless at night, I could feel the very cold weather in the morning


Sadly, I was an idiot for thinking that all that I needed when autumn comes, was to wear a long-sleeved shirt. Just like how the last generation kept telling us——’If you do this now, you will be riddled with illnesses in your old age’..


But now, before i have even turned old, illnesses had come knocking on my door..


The weird feeling started from that morning. After waking up, the first movement I made sent jolts of pain from every joint in my body to my brain. . After that, I felt that my brain was not even clearly aware of pain anymore, instead, it was replaced by a feeling of drowsiness, extremely lethargic drowsiness.


It took all of my strength to just sit up. This wasn’t just the feeling of exhaustion anymore, but it was as if I had no strength at all.


“Ah……did I catch a cold?”


It was inevitable for humans, who were omnivores, to catch a cold. But that was the past.

As I didn’t bring any Contact NT¹ with me when I came to this world, the thing I worried about the most was contracting illnesses such as a fever or a cold.

After all, being down with a cold that can paralyse your body movement by 30 percent, it was an extremely scary thought.


Come to think about it, it’s been a month since I have come to live in this hygienically poor cave. I should consider myself lucky, since I only caught a cold. If I had been inflicted with tetanus instead, I might not have been able to live till now.


Opening my eyes with much effort, I decided to tough it out and get out of bed. After all, for a grown man to stay in bed just because of a small cold isn’t really a good thing.

This cold… I should be able to grit my teeth and just get over it. Not just that, but there were chores waiting to be done.


Draping an animal pelt over my shoulders, I walked out of the cave. Eyeing the ‘small yams’ I planted a few days ago, my body was  filled with determination².

When it came to planting stuff, I should be watering it, but the only thing I could use to water it with was the big pot I had just bought.


Using the heavy metal pot, I carried some water unsteadily back from the cold stream up west. Perhaps it was because of my cold, or perhaps the water itself was freezingly cold, when my hands touched the water, it was so cold that my hands ached from the pain.

But seriously though, this pot is so goddamn heavy. If I knew that this would have happened, I would have bought a wooden basin too.


Sigh, I wonder how my friends would have reacted if they have seen the current me.


“Good morning.”


“Un, good morning.”


She also had a piece of animal pelt draped over her shoulders as she stood at the cave entrance.

With some trinkets, she could easily pass off as a rich heiress…


“What are you doing?”


“Ah, these things need water.”


“Oh~Want to read book today?”


“Un, I will be over soon……Achoo!”


Pu.”(TLN: Medusa laughing?)


As expected, I really caught a cold, with a stuffy nose and all. Ugh, I feel dizzy.

Screw this, I am just going to have a smoke and read those newly-bought books with her.


Sitting on the bed, we opened a book together. As usual, the weird characters made no sense to me.

When I was bored, I did looked further into this world’s alphabets. There were 19 letters, which were primarily made up of straight lines.

Although the printed words were abnormally neat, the punctuations were a complete mess to me. Especially those few types with small round circles, they were completely incomprehensible.

If I wanted to learn things, like the grammar of this world’s language, it would take a lot of effort to achieve that with my current understanding of the language.


There were a few things I discovered about the language. One of them was that it shared some similarities with the basics of the English language.

The unique thing about the English language was that a single English alphabet does not have a meaning. For example, ‘牛’ means cow in Chinese, but English needed three letters to form the word ‘cow’.

From this unique likeness, English was really a good language to learn this language with.


However, I wasn’t thinking of such things at that time. Instead, I learned through the illustrations in the book.

If there was an illustration of a bird, I would ask her what it was called in her language. If it was an illustration of a house, I would also ask her what it was known as.

Yet in this new book, there was an illustration of a man and a woman in, what looked like, a garden. With their foreheads pressed against each other, they had a look of happiness on their face..


Although I didn’t understand this world, it was obvious that these two people in the picture were married.


No matter how serious my cold was, or how dizzy my head was, it was still very obvious to me that these two people were in the midst of a wedding.

The man in a suit and the woman in a wedding dress. If they weren’t getting married, what else could they be doing? Going to a funeral?


Due to my long thinking process, coupled with my dizzy head, I decided not to ask about the picture.


With the picture in front of my eyes, my train of thoughts started drifting. I thought of my parents, who always emphasised heavily on marriage**, as well as the irony behind marriage……

(**ED/N:In context of the chinese here, it seems that the parents were concerned about the mc and his… singledom. So they were worried for him being single)


“What is the problem?”


“Ah? Ah, nothing, nothing……Then, this, what is this called?”


It was only when she shook my elbow that I came to my senses. Yet, the freezing cold and my brain, which was slow to react, made me jumble up my words.


“Hehe, this is Weslianna³.”




As if she was waiting for me to ask her about this picture, she told me the pronunciation for the word ‘marriage’. While I strained my brain to try and remember it, the pencil in my hands had already stopped listening to me.

Though I could still maintain this sitting posture for a little while longer.


“Come on~”


“What is the matter?


“Let’s do this, do this.”


The bright pair of eyes, coupled with those delicate lips of hers, made me unable to reject her request. She pointed at the picture as she grabbed my elbow.


Even though I nearly lost my balance, I still managed to stand up.

As we imitated the couple in the illustration by pressing our foreheads against each other, our fingers intertwined with each other.

At this point, I could barely hold myself up, but I still wanted to satisfy this small wish of hers.


As long as you can feel happiness, in the future, we can hold a real wedding at the place that was illustrated in the book.


I could feel her cold body temperature through my forehead, but by then, it feels like my vision was filled with dark spots as I couldn’t even see her face clearly anymore.




“What is the matter?”


“I feel, very cold……”


At that very moment when I collapsed, I remember trying, but failing to grasp at her hands.


That was the second time I had fainted in my whole life. The first happened when I had a sudden bout of diarrhoea in the toilet. This time, I fainted in the arms of a beautiful Medusa..

Well, at least it isn’t as embarrassing as before.


When I finally opened my eyes, the first thing that I saw was a familiar face with a complicated expression on it.

The fact that I could feel my hands confirmed my suspicions that I was still alive, which was a good feeling

Before this, I didn’t want to die because of my natural instincts, but now, it is all because I wanted to see her smile again.

After all, humans can’t spend their life time alone.


“You won’t die……right?”


The tip of her brows which had tipped downwards was an obvious sign that she was worried about me.

For the bridegroom of a couple that were secretly having a wedding to suddenly faint must have been quite a shock, huh.


“Relax, I won’t die from this. The old lady who was my neighbor read my palms before.”


I smiled as I replied in Chinese, though it was obvious that she didn’t understand me.


“I am fine——”


Using this world’s language to repeat my words, I pressed my forehead against hers, in order to show that I really won’t die.


Then, she hugged me with the same speed of a flash which I hadn’t seen in a long time.


When you are sick, you will feel very happy if there is someone who is really worried about you.



1.Contact NT is the name for an over-the-counter flu remedy produced in China. Though not illegal there, it is a class C regulated drug in New Zealand because of its high pseudoephedrine concentration.

2.Picture. Who plays Undertale too here haha

3.Originally 维斯丽恩娜.


19 thoughts on “Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 14

  1. fainting in the arms of a hot (though cold blooded) medusa
    if we compare it to the first part of his life where he fainted from diarea i can only say: riajuu explode

    thanks for the chapter


  2. ‘When I was bored, I did looked further into this world’s characters. There were 19 alphabets, which were primarily made up of straight lines.’

    19 different alphabets, eh? That’ll mean many different letters for all the alphabets, right?


  3. Hate to come back to an old point, but… does she still stink? I don’t remember her ever having a bath. Has he gotten used to her odour, or did he managed to get her into basic hygiene at some point and I just missed it?

    My thanks to you for the translation, by the way. No matter what she smells like, this is still a fun read.


    1. Me every time I read this I just imagine the mc boils her hot water and bathes her in it, I convince myself that medusa is a cute monster girl unable to express herself very well…


  4. Hello, I want to try reading this manga but there is something a commentor said a few chapter back that worried me. So can you confirm for me whether there is NTR later in this story? The commentor said that Medusa slept with another guy after an argument with the MC, is that true?


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