Medusa · Translations

Medusa Volume 1 Intermission 1

The Pages Within the Diary (1)

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom

The observation of Medusa’s daily lifestyle.

Day of recording: Day 22

Stage: —

Food intake: Total of 2 times. 16 days between each time. Takes a whole afternoon to eat. Has the large appetite and capable of eating a single girabbit’s meat all by herself.

Health condition: Good (No abnormalities that could be observed by eye)

In-heat period: Unknown

Degree of accepting human food: Average

Degree of accepting human lifestyle: Average

Times of magic used: Total of two. Related to empowering the bow and arrow.

Scope of activities: Farthest until the trail at the foot of the mountain.

Attire: Two necklaces, five pieces of green yarn fabric.

Weapons: Mostly uses a Turkish bow, a short hatchet.

Change in appearance: None. (She’s just very beautiful)

Change of her state of capabilities: Learned how to fold paper cranes.

Things she like: Sunny days, me (about the same?)

Things she hates: Rain.

Times mated: 3

Unique physical structure: Simply put, she can be described by with an upper body and lower body……(100 words omitted)

Summary of daily routines:

After waking up, she would replenish her body with large amounts of water, and then raise her body temperature to a satisfying level, either by touching/getting close to me or by basking in the sunlight.

Morning, she would have simple conversations with me in order to help me with learning the language.

If she needs to eat, she would hunt in the morning. Presently, she has only hunted girabbits.

During noon, no matter what activity she does, she would do it under the sun.

In the afternoon, after accompanying me for dinner, she would either explore the surroundings together with me or help with the home-building.

Evening was reserved for recreational activities. We would either play a muddled mess of a sentence-making game, or tease and flirt with each other. Though we sometimes do some normal stuff……

Nighttime, if we didn’t mate, she would normally sleep early, though she accompanies me sometimes to read a book under the candlelight.

If she does mate, there is no certain time as how long she does it, but it would at least last an hour or so.

Other special habits: Temporarily none for now.

Recorder: Chen Lao Wu¹


1.Originally 陈老五.

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