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Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 13


A Car and a House

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Sekiryuu, Anivyl

T/N: Here you go Dessugar. Now would you stop whipping me please.

Whether they are a business or a consumer, a satisfactory exchange is desired by all. And in Nightfall Town, almost every commercial dealing was satisfactory.

Especially when Mr.Parker hand made a brand new eave in front of me in less than 10 minutes. (E/N: eave means roof)


The drawback was that no matter how beautiful the eave was, there was no way we could take it back home……


Oh, we also bought a big pot, a few books, and a decent dip pen. Aside from these important stuff, we also bought some daily necessities such as shoes and clothes.


Eventually, once we were done with all the bits and pieces of our shopping, it all filled up a large gunny sack. It was only when we were checking on our purchases that we realised the problem we have walked ourselves into: transporting everything back home.

On a side note, what I was using before couldn’t exactly be called a “pencil”. To be precise, it was a stick from a tree that was carved cylindrically, with the center of the stick itself containing large amounts of black sap. After sharpening the end of the stick, it could be used as a pencil, though I have to constantly sharpen the end when the sap runs out.


“What to do?”


“I take this, you take that?”


What she meant was that she wanted me to carry the sack, and she will carry the eave in our journey back to the cave. Let’s not talk about her dragging that giant piece of wood product back, she didn’t even consider if it was possible for me to carry the huge gurney sack with the big pot strapped to my back


Uh……we still need that, right?”




The direction I was pointing at was a structure that looked like a stable, with a few horses inside. That’s right, horses that looked like the ones the Black Merchant caravan had.


Although I didn’t feel like spending anymore money than I already had, but this was a necessary investment.


My boss used to tell me ‘A car can let your career grow wings and fly!’. I don’t know if it can really grow wings and fly, because I have never been a boss myself. But with a wagon, at least I will be able to take these things back.


Hesitation. Oh, how I hesitated.


I wasn’t hesitating over whether to buy a Prado¹ or a RAV4¹ or not, but instead, I was more concerned over the costs. I was very aware of how much a carriage was worth to the people here.






Turning my head, I saw her excited face and felt a little stupid.

Could it be that gold coins weren’t that important to her? She didn’t say anything when I bought that necklace for 20 gold coins earlier, so buying a carriage shouldn’t bother her one bit.

Although, it could also be because she was just curious.


And so, I asked Wolflang how to go about acquiring a carriage. He stroked the fluffy white hair at his throat, but was unable to give us a definite answer.


Therefore, the three of us went together to inquire about it.


After the owner of the horses went through a series of emotions from surprised, terrified, before finally calming down, he eventually started explaining to us.


Simply speaking, a horse cost 8 pieces of gold, a carriage cost 4 pieces, while a covered carriage cost 8 pieces.

First, I can pick a carriage, then I can buy horses to go with it. That is to say, the type of carriage I saw in movies costs at least 12 gold, huh……


Glancing at the feeding trough, and then observing the canine teeth of the horses, I realized that the horses here were carnivores……


Walking in further, I discovered another weird animal——a huge sheep.


Why did I call it huge? Well, it’s because this sheep’s back was at the same height as my chest.

I have a reliable theory—— that the living things in this world were larger than the original ones that are in my world. For example, the girabbits, or even this sheep here.


The tamed-looking huge sheep looked at me and bleated a few times.


“How much is this?”




“I said this.”


“3 gold coins……”


While the owner of the horses looked at me bafflingly, I calculated the sum in my head.


A carriage and a horse would cost me 12 gold coins, but a huge sheep and a carriage would only cost me 7 gold coins. On top of that, the huge sheep had the temper of a tamed animal herbivores, making it easy to take care of. On the other hand, although a horse had more uses compared to a sheep, it grabbed too much attention to us. Furthermore, the way I saw it, there really wasn’t any need for a horse in the future..


“Buy this.”




Wolflang and the horses’s owner made a bigger surprised gasp than before.


The only one who didn’t feel surprised was Medusa.

My Medusa slithered to the side of the sheep carefreely and only asked a question after sizing it up a little.


“Can eat?”


“Of course.” I replied without a moment of hesitation.


“Buy it.”


I threw 7 pieces of gold coins towards the horses’s owner as Wolflang took out a pair of glasses and stared at the sheep. Turning his head, he asked me: “Mr.Lou Woo, are you sure you want to buy this? This is a…”


Hey! Even I could guess that he was about to say “This is a sheep!”


“Un. Yes.”


The sheep was led along to outside the stable, and was harnessed to a slightly small carriage. How do I say it, it does give off a sense of violation……

Still, it was something I bought myself, so no matter how good or bad it was, I felt kind of prideful for having it.


Putting the sack, the eave, the pot as well as our other shoppings on the carriage, I tried to make the sheep move from its place.

As I pulled the reins harnessed onto the sheep (if this thing could even be called a ‘rein’), the sheep started walking without much effort.

Though that’s when the problem occurred. If I wasn’t pulling on the reins, it wouldn’t move more than two steps……


Whatever. I’ll deal with these problems when I get back. Today’s journey should end here, since I still want to keep a low profile and all.

By staying at the mountain cave with her, it should reduce any unnecessary contact with the other humans of this world. Taking out a stick of cigarette that I bought a few moments ago from the town , I glanced at Medusa who was leaning against the carriage. Under the bright sun, the brown tail of hers was in a beautiful S-shape.


No matter what position she was in, she looked absolutely beautiful as usual.


“Going back?”


I smiled as I stretched my hands towards her.


“Let’s go.”


There was a word that I loved the most when she said it.


“Un, go.”


“About that……”




Hug me¹……”


My brain went blank for 2 seconds, because she would only say this word when we were in bed. If she said it suddenly like that, I really didn’t know how to respond to her.

But after looking at the carriage, and then her tail, could it be that she wasn’t able to get on the carriage?


Hug? If I don’t hug her, then who will?!


Rolling my sleeves up, I bent my back without a warning and carried her. My right hand supported her back as her tail completely coiled around my left shoulder. It was done in order to maintain the balance.

Also, she weighed at least 80 kilograms. Her first princess carry, and my first time giving someone a princess carry, ended with her having a panicked expression and me being so tired till my face went red…….


The carriage creaked as I was worried about the sheep, though it doesn’t seem to be bothered by the weight at all. Wolflang scratched his head as we glanced awkwardly at each other without knowing what to say.


“Thank you, Wolflang, goodbye.”


“You’re welcome, Sainiharuila³!”


That word meant something like a blessing, though I didn’t really know the way to translate it correctly. It wasn’t only like ‘Bon Voyage’ ‘I wish you good luck’, but a word used to show friendliness. Just like how we normally say ‘thanks to you’, but it doesn’t really specify who do you give your thanks to.




I used the same words to show my gratitude to Wolflang.


I didn’t really understand much of Nightfall Town’s customs back then, though I knew through Medusa’s explanation later that this small town was the only town in existence that allows interaction between monsters and humans.


The me from back then only felt that Wolflang, the werewolf was very awesome for being able to get along with humans so much.


As I drove the carriage, I couldn’t help but look forward towards a hopeful future. If it was possible to even buy an eave such as this, was there something that was even impossible to obtain?


In the future, we could probably own a plot of farming land of our own, an animal farm of our own, or even a garden and a bungalow to call our own.


Although I didn’t know if it was possible to realize such dreams in my lifetime, it was good to have a few dreams.


A human living without any dreams to achieve is quite the sad thing, no?


If I knew magic, I would research it thoroughly to become the number one mage in the world.


If I knew sword skills, then I would never stop challenging the pros until I’m the best swordsman in the world.


If I was able to do everything, then I’d easily be the overpowered protagonist of some lame story.


Unfortunately, I knew neither of the above. All I had was a Medusa who fell in love with me at some point.


Still, this was more than enough. At least I wasn’t alone anymore in this world.


The sun had already touched the horizon as I turned my head to look at her. Staring at the direction of our home, I returned my gaze to the front and touched the neck of the sheep.

It seems like there won’t be enough time to put the eave up today. Let’s just go home and have a meal.


A man who was driving a carriage that was pulled by a sheep, and a Medusa sitting on the carriage. If it was possible, I wanted to have a picture of this scene taken and posted in my Moments⁴. Of course, the caption would be ‘Bros, this is the new car I bought for my wife today’.



1.Prado and RAV 4 are cars made by Toyota.

2.Lao Wu misunderstands her words I think? 抱 can either mean hug or carry.

3.Originally 赛尼哈瑞拉.

4.Wechat users would understand. For those who don’t, it’s something like  a mini Facebook in Wechat, a social app.


T/N:Don’t worry about OreOjou guys, it’s coming realllll soon 😉


11 thoughts on “Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 13

  1. Read everything in one go, didn’t check the first chapter comments but medusa isn’t a species medusa was her name, she was a gorgon i believe. The Author named her a medusa right?
    anyway I’m definitely sticking around this story is cute. I do hope for a POV from her… and that he realises that he hasn’t asked her name yet soon….


  2. This chapter was really fun. Also, I feel like I would brofist this guy if I ever found him. He managed to to princess carry his lamia waifu with guts power alone without failing miserably, and the way he thinks is really nice. And that last part at the end was the best.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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