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Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 6

A changing life

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Ruzenor, Anivyl

TLN: 50th blog post. Woooo.




“What about this?” I asked while pointing at a picture of people having a feast.

Using this simple yet effective learning technique for three days, I had already remembered more than 100 pronunciations of terms.

Although I had done that through writing them down in Chinese and English homophones.

If I had put the same amount of effort during my college entrance exams, I could have scored a little over 140 marks for my English test.

Still, my English wasn’t that bad in the first place and it proved to be useful since there were many words I could speak using English homophonics.

If this continues, then I should be able to have a simple conversation with her as well as the other humans in about a month’s time.

Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but feel a little excited…..

On the other hand, the food situation had a major improvement. Although it was still girabbit meat, I had it cooked by roasting.

Using a few stones to make a simple stove outside the cave, I cut the meat into small pieces and skewered them. Then, after smearing salt and other spices on it, I placed the skewers over the fire.

The sizzling sound of the fats dripping onto the fire really made me hungry.

Unfortunately, the taste of the roasted meat wasn’t as good as I had expected. The difference between meat roasted using charcoal, and meat roasted using fire was just too great. Not to mention the wooden skewers would actually catch on fire.

If only I had some cooking utensils, like a pot……Mhmm, let’s add that to the list of ‘things I have to get in the future’.

Now, it’s time to eat.

“Eat?” (Medusa)

She asked me softly as I tried to start a cooking fire with my lighter and firewood

“Yes, eat.”


With my current level of language abilities, we could only have a simple conversation like that.

“You, eat?”

“Ah, no. No eat.” (Medusa)

“Yes. Ok.”

Even if it was just a simple question of whether we were eating together or not, I still had to resort to using hand gestures.

While I was lighting the fire, I recalled the day I helped her put on a necklace. After doing something that jaw-dropping, I still had a smug smile on my face. Maybe it reflected my idiocy²?

Of course, she, who was being hugged tightly by me, had blanked out for 3 seconds, and then immediately wriggled out from my arms. Then, with the sack containing our shopping in one hand, and dragging me with the other, we went back to the cave.

Is this what they call, ‘Being cool for only 3 seconds³’?

Still, it was my first time seeing Medusa’s embarrassed expression. Even though she didn’t blush, she told me off while avoiding my gaze.

Yup, she was embarrassed all right.

Later, she denied the notion that she was embarrassed. But I still felt that she was definitely embarrassed.


Occasionally, I would think about the relationship between the two of us. But since doing so was pointless, I just let the days pass on peacefully.

There was nothing bad about making food everyday, washing clothes, reading a book, and then learning another language……

…My ass! I want to surf the net! I want to eat rice! I want to use a proper toilet with a toilet bowl! I want to sleep on a clean and comfortable bed, not on a smelly piece of animal pelt!


Flush toilets aside, I had to work my ass off just to light up a small fire. Oh, it’s on fire!

The flames flickered around endlessly just like waves, as I placed the skewered meat over the fire.

As I had already tasted the evil cuisine that is charcoal flavor, tree bark flavor, smoke flavor as well as sand flavor, I hope that this attempt would be tasty.

While the meat was roasting, I revised the words that I had learned.

Mai ge⁴ means greetings.”

Mai Nita⁵ means farewell……”

“They don’t mean hello and goodbye, so it should be used as polite language?”

“Ugh, this language is just too profound.”

While I was mumbling to myself, my elbows touched something soft.

It felt like it had a fabric over it, so it’s probably her boobs.

Turning my head, Medusa was staring at the small notebook in my hands with interest.

“Mai ge!” Might as well use what I’ve learned.


She still had a very charming smile on her face.

I am not sure when this started, but she has become gentler.


“No eat.”

Am I stupid? Clearly, I had already asked that question, so what the hell was I doing?! Even if I had to find something to talk about, at least think before opening your mouth, me!


Perhaps I have misunderstood it, but she laid her body against me. Well, it felt like her tail was coiled around my body.

“Gotta……flip it over……”

I said it in Chinese as I moved my body forward to flip the two skewers over.


Her tail coiled around me again, but this time, just below my knees.

Snakes are cold-blooded animals, so that must be the case. I tried to convince myself to not think otherwise

Still, it’s afternoon now! It’s not even cold!

Feeling the two meatballs pressed against my back, I tried to change my posture and put my hands around her waist. If it’s about her body temperature, then it’s true that hers was a little lower than mine.

Meh, I’ll just let her lie against me. At least, it makes me much calmer than when her breasts are pressed against my back.

The awkward silence had befallen upon us once again.

It was hard to put focus on the fire and the cooking meat, with my ears being constantly licked by the small snake-hairs of hers.

Without thinking, I had stolen a few glances at her face.

Despairingly, she had been staring hard at my face the whole time.

When the meat was finally done, I swallowed my saliva as I moved my body to retrieve it from the fire. However, my legs were bound tightly by something soft yet strong.

I grew nervous as my body grew more sensitive.

About that⁶……the meat… should be ready.”

Because I could only say that in Chinese, I tried to convey the message to her by pointing my hands toward the stove.

Very good, the coils around my legs had started to loosen……by only one round.

I still didn’t dare to act willfully. Suddenly, the part of her tail that had loosened skillfully passed a skewer of cooked girabbit meat to me.

Why do I sense that I have ‘lost this round’……

In the second round, the only choices I had were: Whether to use my hand to take that stick of meat from her or not.

I was panicking, because, at this moment, there was a chance of me being teased by her Although it could also just be her showing good intentions.

Perhaps, as I was teased regularly by others in the past, I had been slightly traumatized.

Thus, I did what I felt was smart at that time, but I realized later that it was a really stupid move——I used my hands to gently touch her tail.

There was a unique feeling to the smooth scales, as my hands greedily discovered every nook and cranny of her tail while reaching towards the skewer at the end of her tail.

Suddenly, her tail escaped from my hands. Relying on my decent reflexes, I had still managed to grab hold of the skewer.

However, my legs were still bounded by her tail.

What is this frustrating feeling? Aren’t mealtimes meant to be happy?

Taking the meat off from the burnt stick, I realised that it had a charcoal smell to it. The gray-brownish meat had beautiful tissue patterns on it, making the me who is famished impatient to eat it.

Biting down, it had a little taste of blood in it, though I was already used to it. Since it was such a rare chance of the meat being roasted successfully, I believe I can call this attempt a success.

While I was eating, I looked at her. My mysterious yet powerfully frivolous heart ached to do something stupid which I was bound to regret later.

I held the half-eaten piece of meat towards her.

“A little, eat, good.”

This was the limit of my language mastery. What I wanted to say was ‘Try it, it’s good.”


After showing a slightly shocked expression, she moved her mouth closer to the piece of meat in my hand. It was just as I expected.


Just like I was teasing a small child, I retracted my hands.. Haha, so even the legendary Medusa would get teased by me……

“Uh, I’m sorry. I am really sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Beside her raised eyebrows, those small snakes on her head were baring their fangs and making intimidating hissing sounds.

This made me understood something: So even if I’m in as ‘intimate’ relationship with a Medusa, I was still not allowed to tease her. Maybe monsters don’t understand the playful relationships between human couples?

I obediently put my hands near her mouth and watched as she slowly ate the roasted meat……and then my fingers.


As she was sucking on my fingers, the blood in my body flowed so fast that it felt like my brain was going to explode. I sucked a large amount of air into my lungs in order to provide oxygen to my heart that was beating uncontrollably.

The saliva on my fingers were not crystal clear like those in adult videos, it just felt wet.

But that didn’t matter anymore, because I was using my tongue to lick her smooth and white neck.

Succumbing to my desire to touch every place I wanted, my body temperature slowly invaded hers.


If I were to give an advice to a newbie that just arrived into this world, all it would be is to try to stay as far away as possible from a Medusa. This monster surely knows some sort of Charming Magic, or at least it happens to be super effective on me.



1。维托里. Optional: Weituoli, Weiddoli, Veddoli, Veitoly

2。Originally 傻缺, a slang used in north-eastern China

3。帅不过三秒. A term used by the Chinese ACG community, meaning those side characters that were only there for joke purposes suddenly show or do positive appearance or actions during a critical or non-critical moment, then revert back to normal after a short while

4。麦咯. Optional:, Mygel, Mai ger

5。麦妮塔.Optional: Mynita

6。Originally 内啥, a slang used in northern China.


20 thoughts on “Medusa Volume 1 Chapter 6

  1. I think it’s funny that the Chinese guy thinks the other world language is to profound? I believe Chinese is the most “profound” language on earth, at least it’s flowery enough…


  2. I believe this to be true happiness. For the first time in ages, I’m actually jealous of the MC of a novel. If sacrificing the pleasures of modern life and seriously putting my brain to work is all it takes, I would do it if it means having a nice slow life with a waifu like that.
    Also, I find the translator’s name to be amusing now. Maybe this was his destined project.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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