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TIPS Side Story 3

I-I don’t look happy at all!

(On the plane, return trip to Sekain Academy)

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom

“……So that’s what happened.”

On the way back from the field trip, Reiko said that with a relieved face.

She knew from Aika’s words about the incident between Kimito and her, that took place in the bath house.

Incidentally, Aika and Reiko were sitting at the last row, far away from the other students and teachers.

Because if Kimito appeared near Aika, the other Ojou-samas would immediately tense up (the number of them fainting wasn’t low too).

Thus, he was seated in the front rows.

Once again, the lamenting duo of the lone-wolf Aika and the class monitor Reiko was revived. (TLN: Unsure,再次回归独狼的爱佳和委员长丽子的苦涩二人组又复活了)

“Kimito-sama……if only I went to bath at that time too……”


“N-no, it’s nothing!”

Reiko blushed as she waved her away with her hands.

“Then, both of you really did not k-kiss like they said, right……!?”

It was Aika’s turn to blush this time.

“N-no. I mean, kiss.”


Reiko rubbed her chest in relief. If Aika said so, then it must be the case.

Reiko understood the feeling of wanting to prevent your lips from being in contact with the other person during CPR.

After all, she attended the P.E class with Aika, and even got praised for ‘doing her CPR procedures perfectly’ alongside Aika.

“But, how sly of you, Aika-sama.”

“W-what are you talking about. Can’t you see the kind of situation I am in……”

Aika pouted her lips out unhappily.

“Then, what will you do next?…..Would it not be better for you to resolve this misunderstanding as soon as possible?”

Aika was having a headache.

It was true that they didn’t kiss.

But, it would be hard for her to explain the situation she was in at ‘that’ moment. She was there, without a single piece of clothing on, covering Kimito’s lips with hers, and then screaming ‘It feels good!’ to the live witnesses.

To recall what happened back there…..Aika’s heart couldn’t take it any longer.

“……If there is a need for it, I am willing to help you——”


After hurryingly stopping Reiko, Aika turned her head and said:

“……..Let’s just leave it as it is for the time being……” (TLN: Unsure, “…………再放一段儿时间吧……”)

She cooly, chose a weak decision.

“Oh……I see.”

Reiko opened her eyes wide.

“If Aika-sama says so, then I have no qualms about it.”

She slowly sat back on her chair as she mumbled ‘I see, I see’.

“It seems that I will be paired up with you the next time as well.”

“……Hey, why do you look so happy?”

“! I-I don’t look happy at all!”

“To be happy even in this situation, just how much do you hate me……”

“Ah? No, I was——”

“I had thought that you were a decent person last night, but it seems that I was wrong and I still hate you a lot!

With a Hmph, Aika turned her head away.

“……Me…..Me too!”


Reiko turned her head away.

……A moment later, the pilot reported through the speaker that the plane was landing.

TLN: 40th blog post. Yay.

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