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Intermission 2


The Pages within the Diary(2)

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ruzenor

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Records of the Other-Worldly Animals:

Days Recorded: Day 41

Recorder: Chen Lau Wu

NO.1: Girabbit

Description: A large, long-necked herbivore, a creature that has similar features of a rabbit. As it isn’t agile, humans are able to hunt them. It’s meat is edible and it’s fur is thick, which has a very high practical value. It isn’t confirmed if they live in groups, but there are quite a high number of them so far. Can be considered to be reared for cultivation.

NO.2: Yellow Sparrow

Description: A small-sized bird that looks similar to a sparrow. Probably herbivores, and is very nimble. For humans, it will be quite hard to catch it. No prior experience of eating it before. Unknown practical value. Their chirp has a pleasant tone, and their body is covered with bright yellow colored feathers. No worth in raising one.


NO.3: Gophers

Description: A small herbivore that knows how to burrow into the ground. Very nimble, but still possible to be caught by humans. I caught one on Day 33, it’s meat is tough and it’s usable fur after being skinned is too small. Low practical value. Their burrows can be found all around the bushes. Because they know how to burrow, it’s not possible to bring them up for cultivation.


NO.4:Large Sheep

Description: A large, sheep-like herbivore. Although it’s movement speed is slow, it possesses immense strength. Bought at Nightfall Town on day 29 with three gold coins. Currently used as a mode of transportation. No prior experience of eating this docile-natured sheep. It’s fur is capable of keeping things warm stored in it. Has a very high practical value. Can be considered to be taken care for cultivation.


NO.5:Fanged Horses

Description: A strong, horse-like carnivore that also has immense strength. No attempts at trying to capture one. Because they are commonly seen pulling carriages, they are probably able to be tamed. Has a very high practical value. Currently no plans of rearing one.


NO.6: Green Meaty Insect

Description: A green large caterpillar that doesn’t have any hairs on it’s skin. Caught a few of these slow-moving herbivores on day 34 and roasted them over a fire. The taste was freakishly horrible and possibly contains poison due to me experiencing diarrhea after consuming them. Zero practical and cultivation value. So far no sign of them changing into adults.


NO.7: Melon-seed insect

Description: A commonly seen bug that looks extremely similar to melon seeds. It’s an omnivore that even sucks blood! Caught a few of these nimble creatures on day 36 and roasted them. They smelled disgusting and will cause you to immediately vomit the moment you put it in your mouth.


NO.8: Moonlight Badger

Description: A nocturnal badger that is black in colour and rarely seen. It’s an extremely agile creature, but Medusa caught one on the night of day 38. It would be extremely difficult for normal humans to catch it. Attempts to try to eat it failed as its meat smelled extremely horrid that made me want to vomit. It’s fur is sleek and smooth, and only has an average practical value. Very hard to rear.


NO.9:Unknown Monster Number 1

Description: A nocturnal creature that is capable of bellowing a loud and heavy roar. It has an incredible movement speed and has a larger than average size of a body. No records of observation available.


NO.10: Unknown Monster Number 2

Description: A very cowardly creature that is not easy to find. Can easily move among the tree branches at an incredibly quick speed, which couldn’t even be seen by the naked eye. Discovered at the Eastern side of the forest. Current plans are to try and catch one with Medusa.


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  1. Lickymee oh how I have missed your updates, I rank this series as one of my all time favorites up there with Death March, Overlord, and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. I hope things calm down in IRL for you. As always thank you for your hard work. *bows*


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