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OreOjou Volume 3 Chapter 4


Aika-san, you have many friends.

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ruzenor

T/N: Since FutureBeyond is going to start working on OreOjou, I might as well start digging up the chapters that haven’t been released yet. Enjoy.

Going to insert some lines as seen below to annoy the readers at the thief’s site. Sorry if you(the readers at my blog) are the ones getting annoyed,  but I’m seriously pissed atm.


[Reiko, your life revolves around communicating and socializing with many people. You’ll also learn by looking and hearing your surroundings. Having an exceptional observation and analytical mind, you will be successful if you enter a management industry.  Though as you may be a little too much on the obsessive side, you are the type that would make the first move for love without a moment of hesitation.]


“Amazing! How accurate!”

Exclaimed Reiko as she clasped her hands together.

Coupled with her slightly curly long hair, the elegant aura and her gentle personality made people relate her to the noble, pure and lovely traits of the white rose.

As the leader of the ojou-samas, Arisugawa Reiko was also our class president.

“Right!? Commoner’s fortune-telling are so spot-on right!?”

Aika said it as if she was boasting something she owned.

By the way, she was still wearing that green skinsuit.

Standing next to Reiko, I was tempted to call her a ‘hybrid’(T/N: Not sure what reference it is)

Ah? You’re wondering about what happened to me?

Well, other than getting beaten up by Aika, nothing really serious happened.

“Then, Hakua. Do you want to try next?”

I asked Hakua who was sitting on my lap as usual.

Having neat short silver-white hair that only reaches down her ears, and a pair of big, blue round eyes that made people feel as if they were being seen through.

Although she was actually in the eighth grade, her appearance made her look like she was only 10.

And despite her tender age, she was actually a genius who had won numerous awards in many fields of study with Mathematics being the major field. She also possessed an innumerable amount of patents and had a laboratory built in the academy just for her.

While she munched on the biscuit in my hand, Hakua’s tiny head nodded gently.


[Hakua is a person who takes importance in stability. You are extremely skillful in maintaining the balance between things like your active and passive side or even your curiosity and disinterest. In other words, you are very clever in maintaining a delicate balance between such opposite feelings. You are also very honest in any situation, and your life is likely to sail well because of it. A scientist or an artist, either career fits you very well.]


“It got it right!!”

“Commoner’s fortune-telling are so amazing! What a wonderous civilization they have!!”

Aika and Reiko were bustling with excitement.

At that moment, Aika turned her head around and raised it to look at me.

The transparent eyes of hers was as if it was asking me——What do you think?

“Well, I think it’s quite accurate? Especially the ‘fit to be a scientist’ part.”


Hakua then turned her head back silently and continued munching on the biscuit in my hand.

“——How pointless.”

Said Karen.

“What can a mere fortune-telling tell about me? I won’t be excited even one bit about this pointless act.”

“Then, can you stop trying to grab my phone from my hands?”

“You fool!”

“Why am I getting scolded for!?”

Having a long, straight black hair, slender eyes, as well as having an image of a woman being raised in a samurai family.

Not to mention the katana that she equipped at her waist.

Jinryou Karen was a person that let people wonder if she was a character that came out from a fighting game.(The slightly heavy type of character that focuses on power)

“……But, f-fortune-telling was used widely during the times of war. The shamans who banished evil spirits also had the practice of fortune-telling. So, you can’t have such a narrow view of the world itself because of such nonsense——Am I right, Kagurazaka?”

“I didn’t even say anything.”

Although the situation kept twisting and turning around, I, who had a thigh fetish can only respect her in front of the firm yet fleshy thighs she possessed.

In other words, I only respect her thighs.

“In other words, you want to try it out, right?”

“As a practice in martial arts!”

“Fine, fine. Then, your birth date is——Ouch!?”

I was hit with the scabbard of a katana.

“Well, it is me, you know? The results should be a graceful, lofty swordswoman, or a carbon copy of the late Miyamoto Musashi¹.”

As if that could happen.

Also, why the hell would Miyamoto Musashi appear in a fortune-telling site aimed at young working ladies?


[Karen is person that is very afraid of being alone. You’re also someone who is worries a lot of the mood of the people around you. Although you’re a klutz who make mistakes very often, people tend to forgive you with a smile. You’re also very, very timid, and tend to be passive when it comes to love. Don’t forget that your femininity is your biggest appeal!]


“The……There’s something wrong with it!!”

No, I think it describes you perfectly though?

“Give it to me!”

Karen snatched the phone away from my hands.

“It must have such an absurd result because you’re the one who put it in. Let me try it with my own hands…………Huh?”

Karen stared into the phone screen so hard that it was as if her eyes were going to pop out.

On the screen was a recommended fortune-telling topic.

“……[A match test with the one you are interested in]

At that very moment, I could feel that the attention of the girls in the room was immediately focused on the phone.

“In order for the Commoner Club’s activities to progress more smoothly, I think it is imperative to find out how well we get along with each other.”

Said Reiko who was emitting her Class President aura.(T/N: Lol wut)


“You have a point.” (Karen)


The female faction’s opinion was unusually the same today.

Adding myself into the quartet, the five of us made up the total number of members in the Commoner Club.

“Therefore, let us experience firsthand the [Mobile phone Fortune-telling] that the commoners take pride in!”

Reiko pointed at my phone with a bright smile on her face.

“Unfortunately, it can only test a match between a man and a woman. So, let us take turns to take this test with Kimito-sama one by one.”

“Ye-yeah. It can’t be helped.”

“Un, there is no other way.”


……What is this random decision?

Well, we can take it as today’s topic for the Commoner Club’s activity. Though I wouldn’t mind it if we took it for fun.

………But why was the atmosphere unusually tense and heavy?

“Well then, Kimito-sama. Please start.”

Huh? The usual smile of Reiko isn’t healing my mind at all. It feels as if I was an Olympic athlete that was being pestered ‘Then, please start.’ by the judge.

“H-Hey. Don’t you think that the atmosphere is a little too strange?”


“Ah, nothing………Then, let’s start with Reiko?”


Reiko’s body shuddered.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, about that……————A-Aika can start first!”


This time, it’s Aika’s turn to shudder.

“By alphabetical order!”

“Wait, you……!”

“Then, let’s see how much of a match Aika and I are.”

I immediately typed the information in because once the duo started bickering with each other, it wouldn’t end for a long time.


She stood up in a hurry and stared at me typing the information in while fidgeting around.

The result came out.

——Oh, this……

“What!? Is it out!?”

“Yeah. There’s even a score.”

“H-how many!?”


Suddenly, I could sense an intense stress piling on me.

Aika, Reiko and even Karen’s attention were all focused on me.

The gazes of their  eyes had already crossed the territory of [A fortune-telling game for girls♪].

“Eh, why?”

“Stop dawdling!!”

“Please say it out quickly!!”

“Spit it out!!”


“Hakua, why are you hitting my knee?”


No reaction, huh.

“Uhh, my match score with Aika is……”


80 Points

『Your first encounter with each other was as if an electric feeling went through both of your hearts. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you already fell in love with each other. You two will surely make the best couple!』





Aika raised her fists.

At the next moment, she covered her mouth with her hands and ran out of the room whilst mumbling something.

When she finally returned to the room, she hugged her elbow and said:

“I got so ecstatic because I thought it was my luck score! But it was just a match score with Kimito, huh. Fail, what a fail! It’s just a match score with Kimito. Ahhh, what a joke!”

After saying a few more ‘what a joke’, she sighed heavily with a ‘phew’ a few times as if on purpose.

I have no idea what the hell she was doing though.

“Kimito-sama! Please, let me be next!”

With a whoosh, Reiko sat in front of me,.

“Come to think of it as well, I should be first as my name ‘Arisugawa’ starts with an ‘A’ too!”


“Ah~Are you next, Reiko?”

While twirling her hair with her finger, Aika said:

“I hope you score well? But it would be hard to score higher than 80 points. Did I remind you of my score? 80 points.

What kind of character are you trying to be.

“Ugh……!? Kimito-sama, please tell me the result quickly!!”

How competitive of Reiko, probably due to her not willing to lose to Aika in anything.

Their relationship with each other is as bad as usual.

Yet, Aika the lone wolf in the class, and Reiko, the popular class president, still partnered up with each other during Physical Education as if it was natural. It was like a muddy swamp that they couldn’t get out of.

After typing in Reiko’s birthdates, the result came out a moment later.


“H-how is it……!?”

90 Points

『Reiko and Kimito, you are the perfect match for marriage. Reiko, you will surely have a happy marriage with Kimito. The most important factor in a relationship between a man and woman is the match for marriage, Mama believes.』



“——~~~~ ☆*。..☆*。..☆*。..☆*。..☆*。.. ❤❤❤”

Reiko looked as if she grew wings and became an angel flying in the sky.


Aika had a look of ultimate dissatisfaction on her face.

“Uwaaa, 90 points. Even more, a [Perfect match for marriage]. Uwaaa, Uwaaaaaaaaaa❤❤❤❤❤”

Her whole body looked as if it was emitting a brilliant bright light.

“No! Did you put the wrong date!?”

“Oh my, Aika-sama.”

Totally opposite to the loser Aika who was questioning the result stubbornly, Reiko only gave her a smile like a white rose.

“It is worth celebrating that both of us got good results. I am really happy. About that, Aika-sama. You got……80 points, right?”


Eh, let’s ignore them for now. And the next person is……

“What about you, Hakua? Want to give it a shot?”

Sitting on my legs, Hakua nodded her head gently.

While I was entering Hakua’s birthdates, I couldn’t help but wonder what will the match with Hakua be. Since I couldn’t predict anything, it’s quite interesting.

And the result——came out.


50 Points

『Hakua and Kimito, your match is neither bad nor good. You have nothing in common, so it is highly unlikely for both of you to get close to each other. But because Kimito may be distant from you very soon, you two should start by understanding each other.

Especially you, Hakua. You are the type that are always easily mistaken, so you should make even more effort to let him understand you better.
By the way, Mama is always mistaken as a middle-aged man.』




………The mood gets worse when there’s average result.

“Well, it’s just fortune-telling anyways—— Hey Hakua, do you want some tea?”

Hakua stared hard at the results.


A moment later, she turned her body around.

“Want some tea?”

Shake Shake

“I see.”

“……Hakua-sama, would you like a plate of snacks?”

“Th-that’s a good idea! Here, let me go take it!”

Reiko and Aika suddenly became unusually gentle.

Though it doesn’t seem Hakua herself was bothered by her result.

“Then, what about you, Karen?”

Karen had a bothered look on her face as she said:

“I can’t help but not be left out.”

“Huh? It’s okay if you don’t want to. No need to force yourself.”


“Ah, sorry, sorry. Here, go ahead.”

This fellow here hates to be alone the most, so being left out must be unbearable for her.

“I’ll say it first, it’s not like I wanted to play it myself!”

“Yeah, yeah. I am the one who wanted to play it—”

“!?……I-Is it…….?”

For some reason, a blush formed on Karen’s face.

I quickly entered her information in and pressed ‘Enter’


0 Points

『Kimito will die if he stays near Karen.』





“Why are you pointing your sword at me!? Hey, isn’t this fortune teller a little too accurate!?”

“……………Hmph, that doesn’t bother me!!”


“It’s already so obvious that a match between you and me is bad even before the fortune was told.”

Chak! Chak!

“About that……Can you not use your katana to stab the floor mat repeatedly!?”

Because everyone already did it, just as I was about to disconnect from the internet——

“——Ah, sorry. It seems like I inserted the wrong info.”

“! What!?”

“I got the birthdate wrong. Um, changing the date to 9……done.”

The results came out.

“!………Ah, really……?”

“What! What is it!?”


100 Points


『The fated one! Karen and Kimito, you are a perfect couple beyond words. The best ones for each other, deeply connected even through the soul.

But Karen, you may feel nothing for him in the beginning. But you must never let him go, or you will regret it for the rest of your life! Karen, you must approach aggressively starting tomorrow! Show him your [Special skills], and reveal your hidden feelings for him!

For your information, Mama was once called ‘Boss’ by somebody while walking around in town!』




Karen’s body shuddered violently as a blush appeared on her face.


Filled with shock, Karen mumbled as if she was still a baby.


She turned her blushing face downwards as she fidgeted around.

Seems like the atmosphere became a bit uneasy.

“Hey, don’t think too much about it. It’s just fortune-telling——”


“It’s not correct at all!!”

Aika and Reiko exclaimed at the same time.

“This kind of stuff isn’t reliable in the slightest!”

“That’s right! Completely unreliable!”

——You were making a fuss about how accurate it was a moment ago though?

“That’s why——we have to find a better fortune-teller!”


“So you guys don’t doubt fortune-telling on it’s own huh.”

“Give it to me!”

Aika snatched my phone away from my hands.

Then, the bickering duo started looking for other fortune-tellers.

“……[Both of you are the best couple, who are even united in the previous life]……I suppose this diviner’s interpretation of names is most correct!”

“……[You’ll slowly lose him]——Wrong! This isn’t the genuine fortune teller I’m looking for!”

They mumbled while taking turns in fortune-telling. 

Seeing both of them with such passion that makes outsiders feel bad for interrupting them, all I can do is pray that they only use those free ones that don’t need any payments.


“……[Aika-san, you have many friends]——Wrong! Next!”

“……Ah, I haven’t tried this fortune-teller yet……”

It’s probably just my imagination, but it seems like there’s a dark, heavy aura surrounding the area where Aika and Reiko were.

Karen just sat on the floor spaced out while staring into the air blankly. On the other hand, Hakua only focused on sipping tea from the teacup in my hands.

Aika and Reiko were like a pair gypsies arguing over a divination, making me feel like this was going to go on forever——or so I thought.

“I’ve finally found it!!”

Aika shoved the phone to the front of Reiko’s face.

“Wan-sensei, the extreme master of birthdate telling is the best fortune teller! He said [Kimito and I have an indescribable close relationship], while Kimito and you can be summed up as [Reiko’s lonely struggle]. Isn’t that just completely right!? Hahahaha!”

“What are you talking about? Catherine Aene-sama, the last witch in the 21st century, is the best fortune teller!”

Using both of her hands to skillfully operate the phone, she held the phone out to show the results.

“Please, come and look. [Kimito and Reiko, you are the best match for each other, and can create a happy family.] On the other hand, your match with Kimito is [Kimito is stressed out by Aika’s spoiledness] Don’t you think she said that as if she knows both of us well?”

“I’m not spoiled!”

“Look who’s talking here!”

……I think (No, it’s actually already out of the question) that it actually doesn’t matter anymore how good of a match am I with them. They just don’t want to lose to each other in any way.

Why would I think like that, you ask? Because now my presence in the room is already completely ignored.


“What did you say!?”

Just when the both of them looks like they would start having a scuffle again——

“Both of you, enough!!”

Karen went forth to stop them.

As this was our first time seeing this fellow being like this, Aika, Reiko and I froze still in our places.

“Both of you, please stop fighting. It is just too ugly to fight over which fortune teller is superior.

Being scolded like that, Aika and Reiko could only sit still in silence. Seems like when a normally silent person speaks up, the effect is totally different.

“The true prophet is, of course, [Mama from Shinjuku Ni-chome].”

“No!!” x2

It was a waste of effort in the end

“Birth-date fortune telling, called the emperor of fortune telling, is the only one worth trusting!”

“No matter what, a man has their limit to their knowledge of theories!”

And so, the never ending bickering continues.

“The real forecast of the future is only possible based on a person’s power of spiritualism beyond reasons and senses!”

“That’s right! But why do they still use a [website]!? Don’t you think that it’s too odd!?”

“Right, why are you opening a site!?”

To become experts of fortune telling in such a short amount of time, I felt slightly scared to be honest.

“Isn’t Mama from Shinjuku Ni-chome the ranked number one!?  It’s obvious that the most famous person is the best!”

“The most famous person isn’t always the best you know!”

“Yeah! Yeah!”

……………Oh boy.

Laying my eyes on the sight of their never ending bickering, I couldn’t help but sigh.

At that moment, my shoulder was lightly shaken by someone.

Hakua and I were facing each other as she raised her head to stare at me. Somehow guessing the reason for this, I asked her:

“What’s the matter?”


Well, yeah. Although she had been munching on biscuits a while ago, she actually had quite the large appetite.

“How about I go to the pantry to fix something up?”

I stood up with a face as if I just met my savior.

“I want imo mochi.”

“Oh, you liked it? I wonder if there’s potatoes left.”

“Cakes are fine too.”

“Sure then. How about we go make it together?”

Hakua nodded lightly……and pulled my hands.

“If that’s the case, then we can only find a fortune teller that convinces all of us!!”

“I cannot disagree!”

“Tsk, it cannot be helped……!”

As we ignored the trio that was still bickering with each other, Hakua and I went out of the room while holding our hands together.




1.Miyamoto Musashi also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke or, by his Buddhist name, Niten Dōraku, was an expert Japanese swordsman and rōnin. Wikipedia.


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