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Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 3


The taste of raw meat

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom,Joe

“Oh, fuck me……”

I believe anyone who comes upon a ‘rabbit’ like that would make such an exclamation.

If that really happened to be a rabbit, then it must have been a rabbit where it’s nape  was pierced with a hook and hung on a wall, because that thing’s neck was just long.

Too long.

If it didn’t have such  long neck, this round fluffy rabbit may have looked cute. Unfortunately, other than goriness, I couldn’t even sense a speck of cuteness from it.

Isn’t this too cruel for a joke?

It’s body size looked more like a sow’s than a rabbit’s.

Although it’s fur looked like it was very thick, it wasn’t at the level of the ‘big rabbit’ that I knew of.

Just as I was about to use my phone to take a picture of that girabbit, I heard a soft muttering beside me.

Being unable to understand even a word of it, I reflexively turned my head towards her——the Medusa who had drawn her bow to it’s limit.

The bow looked like it was going to break any second, as the arrow on the bow looked like a rough handicraft. The arrowhead was nothing but a sharpened end of the arrow shaft.

Even though it’s only like that, it still possessed enough power to kill. With the diameter of the arrow being around 1 cm, that girabbit was as good as dead.

However, the hand that was drawing the bowstring back did not release it yet, until some thin fog started to form around the arrow. I stared intensely as I waited for what would happen next.

It wasn’t until the fog had grown thicker and had completely concealed the arrow within it that she let it loose. Just like that, the arrow silently disappeared without a trace.

A straight trail of white fog had appeared from the bow and ended at the girabbit’s head, with the arrow protruding out from the other side of it. On the arrow, pink brain matter could be seen as the prey silently fell onto the ground and struggled violently.

I could feel my throat heating up, as if my adam’s apple was being forcefully constricted and relaxed.

That wasn’t the normal power a Turkish bow such as that should have possessed.

Although a 20 lb bow is already enough to kill someone with it, the speed that that arrow had was abnormally fast. The penetrating power it possessed was almost on par with a bullet.

It was hard to imagine that if not for the help of magic, that white fog and the arrow’s lethal destructive power couldn’t have been achieved.

Whilst praising the wonders of magic in my heart, I had been trying to decipher the actions of the Medusa.

Although that was indeed called ‘hunting’, could she even finish eating the whole prey in one time? How was she going to keep it in a good state if she couldn’t finish it? What does she eat besides girabbits? Does she eat……humans?

Various questions started popping out in my head as my thoughts ran wild.

But Medusa didn’t give me any time to think as the metal chains moved again.

Her hands pointing at the prey was an obvious gesture telling me to bring the food back to her.

Today I’ll answer the question of whether humans are capable of moving rabbits of their size or not!

Is what I wanted to say. But even a guy with as little common sense as me was able to deduce that a rabbit with the body size of a sow was not something that could be moved by a normal person.

But that was an ‘order’ from the Medusa. Even if I wasn’t capable of doing it, I had to let her understand.

Therefore, I ran towards the dead girabbit, held one of it’s legs, and tried to pull it with all of my strength. The pain of my muscles returned once again as it reminded me that I was nothing but a mere human.

Still, I had really moved the girabbit, though by only a few centimetres.

I looked at the Gorgon and laughed drily, hoping that she got the message that I wasn’t capable of such a feat. Sadly, she didn’t have an ‘I understand’ expression on her , but an unsatisfied one.

Is the humans in this world capable of carrying sows on their backs while running around? Don’t joke with me!

In the end, she used a rope that transformed from a snake to drag the body back to the cave.

En route, I came up with the idea of lying on the girabbit and save the trouble of walking back, though only for 2 seconds.

To be honest, I don’t know why I always liked to invite death by doing something reckless. No matter how dangerous the situation got, I have always had this frivolous attitude. Such a personality is bound to get me into trouble one of these days.

After returning to the cave, I had the chance to see a monster dismantle another, as if I was watching a horror show close-up. I felt sick in the stomach while watching the gory live-action dismantling of a corpse.

The random bits of innards and bones were disposed of outside the cave, as the pelt was spread onto the floor to be dried with it’s sides weighted down by stones. The meat from it’s back, legs as well as it’s necks were chopped and assorted by it’s type in a certain order.

To be honest, the scene in front of me was quite different than what I had imagined of a butcher slaughtering cows or goats. Maybe it was because butchers don’t use a hatchet to dismantle the body of an animal.

What came next was mealtime. Raw meat of different shape and sizes were stacked on the spread-out girabbit pelt.

It actually looked kinda grandiose.

On a side note, compared to a real sow, the girabbit didn’t really have much meat in it’s body. With all those bits and pieces stacked together, it looked like it would roughly weight 50 pounds..

Although I had been hungry for more than a day already, after looking at the bloody pieces of raw meat, I couldn’t even muster up one teeny bit of appetite.

Still, Sister Medusa looked like she had thought of something as she threw two pieces of the raw meat towards me.

From my point of view, I had to eat these two pieces of meat. From my stomach’s point of view, it was better to eat those two pieces of meat, because hunger was the worst enemy of survival.

I forced myself to sit down and held up a piece of meat……

It felt kinda slippery, yet it wasn’t cold. As if it was raw meat……

Bullshit! Isn’t this just raw meat?!

It smelled horrible, so if I pinch my nose, I should be able to eat it.

If I were to give my opinion on it’s taste, other than being hard to chew, there wasn’t really anything worth mentioning.

When I bit it, liquid would gush out of it. Therefore, I had to spit out all the saliva in my mouth before eating it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that raw girabbit meat are not good for humans.

Still, after thinking about the worst food I had ever eaten in my whole life, swallowing the raw meat became much easier than before.

I didn’t want to recall how I ate those two pieces of meat, but in the end, I felt so full that I could have even been able to pick out the little pieces of meat stuck between my teeth.

As I was done with my share of meat, Medusa was still eating, albeit in a speed that was faster than me. By the time she would have finished eating, it would already be nighttime.

I suddenly remembered that some pythons could eat an amount of food equal to it’s own weight, and then, they don’t even require food for a month.

Considering her appetite and the speed at which she ate them at, she did kinda look like a snake. Maybe the Medusa in such a world was transformed from a snake?

Turning my head to face her, the yarn fabric on her hands and waist had been taken off. If I try to not look at her lower body and her hair, in front of my eyes, what could be seen was the gory scene of a barbaric girl consuming raw meat.

It could have been on a whim, or it’s just me seeking death with recklessness again yet again, but I secretly took out my phone and pressed the camera icon.


Maybe it was due to the sky turning dark, the flash had turned on by itself.

I don’t know how fast the speed of the flash was. But It was certainly very fast.

I also don’t know how fast the movement speed of a Medusa was. It’s just as fast as the flash.

I was then pushed hard against the rocky wall, forced to smell that unbearable stench again, see her canine teeth with blood trails on it, and listening to a language I couldn’t understand.



I blindly repeated her words. No, I didn’t do that deliberately.



We repeated it. This reminded me of how the Japanese people kept bowing to each other without stopping.

Although I knew later that that word meant ‘Don’t move’, but I really didn’t think of it as a language used by humans in that period of time.

A few snake-hairs of hers bared their thin sharp fangs at me, as my body trembled like a sieve being shaken. I could literally feel the chills going down my spine.

If her face was more ferocious-looking, I would have probably already wet my pants.

What happened next was something that felt like it was already planned.

My phone slipped from my hands and gave off a dull cracking sound as it hit the ground with a bounce.

It then splendidly turned half a circle in mid-air and had a nearly full marks landing.

The screen turned black as the flash looked like it must have been destroyed.

The Medusa who had immediately lowered her head to see it, didn’t let her guard down, with the snake wrapped around my neck as proof of it.

A few moments later, she considered the destroyed phone to not be of a threat to her, and swiped it out along with the pebbles on the floor with that tail of hers.

That was when the snake around my neck let go of me.

With my back leaning against the wall, I felt much more calmer. Now that I think about it, it felt as if a god somewhere was helping me.

The phone couldn’t pick up any signal, and its battery was bound to be exhausted anyways, so sacrificing it for my safety was well worth it.

Still, I had stifled my nose as I stared at the direction of where the phone flew for a long time on that day.

I sincerely paid my respects to my phone which had passed away in this strange world. R.I.P.


1.塞勒尔斯. Optional: sailorest, sailerrezz, sailorass, seilerass

12 thoughts on “Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 3

  1. So much moe gap potential if only the characters talked more. Also eating raw bunny will kill you in real life. Bunnies like turtles eat toxins and diseases that have to be drained, charred, or boiled out.

    If the mc doesn’t get sick I would be surprised. Maybe an op cheat?


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