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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 23


I believe you can

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ice, Ruzenor, Rockgollem


Brrrr——, Brrr——.

The sound of the phone vibrating feels exciting.

Aika laid on the hotel bed while grinning idiotically as she read her newly received message.

And immediately started typing a reply.

Before going to bed, Aika and the other students had started texting with one another.

On the table in the hotel room, Reiko was in her nightgown as she wrote in her diary.

Reiko who was the head of the year ended up in the same room as Aika.

She finished writing in her own diary and glanced at Aika.



She replied while typing a message on her phone.


“What is it?”

Looking behind, Reiko had a courteous yet uninterested face as she looked like she wanted to say something.

“About that——”

“Ah, sorry. I just received a text message.”

She turned her attention back to the phone screen.

“……I see♪”

She read the text with an idiotic grin on her face.

“I got to reply to her. But I was in the middle of replying to Asagi-san. Maybe I should finish typing the reply first? Ah, I’m so busy~so tired~”

She had a expression as if she was singing the praises of spring as she hummed while shaking both of her legs to and fro.

And pressed the ‘Send’ button.

“It’s done.——


Reiko turned her head to face towards Aika as she said:

“It appears that you are having fun texting.”

“You could say that~”

Aika didn’t sense Reiko’s sarcasm as she smiled brightly.

“All this time, I have caused you so much trouble.”




“You became my roommate.”

“No, that’s not——”

“But don’t worry, it won’t happen again!”

Aika sat up with a whoosh.

“Because now I’ve made friends!”

Sitting on the bed, she had a bright smile on her face.

“Isn’t it weird to be in the same room with someone you hate? This way it would be more comfortable for the both of us!”

“T-that’s right! I detest you!”

“Huh? What are you getting mad for!?”

“I am not mad!”

A period of silence.

“Hey, Arisugawa Reiko.”

“……What is the matter”

“Read this for a moment.”


“I’m about to send this message to everyone. Can you proofread it for me?”

“……Do you not need to ask for Kimito-sama’s help?”

“That’s why I asked, what are you angry about!?”

“I’m not!”

“No matter what, I want you to take a look at this.”


Aika spoke with a serious tone.

“This is…a very important text. I wrote down the reasons that explains why I have been avoiding our classmates until now.”

That’s right, this was the ultimate goal of obtaining the email addresses of others in the first place.

It’s the final barrier between Aika and her classmates.

“……If it’s that kind of text, why do you insist on me to take a look at it?”

“Aren’t you the celebrity of our class? I hate to admit it, but it’s the cold truth.”


“I really think that you thoroughly understand how our classmates feel, or what to do during certain circumstances. You have a way with words, and can easily dispel frictions between our classmates. I find it amazing on a few occasions.”

——Aika told Reiko her honest feelings about her, which she had never told to anyone before.


Reiko had a surprised face as she stood there frozen stiff with her eyes wavering.

“That’s why I want you to check it. Please read it.”

Aika held the phone towards Reiko.

“Although I detest you too, you’re the only person I can ask for help from. Please!”


“! Really?! That’s great!”

Reiko received the phone as she started reading the text.

The lengthy apology text began with how Aika was advised by her teacher in grade school that ‘Honesty’ was a good trait, but it depended on the time and place. With that, the next 10 pages which had a number of words that had almost rivaled the number of words in a short story described the episodes that followed which Aika still regrets till today in detail——

“——————THIS IS SIMPLY TOO LONG!!” (TLN:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Reiko’s scream made Aika shudder.


“Long! Far too long! But what I am curious about is how did you type such incredulous amount of words in such a short time?!”

“I have gotten used to writing long sentences.”

She was currently writing a booklet series called [Conversation Practice], which contained her imaginary conversations with others. Currently, she was on Volume 8 with the background setting of [Classmates discovered me cradling a wounded bird in my arms in the rain].

“I wasn’t praising you!”


“I read the whole text, but your main point is nowhere to be seen, and your apology in the beginning is needlessly long! It’s…how do I describe it…the whole thing just felt wrong. If I use Kimito-sama’s words here, then I would say that it felt ‘heavy’!”

“I-is that so?”

Although she was modestly asking for guidance, her expression showed that she did not understand very well, an expression similar to one of a new author.  

“Yes it is! Make it concise and less dramatic. For example, this part should be……”

After that, Reiko was like a highly-skilled editor as she guided Aika thoroughly; You don’t need this part, delete it. What did you think was the point of mentioning this story? Have you ever stood in the reader’s shoes?……etc.

“……I-is this really fine?”

After a while of relentless editing and retyping, Aika held the phone and showed the text message to Reiko.

Reiko read through it quickly and nodded her head.

“…..Yeah, it looks fine.”


“Okay, so I’m going to tell you something important. There is a reason why I have avoided all of you till now. I have a habit of speaking my mind honestly, and had hurt my friends as a result. Since then, I’ve come to avoid talking with other people. I was too afraid that I would repeat the same mistake over and over again.


Truth is, I wanted to be friends with all of you the whole time.


I’m sorry about what I have done till now. I would like to get along well with all of you from now on.


Tenkuubashi Aika


“……You sure it’s okay for it to be this short?”

“It’s fine. Rather, it still seems to be a little too long.”


“You do not need to use many words now.”


Reiko gave an affable smile towards the restless Aika.

“Because you have already gotten close to them this afternoon.”


“……I see”

Aika mumbled happily.

And then stared at the content of the text.

“……Yup, this should be fine.”

Her hands hovered over the ‘Send’ button.

“Then, I’m sending it.”

………………..But her fingers didn’t move.

Reiko pestered Aika who was anxiously hesitating at the last minute.

“Do it already!”

“!? O-okay.——Hup!”

She sent it in a state of panic.

With that, the case was closed.


“Thanks, Reiko

At this moment, Reiko realized Aika had unconsciously called her ‘Reiko’.

“Thanks to you, it seems that I can finally be friends with our classmates! I’ll make sure to make a lot of friends!”

The room was filled with light, like slender strands of honey. (TLN; This makes no sense, 屋里撒满的灯光,就好像蜂蜜拉长的细丝一般。)

The anxious feeling in Reiko’s heart immediately dissolved in the air as she smiled softly.

“I believe you can.”

The lightbulb dangling on the ceiling silently lit up the room with its warm glow.


TLN: And now, a fanfiction from Ice Phantom and me.

Starting off from:

——Aika told Reiko her honest feelings about her, which she had never told to anyone before.

Hearing that, Reiko was so surprised to the point that she wanted to hug Aika.

A feeling of warmth surfaced in her heart which she had never felt before.

This was the beginning of everything. They could start all over again, with their bitter squabbles of hate and annoyance long lost in the past.

Reiko walked towards Aika and held her close to her body as she hugged Aika.

Surprised, Aika pushed her away as she took a few steps back.

“What are you doing!?” She yelled as she glared at Reiko with eyes of hostility.

“Ara? I thought you loved me?” Reiko stared confusingly at Aika.

“Huh? What are you even talking about!?”

“Didn’t you just confess to me?” Reiko stared hard at Aika.

“No! Why would I do that?! I freaking hate you!”

Aika yelled loudly in response.

“So…it was a lie? You never had any intention of being in any kind of relationship with me, did you?”


The atmosphere turned tense.

“A-all I do is see you as a friend! Besides, I love Kimi-!!!”

Surprised at her own words, she held her own hands over her mouth.

A flip was switched in Reiko as she felt annoyed.

Her first love, Kimito, had always brushed off her intentions to be in a more serious relationship with her.

She knew he wasn’t into guys, as she had noticed him staring at their thighs when they were having club activities.

Now that even her current crush, Aika, had even rejected her, she just felt very annoyed.

“Heh. You love Kimito-sama, right?”


Aika was shocked as her face grew bright red.

She grew silent as she stood there fidgeting.


Reiko shouted loudly towards Aika.

Under the intense gaze of Reiko, Aika lowered her head in fear.


She mumbled her response under her breath.

Feeling more annoyed, Reiko was thoroughly pissed by her cowardice and weakness.

“Well, that’s too bad. Kimito-sama loves me!”


It took a moment for Aika to register what she had just said.

“Kimito-sama had visited me while I was bathing, and we had a LONG COMFORTABLE BATH TOGETHER!”

Reiko emphasised a few parts of her words as she jeered at Aika.

“W-what!? Impossible! He’s gay! Kujou-san told us so!”

“That was all but a lie! Are you people nothing but idiots!? Did you never notice him staring at your thighs this whole time?!”

Now, Reiko just felt thoroughly annoyed by her stupidity and naiveness. Was the whole school as idiotic as her?

Standing up, the pissed Reiko headed for the door for the bathroom to wash her face in order to calm down her mind.

That was when all kinds of emotions welled up inside Aika.

Hatred, Jealousy and all kinds of emotions that she had kept within her heart.

She wanted to kill Reiko.

She wanted to kill this bitch.

She wanted to kill! Murder! Slaughter!

The moment Reiko had entered the bathroom, Aika stood up and headed for her bag.

In it was the pair of gloves used for flower arranging classes as some flowers had thorns.

For some reason, she had accidentally mixed the gloves with her clothes when she was packing them in a hurry due to putting the packing of her clothes for the trip on hold till the very last minute.

After making sure they were on, Aika headed for Reiko’s pencil box.

She remembered seeing a metal paper knife in it.

It was time for payback.



Reiko sighed as the ice cool water splashed against her face.

She shouldn’t have flared up against Aika and made up that blatant lie.

It was true that Kimito had seen her in the bath, but it was merely a coincidence and he didn’t have any malicious intentions either.

The atmosphere was going to be awkward and she felt uncomfortable since a while ago.

“Maybe I should just apologize for spouting such a tasteless lie and put up a night at Beniko-sama’s room…”

She thought tiredly as she came out of the bathroom.

Midnight was approaching and she hoped that Beniko hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

Walking towards her phone, she ignored Aika who was sitting on the desk chair with her head lowered.

Just as she was about to start typing, heavy footsteps came from behind her.

Looking behind, she was only able to catch a glimpse of a red-eyed Aika before being robbed of her left eye’s vision.

Surprised, she tried to utter a word but failed.

It was as if she couldn’t form them.

Touching her neck, blood was oozing from a wound as the pain finally registered in her mind.

Trying to scream, she could only gurgle as blood filled her lungs.

Aika merely grinned as she stared at the struggling Reiko.

After a while of struggling for her life, Reiko’s mind slowly grew cloudy as she watched Aika slowly and calmly took off her gloves.

The last thing Reiko thought in her mind before blacking out is ‘how did this happen…’


Grinning, Aika left Reiko to die alone as she headed for the bathroom.

Washing the gloves and blade clean, she put the blade in a plastic bag.

If this goes off without a hitch, then her plan would succeed.

Sending a message to Karen saying that she’s visiting her room, she headed out of the room after making sure there was not a speck of blood on her.

After reaching the room, she knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

Opening the door was Karen alone in a Traditional Japanese-esque room.

So she had requested for a room to be built like the one back in Sekain.

Grinning, she greeted Karen as she went into the room.

After a few moments of small talk, Aika decided to do it.

“Say, Karen. You’re good with swords, right?”

“Mhmm? Yeah, I guess.”

Karen puffed out her chest in pride.

“Then, do you know how to handle small ones?”

Aika said that while taking out the blade that was still in the bag.

“Ha! It’ll be easy to handle those!”

The pure-hearted Karen said as she accepted the blade from Aika and swished it around.

Still having a grin plastered on her face, Aika rejoiced happily in her heart for the success of her plan.

After Karen had her fill of playing around with the blade, Aika took back the blade, excused herself from the room with the excuse of ‘the time was late’ and went back to her room.

Making sure not to have contact with the blade, she used the plastic bag’s  outer layer as she stabbed the blade hard into the cold body of Reiko.

With that, Aika got rid of all evidence that pointed out to her being the murderer and made sure everything was in order.

After that, she went to Asagi’s room for a while and returned.

As soon as she opened the door to her room, she deliberately screamed loudly.


It was a grim day for Sekain Academy.

A murder had happened at one of the places used as a teaching material for the students.

The victim was Arisugawa Reiko, daughter of one of the most influential families in Japan.

The murderer had been centered on Karen Jinryou, for her fingerprints were found to be on the murder weapon. Other than that, she was well known among the students as an eccentric girl with a high proficiency with blades. The murder’s Objective was unknown.

She had insisted she was innocent and had even said that Tenkuubashi Aika was her witness. She said that Aika was with her in the room during the time of murder, but Aika had denied her claim and said that she was in her friend’s room the whole time.

An unbelievable pressure was dealt on the school by the Arisugawa family. They had demanded the school to compensate with a staggering amount of 1000000000000000000 Yen.

With the school almost broke, it was on the verge of shutting down as unrest and fear had spread throughout the students as to what will happen to them now.

But Tenkuubashi Aika did not feel so.

For all she needed was her love.



Lickymee: Do not use logic when you are reading this fanfic. Yes, the police ain’t that stupid, but whatever. Ice came up with the idea and I just let my mind go wild lol.

Ice Phantom: This was a story I came up with because I wanted Reiko dead. So to satisfy my hatred, I wrote a pretty long Fanfic and Licky did a heavy editing on it. The result was the above.

Both of us: We are very very sorry, Takafumi Nanatsuki-sensei!

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