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OreOjou Volume 2 Illustrations







Text: Today was an ordinary day which I had spent with Hakua



[Text in box]:Jinryou Karen——Excels at handling the sword, but actually loves cute things

Speech bubble: “Wait a minute, why aren’t there any heart-shaped icons appearing?”


[Text in box]: Tenkuubashi Aika——A tsunpure-san who believes in every little lie (a loner)

Speech bubble: “How about you crossdress?”

[Text in Box] Kagurazaka Kimito——The me who was kidnapped

Shiodome Hakua——A super genius+an Ojou-sama who takes off her panties everywhere

Speech bubble: “……A boyfriend?”


“………If you want to laugh, go ahead.”


Arisugawa Reiko——The Queen of the Ojou-samas


“Recently……It seems that Kimito-sama and Hakua-sama have been getting along pretty well……”

From her respectful smile, a majestic feeling could be felt.

It was just like the aura emitted by an olden times, European ruler. Actually, rather than being Reiko, she was more like Madame de Pompadour.


Miyuki Kujou——Sadist head maid

“Why are we black and white again!?”(Reiko)

“This is called [TenDon], a technique for making something funny by repeating it again and again. It came from the word ‘TenDon’, which has 2 tempuras on it.”(Kujou)

TLN:A Japanese dish consisting of tempura on a bowl of rice. The name “tendon” is an abbreviation of tempura and donburi.


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