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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 15


Anybody, please pair up with Tenkuubashi-san~

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ruzenor,Ice,Rockgollem



Hundreds of flowers blooming in spring!

The scene of the classroom could be described with that phrase.

“ShominLand sounds so interesting!”

“I am so looking forward to it……!”

After hearing about the itinerary of the school trip in the final school period, all of the Ojou-samas were chattering excitedly. To be honest, it was quite a rare sight.

“Now everyone, please quiet down.”

The principal on the podium mildly reminded the students.(For some reason the principal is the head teacher of the classroom)

In an instant, the class became as silent as a stone.

The students sat in a neat upright posture.

After staying here for a period of time, I had realized that discipline was strict at Sekain. As expected of a real school for Ojou-samas.  

“We are scheduled to stay one night at a hotel in ShominLand during this field trip.”


The Ojou-samas tried their best to control their excitement.

Their arms were  on their knees, their faces blushed furiously, their lips quivered and their eyes shone brightly with excitement.

“There will be two people in each room. Please pair up with your desired roommate.”


“Ah, Kagurazaka-kun, you’ll be on your own, ok? Because you are a man, after all.”



The Ojou-samas immediately exchanged glances with their ‘desired’ roommates. A spark of happiness shone in the eyes of those who had met each each other’s gaze.

But most of the student’s stares were focused on a certain spot.

And as expected, that spot was——the seat of the class celebrity, Chairman Reiko.

But among these numerous intertwining gazes, there was a spot where none had set their eyes upon.

And as expected, that spot was the seat of Aika.

Ironically, her seat was placed in the dead center of the class. Thus, the spot stood out a lot from its environment.

Aika had a face on that would have made others ask her ‘What are you angry about’ as she read a Japanese Language textbook. (TLN:Unsure, 爱佳一副好像别人会问“你生啥气呢”的表情看着国语教科书。)

I can tell.

It’s one of the ‘Lone-wolf’ skill that Aika possesses. The  reason she did this was to let the surrounding people know that ‘I’m too busy reading a novel in this textbook to bother with the surroundings, you know?’——although no one was looking at her.

“Then, please pair up, everyone.”

The moment the principal finished that sentence, everyone stood up excitedly.

“Yumika-sama, please pair up with me!”

“Yes, it’s my pleasure.”

Those who had close relations with each other paired up in the blink of an eye.

“I am looking forward to it!”

“Truly so!”

While Reiko was surrounded with over 10  girls.

“Reiko-sama, can you pair up with me!?”

“Please, you must pair up with me!”

Reiko who was surrounded let out a kind and bitter smile.

“Oh dear, what should I do……”

In the rowdy classroom, only Aika was alone with no one around her.

Just like in the vast space, filled with galaxies that had stars in them, there was only one exception of a galaxy that didn’t have any in it.

Keeping the textbook, she plopped her head onto the table.

This was also one of Aika’s ‘Lone-wolf’ skills. It was the most basic yet the most powerful of her ‘Lone-wolf’ skills——[Pretending to Sleep].

“Ara Ara……”

Seeing this, the principal spoke.

“Anybody, please pair up with Tenkuubashi-san~”


The students glanced at each other awkwardly without moving a muscle.

It couldn’t be helped. She had been avoiding others since a long time ago, so she was just reaping what she had sown.

It was partially due to her being unable to lie, because she was afraid of ‘speaking too bluntly and being disliked’. Although no one around her knew of it.

Aika continued laying her head on the desk without moving a muscle, as if she was waiting for a snow storm to pass by as she lowered her body.

She was so active in the Commoner Club though.

——I have to do something about this.

This field trip is a chance.

Thanks to me being an advisor for the field trip, I had a strong grasp on the contents of ShominLand.

I’ll come up with a plan, and use it as an opportunity to let Aika get along with others.

Really, she’s quite a handful.


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