Current Plans

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As some of you may already know, I will be going off to PLKN(National Service Training Program) on 26 of March, 2016.

Counting from the day of me writing this post, that day will come soon. With such little time, it is practically impossible to even finish half of Volume 3 of OreOjou.

After some serious bout of discussing with IcePhantom, I’ve decided to put my focus on Medusa instead of translating OreOjou.

This does not mean I am dropping OreOjou.

I am not dropping OreOjou.

OreOjou will not be dropped.(I had to repeat that for 3 times in case some idiot didn’t get what I mean.)

Translation for OreOjou will probably resume after I come back from PLKN, which is around 24 of May, 2016.

I hope you all understand my decision. That is all.

On a side note, I have never read ahead of what happened. As much as I want to know too, I can’t. So just sate your desire with the manga for now.






20 thoughts on “Current Plans

  1. Well bummer, here in my country this kind of service was abolished since 2001, anyways good luck out there and be safe =)

    BTW sorry if someone asked this early, but would you mind telling me from where is the image of your homepage? The one of the silver haired chick licking the blood from the arm of a guy, is it a from a Visual novel? It looks really good (Fetish for silver haired girls over here)


  2. (idiot COMMENTER) OMG ITS GETTING DROPPED!!! * idiot falls onto his hands and knees* NO THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD, I IDIOT COMMENTER SHALL PICK IT UP * Smack* (Me in a cool Goku look) it is not dropped IDIOT COMMENTER!!!


  3. kekeke….that emphasis was really well thought, that was an intelligent act
    btw thank you for doing medusa, it looks real interesting, please continue!
    thank you for all your hard work! *bows*


  4. Wow….I don’t even know how you must be feeling. The whole concept of the PLKN system seems kinda weird and scary to me 😞. Hell, I didn’t even know what it was till I read about it. but besides the point thank you for translating Medusa and good luck. P.s. Don’t eat the food 😏


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