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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 25


TsunPure-san’s Potential

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom

“Ah~it feels so good.”

An outdoor bath is the best!

The mountains and plains could be seen with my eyes.

There wasn’t a single building other than the five-storey hotel, so the bath house was built outdoor with the intention of letting the users to be able to have a view of the sky.

“It feels great to have an outdoor bath after such a long time……”

In Sekain Academy, it was a serious matter regarding me having a bath.

Because the bathhouses in the school were exclusive for the Ojou-samas only.

Of course, I could break into the bathhouses and have a mixed bath with them. But what would happen next was most probably having my manly parts being ‘surgically’ removed.

Thus, I’ve been put in an uncomfortable situation, as if I was borrowing a neighbor’s bathroom.

This hazy spring water was also quite an interesting view.

Just as I was playing with the water with my hands——


Aika who was wrapped in towel entered the bathhouse.



At the same time—



I had turned to the area behind me.

“Wh-why are you here!?”

“That’s my line! Didn’t the girls already take a bath yesterday!?”

“We were going to have one again……”


At that moment, the Ojou-samas with seductive as hell bodies appeared from the opaque glass door.

The moment when the door was opened, I immediately dived into the water.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, Aika-sama.”

“N-no problem.”

“Ahh, as I thought, the morning scene is exceptional.”

“It feels good.”

“Then, let us enter.”


Hearing the fuzzy noises through the water, what came next was——


The Ojou-samas entered the water.

I could feel the number of people entering it increasing steadily, as the water waves reached me.

What I found amazing was, from a touch what you would consider intimate tells me——the people entering the water were females and not males.

……Incidentally, I dived in such a hurry that I was out of breath——I’m at my limit!!


The moment I peeked my head out of the water——

BLOCK! (TLN: This is actually a blocking SFX that would make no sense in English, so I took some liberty.)

A back appeared in front of my eyes and pushed me against the rock behind me.


Aika deliberately stood in front of me to block me.

“Ahh, it feels so good!”

“Haha, Aika-sama, that’s unexpected of you.”

The Ojou-samas laughed naively.

Whew……thanks to Aika, I was safe for now.

I laid against the rock with a position that felt like I was going to slide down at any moment.

And the sight in front of my eyes was Aika’s back. It was even pressed against my face.

It was wet and smooth. Although it didn’t have meat in it, it wasn’t the same squishiness as men’s.

Her small waist with a towel around it was an eye candy for me. The most important thing though was……Aika’s butt was sitting directly on my thigh.

Even though it was small, the vivid feeling of her soft ass through the wet towel was making me shiver. Her thighs are smooth and fluffy, just like some high-quality pudding.

Damn it! This pudding-like body for a kid like Aika!

“Aika-sama, your face looks flushed?”

“Ah? That’s because Kimito——UGUU!?”

I quickly covered Aika’s mouth with my hand.

That was close! This tsunpure-san speaks her mind when she’s not letting her guard up!!

A second later, I retracted my hands back into the water.

“Ah? Hmm? Did Aika-sama’s hand look strangely large just now?”

“Also, doesn’t the hand angle seem a bit off?”


“Well…I was probably imagining things.”

“……It must have been a nasty trick caused by the hot spring’s steam.”

Seems like they already decided on that.

Well, it’s not like they could ever guess that someone was hiding in the water.

“So, what is it with Kimito-sama?”

“Huh? N-nothing, I guess?”

Aika painstakingly tried to make some stupid lie up.

“Come to think of it, Aika-sama, you seem to be very close to Kimito-sama.”

“Eh…is it?”

“How envious.”

“Yes, I agree.”

The Ojou-samas slowly approached her.

The density of the air instantly became heavier. (TLN: Makes no sense, 空气的密度变大了)


Her tone sounded like she was whispering a secret.

“What is the relationship……between you two?”

“I-I also want to know.”

The nervousness of Aika spread to me.

“N-nothing serious.”


“But, you’re always with him.”

“That’s right, but……”

After a moment of silence,

“……It won’t be the case anymore.”

She said it honestly.

She’s talking about the disbandment of the Commoner Club, right?

Certainly, Aika will hang out with the other girls, and the time we spend together will diminish.

At that moment, my leg started to cramp.

And jerked against Aika’s butt who was sitting on it.


Aika’s body trembled and laid against me.


Her back pushed my head hard against the rock.

I couldn’t help it! It’s a natural phenomenon!

“Aika-sama, what is the matter?”


——Uwaa, it hurts……

Just as I wanted to raise my hands to massage my aching head——

“Aika-sama, are you really okay?”

Asagi-sama suddenly approached her——

And as for the result, my hands coincidentally groped her ass.


It’s soft as hell.






She made a sound as if she realised something.

“You were a bit too mischievous……”

“I-I’m sorry……ahaha……”


My head hit hard against the rock again.

And for some reason, it was a hundred times more harder than before.

——Ah, this is bad.

Either its the impact, or I stayed in the water too long.

……My head…………is getting dizzier………………


(TLN: From this part on this is from 3rd person’s POV)

As soon as her classmates left the place, Aika breathed a sigh in relief.

Turning her head, she wanted to check on Kimito.

“!? K-Kimito!!”

Kimito’s head had submerged halfway in the water with his nose in it.

“Kimito! KIMITO!!”

She shook him, but there was no response.

——Don’t tell me…he drowned because of that impact just now!?”

She pulled him out of the water in a panic.

Even after letting him lie down on the floor, there wasn’t a response from him.

——W-what do I do……!?

Aika teared up. But unexpectedly, she was showing a tough front amidst this crucial moment.

——Now’s not the time to panic! I have to do something, quickly!!

Aika thought for a while. And then——

That’s it! ‘CPR’!

She decided.

There was no time to spare.

Aika immediately got moving as she learned about it in P.E class, and had even practiced on a dummy doll. (she even earned the praises of her teacher)

The time lost can determine a person’s life and death, and she didn’t have a moment to spare.

After raising Kimito’s head to ensure his respiratory tract was not blocked, she pinched his nose.

Aika also learned during the class that CPR wasn’t kissing, but just covering the area around the lips with the one who’s performing it, which means not having a direct contact with the other party’s lips.

But still——…….


Tears started to form in Aika’s eyes——

And she immediately covered his mouth with hers.

WHEWW——she blew air into him.

During the moment where she parted from him, Kimito’s lips rubbed against hers a little.

The soft sensation caused Aika’s brain to be instantly overwhelmed by a sweet numbness.

Her consciousness started becoming murky,


But she regained control of it at the very last moment.

——N-no way! What am I doing!?

I have to continue!

That’s right, this is a matter of life and death.

Since a few moments ago, Kimito’s chest looked like it was raising up and down rhythmically like he was breathing.

But she can’t see it.

It wasn’t enough. I must do it more. Because it is a matter of life and death.

“…I must…do it more……”

Aika’s face flushed as she stared at Kimito, and once again——covered his mouth with hers.

At that moment——


“Aika-sama, are you not done yet?”

The Ojou-samas took a peek inside.

And at that moment, time was frozen.

For in front of the Ojou-samas, was the scene of the stark naked Aika hugging the start naked Kimito on the floor while forcing her lips on his.

She did that stealthily yet boldly when everyone had left.


In front of the eyes of everyone, Aika trembled while her brain went overdriven.

——I have to say something…

Have to say something towards the flushed and silent classmates.

I have to say something——

I have to say something——

My situation now——




It was at that moment, that TsunPure-san had fully utilised her true potential.
TLN: Too lazy to learn how to edit pictures.

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