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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 13


Why does every book have a girl’s drawing on the cover?

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Ice, Sekiryuu, Ruzenor


Just as Aika was lying on top of Kimito’s bed while playing [LoveGF]——

Kachak. Reiko opened the room door.

“Kimito isn’t here if you’re looking for him.”

Her eyes were looking at the screen as she said that.

After school, he had been summoned to the principal’s office with the head maid and hadn’t returned yet.

“Maybe he’ll be back later. Karen and Hakua aren’t here either. It may be just the two of us today.”

In her words, she had implied meanings behind it.

——You got my point?

——You don’t want us to be together more than I do, do you?

——So leave now.

Just as a reminder, the relationship between Aika and Reiko was bad.

After so many incidents, the main reason why Aika and Reiko fought regularly was because of Aika who was a loner. She despised Reiko who was a 100% riajuu¹ and was the school idol  to top it off. Thus, This situation could be said to be unavoidable.

Let’s not have unnecessary contact——Is what Aika thought.

“As expected, the room feels more spacious when there’s only 2 people.”

“Hey, why are you coming in!?”

“There is a book I wish to read, that’s all.”

Saying that, Reiko bended her body in front of the bookshelf.


Aika frowned unhappily as she continued playing the 3DS.

——Why!? How come she hasn’t noticed!? What is she thinking!?



Reiko held a number of light novels in her hand while saying:

Why does every book have a girl’s drawing on the cover?”

“How should I know. Maybe it’s because the main character is a girl?”

“But after looking through the other books, they each have this similarity. I won’t mention the books aimed at girls, but isn’t this novel aimed at boys? How strange.

“Like I already said, I don’t know.”

Reiko tilted her head as she flipped through the books quickly.

Didn’t you want to read a book?

“Hey…just borrow the book you want and go back to your room to read it. I’ll tell Kimito about it when he returns.”

“If it’s according to what you say, you can obviously borrow the gaming device to play it in your room. But why must you play it here?”

……This kind of thing naturally happened, so I can’t answer you even if you asked.

“By the way, why do you not leave the bed? It is improper for a lady to keep lying on the bed!”

“……You’re annoying.”

Aika unhappily got down from the bed and tucked her knees as she laid against the bed.

“! A-Aika-sama.”

“Your u-underwear is showing!”


She hurriedly held her skirt down.


“What!? It is you who is a pervert!”

Reiko blushed furiously——

“Are you not letting your guard down too much just because Kimito-sama is not here!?”

“W-what does this have to do with Kimito!?”

“Listen, as a lady——”

“Ahh! You’re annoying!”

“I’m going back to my room!”

“As you wish.”

Just as Aika was storming angrily out of the room——

“When Kimito-sama comes back, it will be a world with just the two of us❤”


Aika, with an aggressive aura around her, returned to the spot where she was before.

“Ara? I thought you were leaving?”

“Ah! Then why don’t you go to the tea party!? Didn’t you get invited to one after school!?”

“It is of my own will to decide whether I go or not.”


Just like that, Aika and Reiko stayed in the same room.

It was a disaster.


Riajuu: Riajuu is internet slang for somebody who has a good life. It’s typically used by otaku and such on message boards like 2chan to refer to people who have girl/boyfriends and are popular with their peers.


TLN: Should I skip straight to where the anime ended or continue translating volume by volume?


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    1. It depends where the anime ended it… but, in my opinion, it would be best if you skipped to where the anime ended it… the rest can be translated when it’s possible


    2. It’d be better to go straight to where the anime ended or to where the manga is right now (this would be amazing), most of the fans that will read OreOjou, probably, had already read the manga or watched the anime.. so even if the light novel is amazing and much more detailed, we are quite eager to see what happens after the anime( or manga).


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