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TIPS Side Story 1


It’s a great success, Karen-san!

(Freetime during the field trip)

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Joe

I was wandering around the stores in ShominLand during freetime.

Aika was shopping with the friends she grew close to (though they can take a set of clothes for free). I initially followed them from behind, but how do I say it……I can’t take the living hell of shopping with girls, so I parted from them after a while.

Well, I guess she can handle herself in that situation.

In the clothing floor of the megamall, the Ojou-samas were like yellow flowers that were blooming their beautiful petals as they chattered noisily.

“So these are commoner’s clothes……!”

“Why is this dress so short? Is it meant to be worn by a child?”

They excitedly looked around, and even asked the staffs for information about the ways to wear them.

I looked at those scenes as I walked to the end of the floor.

There shouldn’t be anyone here…….

Just as I was thinking of that——

Karen was there.

All alone in the fashion shop, looking at the T-shirt on the clothes rack.

Not only around her, the whole place was devoid of people.

And the main reason for this was that the katana she equips on her waist, scares the Ojou-samas away.

Karen held a shirt in front of her as she stared at it. It was a pink colour [Kawaii series] T-shirt with famous design patterns printed on it

Her poker face slowly approached the shirt and……sniffed it for some reason.

She glanced around her, and then put the shirt on top of her chest in front of a mirror.

Although she had a serious face, her body started to tremble vigorously as if she was wearing some kind of slimming belt.


Her face looked like it was made of rubber as she laughed creepily.

So, even she could make such a blissful face. She’s really into cute things, isn’t she?

——Should I pretend not to have seen this……?

Just as I was about to leave, Karen looked like she had just awoken from a dream.

She shook her head vigorously and tried to fold it back to how it originally was.

But even after a while of effort, she still failed to fold it properly.

Seems like she really wanted to get it back to how it originally was (very Ojou-sama-ish of her), and so, she tried again and again.

“Just fold it simply.”

I couldn’t help but take the shirt from Karen’s hands.

“The store clerks will take care of it, so just fold it simply, and leave it there.”

Although I said that, I deftly folded the shirt back to how it originally was, and put it back on the rack.

Ah, it’s not that I am being a hypocrite here, but it was all due to Eri-sensei who kept forcing me to fold her clothes……

Looking back, Karen had turned her flushed face away from me.

“……I-it is not like what you are thinking of”

She said that with her legs trembling.

“I-I have no interest in such a silly thing! It’s a coincidence that I even came here. Rather, I wouldn’t even be in this kind of place anyway. In fact, who’s to say that the person in front of you is the real me? Actually, who am I?”

She was even talking about philosophy.

“Your legs are shaking.”


“You like it, don’t you? Why don’t you try it on?”

“Y-you bastard!!”

She unsheathed her katana and pointed it towards me.

But her hands were trembling and lacked the scary aura from before, meaning that she was panicking at that moment.

Isn’t it better to just be honest with yourself rather than being so hard on yourself?

Heh. Guess I have no choice.

“………………Aren’t you getting too full of yourself?”

I said that with a deep voice.

Karen was surprised and shivered in fear.

“Have you forgotten how I defeated you without even lifting a finger……?”

And the end result was that she self-destructed.

“If I get serious, I can erase you in an instant without leaving a trace behind, you know……”

While I was reciting some chuunibyou-ish lines from some weekly manga, Karen had started to tremble.

“I have never treated you badly before, but don’t you ever forget your place.”


Karen’s eyes teared up and her legs shivered as if she was going to collapse any second.

I can’t stop myself. This is too interesting.

She was so different from her usual self that it feels so refreshing.

“You swore before, right? To see me as your [Master]. So from now on——you have to follow my orders.


The katana fell from Karen’s hands.

“……Fuee……Fuee……” (TLN: Lol is she Rishia from TnY?)

Her body shuddered like a child.

To be ‘sunken’ with such splendor, the ‘S’ side of me was nearly awoken.

Even though it felt like I overdid it……well, to be honest, I wanted to use this as an excuse for her to wear the clothes she liked.

“Then here’s an order, you hear me? Get cha——”

Karen’s dress had slipped off her.


She had taken off her uniform while leaving just her bra and panties on. On a side note, both of them had sky-blue stripe patterns.

“D-do what you want!”

She hugged her giant melons and looked at me as if she was looking at a demon. Tears started flowing down her face as she exaggeratingly kneeled on the floor.

“You can use me until you are satisfied!!”

“Nonono wait a minute!?”


Karen chose the clothes that were to her liking.

“Doesn’t this look good?”

“……I-I really think I——”

“Wear it! This is an order!”


She had an unhappy expression on her face as she walked towards the changing room. However, she was holding the clothes in her hands tightly like it was some precious gift, and skipped lightly towards the changing room.

Her mood was totally different from her facial expression.

Geez, she really can’t be helped.

Sha Sha

Rustling noises of clothes rubbing against each other came from within the changing room.

I, who was noticing those unnecessary details regretted the fact that I did not look at those thighs a little more longer.

That girl’s thighs were an excellent ambrosia for a person who has thigh fetishes like me.

The rustling sound stopped.

……But, she still hasn’t come out.

“Are you done?”

“…………This cannot do.”


“It makes me look classless.”

She spoke with a weak voice.

Does it look that bad on her?

Nope, it can’t be. The shirt is actually quite average, so it won’t look bad on her. Because she looks……

“You’re pretty cute as you are, so it can’t be that bad.”

“!? W-what are you talking about……!?”

A commotion arose from behind the curtain.

“N-no matter what, I don’t want to let anyone see this……It would be absolutely humiliating!!”

What do I do. All I want to do is see her now.

“——Open up.”

I said that with a deep voice.

“This is an order.”

“……Uuu……How shameless of you……..”

Karen wailed remorsefully and slowly opened the curtain.

She stood straightly with both of her hands behind her back as if she was a prisoner.

She turned her flushed face away that had a shamed and humiliated expression on it, as tears started coming out of her slender eyes.

“Die……… a bastard like you should just die………!!”

What Karen wore on her was a half-sleeved T-shirt and tight short jeans which emitted the aura of a commoner girl.

She was even wearing a gyaru-ish¹ necklace on her neck.

If I say it bluntly——It suits her very well! It’s a great success, Karen-san!

The designs on the T-shirt was shown clearly due to her slender S-shaped body which made someone like her, who was wearing such tight T-shirts look good.

Also, her thighs that were wearing the tight short jeans——


No, this can’t be happening. Were the shorts too small for her? It’s on the verge of exploding due to being jammed onto those thighs. Although I knew of her hourglass figure, the extremely short and tight jeans had deeply embedded itself into her extremely plump thighs. With a “poof”, no, with a “bang” sound, the fats that looked somewhat soft had swelled up, and they came falling down piece by piece. What? You say that this looks like a pork bun being tied tightly by a string? No, no, Mr. Feynman², you’re not doing the great thighs justice by comparing them to something like a pork bun. Aah. This is the ideal thigh that all people with thigh fetishes dream of, and it’s called……


…………King Arthur.


                                                                  ……………King Arthur……………





That was close. I almost let myself drift off to Avalon³.





“………If you want to laugh, go ahead.”

Karen said with a bitter face.

“It has bothered me for some time now, but my legs always had this shape. They are so disgustingly plu——”

“They are not plump at all!!”

I exclaimed before she could finish her words.

“They are just perfect as they are now. They’re the best!!”


“They’re so perfect!! Amazing! Just completely amazing!! I swear upon my heart!!”

I let out my raging passion for them from within my heart.

“So, Karen. Don’t belittle yourself like that! You look so perfect in that! I love them!! Even if everyone in the whole world takes you as an enemy, I will never ever stop saying that I love them!!”


Karen’s eyes trembled lightly.

After a bout of confused trembling, she——

Ran past me.

I easily found her after a little while.

She sat on the corner of a staircase while hugging her knees..

The moment she noticed my presence, she panicked and tried to get up and run.

“You left your uniform back there you know.”

Karen was shocked and looked at the clothes she was wearing.

“I-I have to change back to my clothes.”

“Nope, it’s fine. I told the staff that you’re taking it.”


“It’s yours now.”


Karen looked at her feet with a sad face.

“………Even if it’s mine now, I don’t think I will be wearing this again.”

“What are you saying! You must wear them again in the future!!”


“And be sure to show them to me! I want to see you in those clothes over and over again!!”

I couldn’t help but get excited again.

Karen stood there with her whole body trembling.

“You……by that……do you mean…………”

She blushed as she looked at me with teary eyes while backing off timidly.

Crap, does she think I am a pervert……?




A katana came hitting on my head.


I couldn’t stand the pain and collapsed onto the floor while Karen ran away.

“I swear I will make you take responsibility for thissssss!!

And then, I lost consciousness.


1.Gyaru (ギャル ?) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word ‘girl’. The name originated from a 1970s brand of jeans called “gurls”, with the advertising slogan: “I can’t live without men”, and was applied to fashion- and peer-conscious girls in their teens and early twenties.


2.Feynman is a Nobel prize-winning physicist, whose book [Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman!] is a best seller in Japan. For more info, click here.


3.Avalon is the legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend.

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