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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 20


No…I can go just a little further…AHH!

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ruzenor,Ice,Joe,Sekiryuu

This chapter was…a fun one to translate. Enjoy~

The next attraction was an arcade centre.

The sight of the large bright hall filled with many machines baffled the Ojou-samas.

UHO Catcher(Claw Crane), photo booths, arcade machines, etc……


The Ojou-samas, shocked, stood frozen in place with their eyes and mouths wide open when they saw all these things for the first time.

It’s as if they were on a trip to another planet.

To me, neither MAX Burger nor arcade centres were uncommon. But it was still surprising that these Ojou-samas of the highest class in the society which commoners wouldn’t have a chance to meet being overwhelmed by this. To be honest, I found this kind of amazing and felt happy about it at the same time.


Reiko spoke with a pair of watery eyes.

“To be able to participate in this field trip, I feel really blessed……!”

“G-good for you.”

The staff waiting near the machines lead us as they explained the instructions for playing the games.

The Ojou-samas who felt scared yet interested at first enjoyed themselves thoroughly after playing games for awhile.

The hall became a sea of laughter and smiles.

Among all of the arcade machines, the most famous one was the UHO catcher.

The SEGAPRIZE dolls in the machines that were cute yet mysterious to the Ojou-samas had caught their attention.

“I got it!”

Reiko released her inner potential as she easily caught one, earning praises and cheers from the people around her.

Compared to the crowded UHO catcher machines, the arcade machine area was more quiet.

Only Aika and I were alone at that place.

——We’ve failed……

This arcade centre was built on my suggestion.

One of the few things Aika was good at were the video games she always played and some major fighting games to some extent.(I am going to use an EX skill!——that kind of level)

“Well, once they are done over there, they might come here later. Let’s relax and wait.”


Aika sat on the chair in front of the machine without uttering a sound, just like a kid throwing a tantrum.

Oh come on……

I once again glanced over at the area where the UHO catcher machines were located——and spotted a small group facing a few difficulties.

Seems like they couldn’t catch any of the dolls.

Although the number of staff totalled up to almost ten people, it was still too hard for them to aid each and everyone of the Ojou-samas.

——Ah, we’ve failed again……

I regretfully looked at the Ojou-samas who were depressed. At this moment——

“……Go help them.”

Aika avoided my gaze  as she said that.

“I’m okay here, so go help them.”

……Just like the ‘Commoner Party’ from before, she was very considerate of others.

“Come with me.”

“……It’s fine.”

“I see. Then I’ll be back soon.”

“Ah, Kimito-sama……!”

“Can you teach us how to play?”

Their faces brightened with happiness.

“We’re indebted to you!”

I stood in front of the machine.

Everyone surrounded me as they looked at me with expectant eyes.

……It feels a little uncomfortable.

The machines here didn’t require you to insert a token to play.

After pressing the START button, the music played out from the machine.

Although I’m not really good at UHO catches, the way the dolls were placed looked easy to grab. Furthermore, the crane handles were large enough to easily grab them.

It looked super easy.

“Now I’m gonna pick that up over there, keep your eyes open!”


I showed them how to move the crane to the most suitable spot to grab them successfully.

The doll dropped out from the hole below the machine.

“Okay, take this.”

“……Are you giving it to me?”

“Of course.”

In an instant, the Ojou-sama hugged the doll tightly.

“I-I’m eternally grateful! I will cherish it for the rest of my life!”

To be honest, I felt a little embarrassed to be thanked like this.

“T-then, why don’t you give it a try just like I did?”

I spoke to the other Ojou-sama beside me.

“Yes!……T-then, I shall start.”

She pressed the button and moved the arm horizontally.

“Ah, right there! Stop pressing the button!”



She moved the arm too much to the side and hit the glass.

“W-what do I do……?”

“It doesn’t matter. You still can get that one over there. Press the forward button.”

I grabbed the Ojou-sama’s hand as I put it on the forward button.


In order to let her learn the feeling of it, I put my hand on top of hers.

“Let’s go.”


The moment I pressed down on the button, her body shivered tremendously.


“Hey, look carefully. We’re moving it deeper slowly.”


It entered to the deepest parts as it stopped moving.

“How’s that?”

“Good, very good……”

She said with her ears as red as apples.

“……It’s so b-big and imposing…………”

“We’re almost there.”

“! Ah, not yet……”

“No way. We’ve reached the limit.”

“No…I can go just a little further…AHH!”

I let go of my hands as the crane arm stopped.


An upbeat music was heard when the crane arm lowered and grabbed the doll.

“Okay, we caught it.”

“……Th-thank you so much……”

She looked at me with watery eyes and a blissful expression.

A doll can make her that happy, eh?

“Then, it’s okay now, right? Try it.”


The last Ojou-sama in the group had blushed for some reason as she moved the crane arm.

“Okay, just right there! Stop!”


“What are you doing?! Sto-”


The arm hit the glass again.

Was it my imagination or did she just corner herself without a moment of hesitation?


She turned to look at me as if she was expecting something.

“What should I do……?”

……In the end, I also guided her by the hand like the Ojou-sama from before to let her get used to it until we successfully grabbed one.

——Alright, now each of them should have gotten a doll.

“Then, I’m leaving————HUH!?”

“Kimito-sama, please guide me too!”

Unknowingly, a long queue had formed behind me.

“Assist me too, Kimito-sama!”

“I don’t know the feel of the button well!”

Each of them asked me passionately.

“……Err, a-about that……”

At this moment, I could sense someone glaring holes at me.

I looked towards the direction———to see Aika who was sitting at the arcade machine area staring daggers at me with bloodshot eyes as if she wanted me dead.

But after sensing that I had realized her actions, Aika blushed as she stood up to leave the place.

What the heck?

After that, I instructed the Ojou-samas one after another.

For some reason, each and every one of them made the same mistake of moving the crane arm too much to the side until it knocked on the glass.


Reiko moved the crane arm excessively to the side and hit the glass as well.

“Kimito-sama, please guide me thoroughly❤”

“Didn’t you easily get one just now!?”


TLN: And now, a few comments from the team…

Ruzenor: I joined the editing team just for this

Ice: What is this?! It’s so i-indecent!

Lickymee: I feel like I am tling a hentai now lelelel

Sekiryuu: What did this chapter evolve into


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