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TIPS Side Story 2


I can eat three bowls of rice just from this!

(Night of the field trip, at Sekain Academy)

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Razorace

Special thanks to Razorace for helping with this!

Kimito-sama and co. were putting up a night at the hotel in ShominLand——.

Hakua’s exclusive maid, Sakimori, was helping Hakua put on her sleeping gown in Hakua’s room.

Today was a strange day.

Hakua didn’t even take off her panties once today.

This also meant, Hakua’s brain hasn’t even been in the ‘inspired’ mode even once today.

After arriving at the laboratory in the morning, not only after reading out countless theses, but even letters sent by numerous industries and companies all over the world; Hakua was complacent as she sat blankly at the sandbox in the laboratory.

It was the first time that such a thing had happened.

Although as a maid, it was a very relaxing day for her. But it would pose a problem if Hakua didn’t take off her panties, as it also meant that there was no work for her.

If Hakua doesn’t take of her panties, the associations who were unable to publish their theses to the world would have a headache.

During the time which Hakua doesn’t take off her panties, the technological revolution of industries would face hindrances, which would affect the international economy.

If Hakua still doesn’t take off her panties, the advancement of the human race would probably just stagnate.

In a nutshell, the adults across the whole world were hoping for Hakua to take off her panties.

Sakimori thought about those things as she professionally helped Hakua to put on her clothes.

Although Hakua had spent less time in the laboratory ever since she had entered the Commoner Club, the number of times she was ‘inspired’, and took off her panties had rose drastically.

Even though she had the same face as before, she was fired up.

It was as if a certain powerful force had caused this unending strong power to gush out from the depths of her heart.

Motivated, she had completed her work perfectly before school ended and joined the ‘club activities’ that were held after school.

Of course, Sakimori was completely aware of what was the cause of Hakua’s motivation.

Recently, Sakimori enjoyed something called [Important-things to note after observation] during work. (TLN: Unsure, 【重要-经过观察事项】)

“Good work today, Hakua-sama.”

Hakua had no reaction to her words.

It’s as if her heart wasn’t with her today.

Next, Sakimori put on a face that showed the expression of ‘not caring’ as she said:

“It seems that Kimito-sama will be back by tomorrow.”


Hakua’s body trembled a bit.

——Ohohoho. He’s here he’s here he’s here~~~

———————(° ? °)—(° ? )—(    °)—(     )—(°      )—( ? °)—(° ? °)——!!———————(TLN: I have no idea what is this supposed to mean. A panicking face? An alien? Just gonna leave this shit as it is.)

Sakimori, very satisfied.

That Hakua, the one who would sit there either idle or rampaging as if she was a robot, would tremble upon hearing the name of others.

How cute! I could eat three bowls of rice just from this! How satisfying!

After helping Hakua to put on her clothes, Sakimori acted like nothing had happened as she stood guard behind Hakua.

She couldn’t wait to return to the maid’s dormitories, and tell her friends about this juicy sight.

“Then, please have a good rest.”

After bowing, she left the room.

A moment before the door closed, Sakimori glanced at the male doll on the bed and giggled softly.

After the maid left, Hakua laid on the bed.

Using a remote control to switch off the room’s lights, the faint glow of the faraway stars filled the room with a faint light.

Hakua brought the doll beside her pillow near her and hugged it lightly.

Laying down on one side, her eyes were shut as she hugged the male doll tightly.

Tighter than she had ever done before.

She had even given a name to the male doll that was in her room recently. It was——


The doll named Kimito had the exact same look as the one she knew of.

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