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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 14


The Great Incident

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ice, Rockgollem




Aika continued to increase her affection points with Marika in [LoveGF] while Reiko read the light novels on the bookshelf that were aimed at girls.

Not a single word was uttered between them as the time slowly passed by. To be frank, it was actually impossible to have such a scene played out between the Ojou-samas.  

Having an unending conversation, a bright smile, and playing games together. This is how proper Ojou-samas interact with each other. (TLN: Unsure,不绝于耳的对话和笑脸,玩游戏的时候必然大家一起。这才是淑女之间的交际。)

Still, even if they passed their time quietly like this, Aika’s MP (Mental Points?) gauge depleted little by little.

Unable to take it anymore, she stood up.

“I’m going to the toilet.”

“I want to go too.”

“Why are you following me!?”

“It was just a coincidence.”


They had no choice but to go together.

Coming out from the toilet, Aika and Reiko started on the direction opposite to each other.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m heading to the pantry for a glass of water. You can head back to the room first.”

“Then I shall go too.”

“Again, why are you following me!?”

“I just felt like it when you mentioned it!”

“Even if it’s like that, can you please read the atmosphere!?”

“? I do not understand what you mean.”


Aika turned her body as she walked towards the direction of the room.

“Ara? I thought you wanted to have a drink?”

“Hmph. You go take a drink then.”

“I see. (Turns body)”

“Just as I said, why are you returning to the room too!?”

“I had a sudden change of heart.”

“……What!? Are you picking a fight with me!?”


“Don’t act dumb! Is it that interesting to follow wherever I go!? I’m not  least bit happy about you pestering me!”


“This must be what you have planned! Right!?”

Aika couldn’t think of any other reason other than Reiko hating her.

“……How troubling, Aika-sama. I wonder what made you unhappy……”

Reiko with her eyes closed had a smile like a white rose.

“Maybe it is just because you are too self-conscious?”


Having anger she couldn’t release, the helpless Aika returned to the room.

Horrible. How horrible.


Losing the mood to continue playing the game, Aika took a manga from the bookshelf to read.

Choosing a 4-koma-style manga that she started to like reading recently, it was the best choice of reading material to change her foul mood.

“What is that book?”

“Hey, don’t get too close!!”

“…… ‘Yuru Yuri’? What does that mean?”

“How would I know?”

“Where is the first volume?”

“Why are you reading it!?”

“This also has girls on the cover……”

Holding up the tankoubon volume, Reiko tilted her head.

“Most of Kimito-sama’s books are like this. Why is it so?”

“Isn’t it because he’s a pervert?”

“W-what did you say!? Kimito-sama is a gentleman!!”

“By that, you mean a perverted gentleman?”

“Oh, but this has to be the case. Kimito-sama must be interested in women…”

Ahh,what should I do—— Reiko mumbled as a blush surfaced on her face.

What do you mean by ‘what should I do’—— Aika thought.

Thus, the two of them finished reading Yuru Yuri.

……Reiko closed the book up with a satisfied look on her face.

“I really took a liking to Ayano-sama.”

“Is it the Ayano the student council vice-president  who keeps saying something like ‘Buckingham Penalty’?” (TLN: Anyone of you read Yuru Yuri? 罚金白金汉->Buckingham Penalty makes no sense to me.)


“Yes.Her behavior is eccentric from time to time, but she is earnest and passionate. Above all, it is lovely how clumsy she is at displaying her honest affections towards Kyouko-sama.”


“W-what is the matter?”

“I don’t understand why she likes Kyouko. I mean, Kyouko is self-centered and casual. She’s just a troublemaker, isn’t she? She always comes up with silly ideas, and does stupid things.

“Certainly, I have a question regarding Kyouko-sama. Why does she not notice Ayano-sama’s feelings? Although Ayano-sama did not show them clearly, but Kyouko-sama is too dense. I feel so anxious for them.”

“Another thing that I don’t understand is the duo who kept quarreling in the Student Council room.”

“Is it Sakurako-sama and Himawari-sama? I also feel happy for their relationship with each other.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Look!”

Aika flipped the pages of the book open as she pointed at something in the book.

“No matter how you look at it, they hate each other. But why do they not maintain a distance between themselves and are still close with each other? It’s meaningless!”

“What are you talking about? No matter how I look at it, it is very obvious that they are a couple that love each other very much.”

“Huh!? How did you come to that conclusion!?”

“ Are they not always together? If they really hated each other, they would have already kept a distance from each other.

“This kind of relationship was built on a foundation of hate! It’s a negative relationship!”

“What a relationship! It makes you feel cozy in the heart.”

“You’re delusional.”

“Isn’t it just because you are overly eccentric?”

Having said that, they glared at each other——

And let out a sigh at the same time.

“Then, Aika-sama. Which character do you find most appealing to you?”

Reiko activated her skill as a seasoned chairman to change the awkward atmosphere.

“Akari! She’s very intimate with the others and doesn’t act like a stranger.”


Reiko had a surprised look on her face.

“There was someone with that name?”

/A~KA~RIN~\——She’s the heroine! Look, it’s her! Right here!!”

“Oh my, is that Akarin?…My apologies, but it seems like she did not leave that much of an impression in my mind.”

“Impossible! She’s an obedient cute girl who everyone adores!”


“I’ll go get some snacks.”

“I shall too.”

“Why’re you following me!?”

……This person must hate me a lot.

Aika walked down to the pantry restlessly.

With a pak, she opened the fridge.

“Oh, there’s a roll cake.”

Aika took the cake out excitedly.

“Let me cut it.”


Passing the cake to Reiko, Aika continued scavenging the fridge to see if there was  anything else.

The large and wide fridge originally only had fruits, jam and other foodstuffs used in a tea party. But ever since Kimito started using the fridge, many foodstuffs that she had never seen before begun appearing in it.

However, because Kimito frequently used these foodstuffs as ingredients to make snacks, she knew most of the objects in the fridge.——

“? What is this……?”

A drink in a 500ml PET bottle entered her line of sight.

“What is the matter?”
Aika took out the bottle of drink.


“ ‘Doktol Pepper’?” (TLN: These references are so weird)

Aika glared a little at Reiko who finished reading the name in an instant before her.

“What is this?”

“Isn’t it a drink?”

“But the label says ‘Pepper’. Is it not a seasoning?”

Reiko brought her body closer to Aika as she touched the bottle.

“Hey, stop clinging to me!”

“Oh…it says it is a carbonated drink. The ingredients are……similar to Cola.”


Aika instantly got excited as she loved Cola.

But the school considers Cola as an ‘unhealthy drink’. Therefore, the only chance they could savor it was during parties. On top of that, the Ojou-samas were not used to it. Thus, the number of them who liked Cola was low. Most of the time, they drank tea,100% pure juice and carbonated water with mint leaves and lemon slices added in it.

So when Kimito bought some she would sneakily drink some herself.

“Maybe it’s a different type of Cola? Now that I mention it, it does look like it.”

“This must be a commoner’s drink bought by Kimito-sama.”

“I’ll drink this.”

“T-that is unfair, Aika-sama. I want to drink some too!”

“W-what!? I found it first!”

Aika snatched the bottle towards herself.

“Can’t you just drink some carbonated water like usual? I am willing to share it with anyone, but never with you!”

Few moments later.

“…………I understand.”

Reiko had a disappointed look on her face.


“There is only one bottle, so it cannot be helped.”

A sad smile surfaced on her face as she headed to the cupboard to take out a bottle containing carbonated water.

“W-wait a moment……”

What is happening? Why did she look so dejected?

Aika had no idea what was going on——

But she mumbled softly:

“B-bring a cup. I’ll share some with you.”


After returning to the room, 2 cups were put on the table.

Reiko had a big smile on her face as if something good had happened.

“Why have you been grinning this entire time?”

“! I-I was not grinning!”

Both of her hands were clasped on her face.

“I was just simply looking forward to ‘Doktol Pepper’!”

“Yeah, right.”

Aika, who felt indifferent toward her reaction, turned her focus back to the bottle. It was the main point of focus now.


She excitedly opened the bottle cap.


——Sniff Sniff

Expecting the sweet fragrance of Cola, Aika put her nose near the bottle opening.


“What is the matter?”

Aika didn’t say a word as she held the bottle towards Reiko.

“…………It smells eccentric”.

Reiko also furrowed her brows.

“Is this really a drink? Not just some cold medicine, right?”

“It does give that kind of feeling, like some Chinese medicine.”

“I know, right? But the label clearly states that it is a carbonated drink……”

“……Well, it’ll be fine.”

Aika poured the drink into the cups with a Fizz.

“The food that that person brought over so far had been harmless.” (TLN: She’s referring to Kimito)

“T-that’s right! Because it is owned by Kimito-sama, that is why it must be fine.”

“It must taste so good that it would shock people. We must have never heard of this taste!”

“Commoners really are amazing!”

The two of them held their cups up at the same time.

“Well, it does not look that bad.”

Staring at the bubbles forming and popping at the side of the cup, Aika nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, then…”

“Yes, let us drink it.”

Aika and Reiko brought the cups to their mouths as they gulped it down.


They spit out the drink like a water jet.

“WHAT IS THIS!?!?” x2

For commoners, it was a drink that ‘only those who like it will fall in love with it’.

However, for these Ojou-samas, it was just too advanced.

“Hey, why did you keep spewing in my direction!? How disgusting!”

“D-did you not do it too!?”

Both of them took out their handkerchiefs to wipe their bodies.

Their uniforms were soaked through.

“Ah, this cannot do.”

Aika started taking off her clothes.

“Wait a moment, what are you doing!?”

“If I continue wearing it, I’ll only get wet.” (TLN:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Although she said that, Reiko also started taking off her clothes.

“It’s fine, there’s only the two of us”  


Because they wore the spring uniform, they were left with their undergarments.

Reiko skillfully folded her clothes neatly as she quickly wiped the dirtied table.

Her every action was followed by a ‘rough wave’.

If Aika’s level was at 1, then Reiko’s melons that were supported by her bra which kept bouncing around was level 9.

“? What is the matter, Aika-sama?”


Nothing. ——— thought Aika.

“Ahh, what is this? You did not fold your clothes properly.”

Pointing at Aika’s clothes, Reiko straightened up.

“Hey, it’s okay!”

Aika tried to snatch back the clothes that were being refolded in Reiko’s hands.

“It is not okay. As a Sekain student, it is inappropriate for your clothes to be folded like that. Please leave it to me.”

Her body neared Aika’s.

“I said it’s okay! Stop it!”

“Please just leave it to me——Ah.”

Slipping on a notebook, Reiko fell onto Aika’s body.


With a bang, both of them fell on the floor.


“A-are you alright, Aika-sama!?”


Reiko’s udders had plopped directly onto Aika’s face.

“Ah—— I am sorry.”


“I sincerely apologise. It was because of my carelessness……”

BOING BOING~~ A pair of hooters dangled above Aika’s face.

“Are you unhurt?”

BOING BOING BOING~~~ the pair of hooters bounced at the slightest movement. They gave off a ‘Ah, they are so heavy that it makes my shoulders so tired and stiff’ kind of feeling.

Glancing at her own flat chest, Aika furrowed her brows.

“Whatever! Just do something about those filthy things!”

“F-filthy things…Are you talking about my breasts!?”

“What else is there?”

“Please retract that phrase immediately!”

“No! Move those away from my sight!”

“I won’t!”

As if to emphasise Aika’s flat chest, Reiko started jiggling her tiddies in front of her.

“What are (jiggles)  you calling (jiggles) filthy (jiggles) about my breasts (jiggles) !!



With a Pap, Aika grabbed Reiko’s breasts with both of her hands.


“Wai—— I don’t want to! Not until you retract back your phrase from earlier!!”



Kimito opened the room door.


Kimito, who let out a sound of surprise turned rigid with the doorknob still in his hands.


In front of his eyes, were Reiko and Aika in their undergarments with Reiko on top of Aika, and Aika furiously grabbing Reiko’s breasts.

A manga with the title ‘Yuru Yuri’ was flipped open on the carpet.

A blush immediately appeared on Kimito’s face.

“E-excuse me!”


“D-DON’T MISUNDERSTAND——————————————————!!”

“YOU ARE MISTAKEN, KIMITO-SAMA——————————————————!!”

The Great Incident.


Image result for prison school headmaster quotes

Boobs are just fake…ASSES!


TLN: Pretty long chapter, with only 2 editors too. Let me know in the comments if I fked up somewhere


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  1. In Yuru Yuri Ayano makes a lot of pretty much untranslatable Japanese puns when she is upset or aggitated. One of which was “Buckingham Penalty”.


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