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Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 19


Lia the Succubus

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Mithril

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“I really don’t want to meet a succubus or a monster like it, because who knows whether they are using their Charm magic or not.”——After thoroughly understanding this monster called succubus, this was the sentence I wrote down in my diary.


On the 50th day, I decided to make a journey to Nightfall Town alone. Xifu only let me leave after I convinced her in a heated argument.

I had my own considerations after all. As a man, there are some things I just have to do myself. I can’t keep relying on my Xifu forever after all..

Additionally, it was probably safer for her to leave my wife alone here. If something were to happen on the way, I’d probably only end up dragging her down even further.


Initially, I wanted to bring a gun with me for self-defence. Yet as I have only seen flintlock pistols in the internet before this, using them was a real pain.


Its complicated reloading procedure had me pull my hair out. First, I had to fill the muzzle with gunpowder. Next, after loading the bullet in, I had to pull the hammer back. What came next was loading flint into the cock and priming the flashpan with a small amount of finely ground gunpowder.¹

Only after all this the gun can be considered loaded. Who the hell would be in the mood to go through so many steps in a middle of a fight……


Thus, in the end, I chose to take the short hatchet with me.

Although it was a melee weapon, it felt comfortable in my hands.

As if by holding it I would be granted powers from Xifu(lol)


Xifu’s wound heal a little faster than normal humans do, so I didn’t worry too much about them.

What really bothered me was that I didn’t know whether I could do this on my own. If I had my notebook with me, I could use more than 2100 words.

Without it, I’m practically screwed.


Eh, whatever. Anymore hesitation and I won’t even reach there before noon.


The sheep-drawn wagon had been tied to a tree near the river by me. I didn’t really pay much attention to it since the sheep could fill its belly with grass when hungry and drink water from the stream when thirsty.

All I needed to do was to clean it’s faeces regularly. As I had also spent a lot of effort training it, it finally could draw the wagon like a real horse if you ignore it’s occasional disobedience.


Sitting on the wagon, all I had to do was poke the sheep with a wooden stick and it would start moving.

Although that sounds easy, but the sheep would keep stopping to graze. And when it starts grazing, it wouldn’t move no matter how many times I’d poke it.

Unlike other farm animals, such as cows or pigs, I had never come contact with a sheep before, so to have been able to train it to this level was actually quite a feat for me.


As I remembered the way to Nightfall Town clearly, it made me think that my skill to recognise the way was an ‘ability’ inherited from my father.

In the past, no matter in which unfamiliar city I was, I could remember the roads 90 percent of the time.

But in reality, I was currently figuring out which way Nightfall Town was.


I dug into my memories from last time as a reference, which included the geography and even the height of the trees.

At last, I reached Nightfall Town before 10 o’clock in the morning.


Due to using this road for the second time, I etched the position of Nightfall Town in my heart——it’s to the Northwest of the cave entrance, and 15 to 20 kilometres away from the cave.


When I pushed the door of Nightfall Town bar once again, the people seated at the tables only glanced at me without any signs of wariness.

Walking straight towards the bar counter, I plopped my small money pouch on the countertop——drink first, talk later.


“The same as before?”




“That’ll be 1 Krauer.”


Krauer had to be the name of their currency, though I got used to calling it Krau nowadays.




Handing the boss of the bar a normal coin, he passed me a cup full of wine. It tasted just like how I remembered it, being slightly on the sweet side.


Taking out my lighter and cigarettes, I was considering what to do next when a big furry claw touched my shoulder. Of course, it was obvious who the owner of the claw was.


“Hey, Mista Wolflang?”


“Oh~Hello, Mis-ter Lou Woo.”


Wolflang emphasised the word Mister, thus obviously correcting my pronunciation.


“Mis-ter, right?”


“Yes, that is right haha. For what purpose are you here for today, Mister Lou Woo?”


“About that……I want to show you something.”




Under his expectant eyes, I took out the pendant with the blue gem in it from my clothes.

Because in this world, I was totally clueless about many things, especially the ‘Kingdom’ I heard so much about.

Thus, I used a unique object such as this as a conversation starter.


“Hold on, Mister Lou Woo.”


Putting on a pair of glasses, he carefully took the pendant from me.


When a werewolf gets serious, it’s facial expression really does look human.

As I waited patiently for the appraisal result, he suddenly passed the pendant to the owner of the bar behind the counter and started discussing something with one another.


“This, how did you get it?”


The owner of the bar touched the whitening hair on his temple as he stared at me.




“Let’s head upstairs and call xxxxxx.”




Eh? Why do I feel like I just screwed up big time? Could it be that this pendant is some kind of ancient artefact!?


Climbing the ‘Z’-shaped wooden stairs felt very unusual. It gave off a totally different feeling from those modern replicas of those traditional wooden stairs.

The second floor had 4 doors, with one of it being a double door on the right side.

I was then led by Wolflang into a living room that looked as if it was straight out of a movie about 18th century Europe.


“Please take a seat, Mister Lou Woo.”




“For this object, we still need another person to……”


“Yeah, yeah, it’s fine.”


With excitement bubbling inside of me, I watched as the bar owner took out  a rifle from a cabinet.

Despite it being a flintlock rifle too, it had a rear sight on the barrel of the gun.

With skilled hands, the owner of the bar loaded the rifle with ammunition and fired out of the window.

Unable to contain my excitement anymore, I scuttled to the side of the window to see what was going to happen next.


An ethereal ringing sound of a bell filled the air as l looked towards the source.

30 meters from here was a building that looked like a church with a gigantic bell hanging on the bell tower.

In other words, the bar owner just shot the bell with an antique flintlock rifle with perfect precision.


Before I came back to my senses, something very large flew in through the window.


In my whole life, I have seen many types of women. Yet for the first time in my life, I saw a girl with such natural beauty.

If I had to describe it, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even the rulers of nations would crumble before her.

Her brown hair curled down on her clothes with elegance, not to mention the graceful aura of hers that rivaled that of a noble lady. Her lips looked like they were the  masterpiece of a skilled sculptor and what escaped them was a dream-like voice.


“What’s the matter~”


“This! This……”


A succubus! She’s definitely a succubus! I’d bet 3 months of my rent!


The horns that curl backwards on her head and those large wings of hers were more than enough indication for me to confirm that this ‘thing’ was definitely a succubus.


“Mister Lou Woo, this is Miss Lia.”




Even though I heard Wolflang’s introductions, I didn’t even move a finger.

Normally, should a man stare at a woman for more than 3 seconds, the surrounding people would notice it. And I think I stared at her for more than 5 seconds already?


But the reason I was staring at her wasn’t  her beauty but instead due to my wariness of her.

I trusted no one in this building completely except for my wife and she wasn’t here.


“Hello, Mister Lou Woo.”


“Hello, Miss Lia.”


I shook the hand she stretched towards me as a sign of friendliness.

To be honest, I could have done better at being polite, like making a gentlemanly move like kissing her hand or something.


The blue pendant I put on the table earlier didn’t earn a look of surprise from Lia the succubus as she picked it up leisurely and looked at it.


“Mmm~not bad. A thing from the Kingdom. Whose is this?”


Even though Wolflang and the owner of the bar turned their line of sight towards me, I didn’t answer her.


“It seems that Mister Lou Woo here doesn’t like me…….”


“My apologies, I did not mean that……I want to know, err……use. How to use this?”


Flipping my notebook that was filled with words, I quickly compiled a sentence and said it.


“Oh~that’s easy.”


The succubus said such simple words as she held the pendant in her hand.

Without the need to chant a spell or anything, the gem in the pendant started emitting a bright light that was almost as bright as a 200V light bulb.


Next, her fair white fingers slowly covered the shining pendant as a portion of light shone from between her fingers.

At the same time, the light also shone  through her fingers making them glow as red as rubies, making her straight phalanges be slightly visible from the outside.


I will never forget that sight for my whole life. I stared and stared, as if the magical power would have entered my eyes itself.


“How is it? Mister Lou Woo~?



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