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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 26


W-we will be waiting outside!

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom, Rockgollem

When I opened my eyes, I saw Kujou-san who was looking with sharp, piercing eyes, like one would view a broken pencil lead.

“Have you woken up?”


Huh, it’s our daily conversation again.

“Though it will better if you don’t.”

See? It came.


After replying to her like I always do, I noticed I was wearing a bathrobe while lying on the hotel bed.

……Oh, did I faint after that……? (TLN: Kimito doesn’t know Aika did CPR on him)

Kujou-san took the basin of water and towel from the table beside the bed.

“We will gather at the lobby at 10. There is only 20 minutes left, so please make haste.”

After saying that in a monotonous tone, she left the room.

I sat up.

My face still felt hot, but it was much better.

My forehead and neck still had the cool feeling of being wiped.


A fan was beside my pillow.

It seems like she had forgotten to take it back with her after using it.

Could it be,

She fanned me while I slept?


When I got down to the main lobby, I immediately noticed a strange thing.

Aika——was all alone again.

Staying away from the rowdy cheerful Ojou-samas, she was at the side all alone.

……What happened?

I nervously walked towards Aika.

In an instant, the lobby got noisy.

……Wait, the noisiness was just my imagination. Reality was the opposite of it.

The surroundings were silent.

Each of the Ojou-samas stared hard at me.

For some reason, everyone’s face was flushed and some had even covered their mouths with their hands.

As I got nearer to Aika, they would make ‘Wahh…’ sounds with every step I took.


“Please get a hold of yourself,Yumika-sama!

There was even someone who had fainted.

“……Hey, Aika”

Aika’s face was also flushed, as she turned her head away without uttering a single word like a child throwing a tantrum.

“What’s going on? Did something happen?”


She really sucks at lying, doesn’t she?

“Whatever. Something did happen, right?”


She covered her mouth with her hands.


I glanced over towards the Ojou-samas, and planned to ask them.

Suddenly, each and everyone of them stood up straight.

“W-we will be waiting outside!”

“Yes! It would be rude to interfere!!”

They took their stuff as if they were embarking on a long trek to the entrance.

“Come on everyone! Quickly!”

“P-please enjoy yourselves, you two!!”

The only people left in the spacious wide hall was the two of us.

“What’s going on……”



Aika’s lips trembled as she said:

“………Apparently they think we became lovers”


“……How, come?”

At that moment, I sensed a dark aura from behind me.


Karen was staring at me with eyes that said she wanted to kill me.

“……You liar”



A big hard slap came in contact with my face, causing me to even splendidly turn my body three times and a half as if I was in a comedy show.

Karen made a face as if she was about to cry at any moment and ran away.


What the hell!?

I thought our relationship had grown closer ever since I talked to her during yesterday’s free time.

……In the end, I had no idea how the misunderstanding of Aika and me going out spread.

But there’s one thing I’m sure of.

And that’s——

Aika once again went back to being a loner.

TLN: Now the main chapters are all done. Only 4 more side stories to go for this volume.

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