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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 12



The time I use to wash my hands has been abnormally long

 Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Rockgollem,Ruzenor,Ice

It’s been a while since I was last summoned to the principal’s office.

“I have brought Kagurazaka-sama over.”

“Well done.”

The principal praised Kujou-san.

Sitting beside the grandiose wooden desk, a soft yet unearthly smile surfaced on her face.

Although she was nearing the age of 30, she had the look of a beautiful onee-san.

“So, how was your school life till now?”

“Uhh, it’s alright.”

“I heard from Miyuki that you established a club called ‘Commoner Club’?”


I glanced at the nearby Miyuki (Kujou-san).

“Onee-san is very happy that you are carrying out your duty diligently.”


“Oh, I also got quite an interesting information from Miyuki.”

“Huh? What’s that?”

“It seems that you wore a female uniform and hugged Miyuki with your chest exposed while crying?”

“It isn’t like that!!”

“I don’t find anything wrong with it.”(Kujou)

“You are missing the point!! Wait, did you even need to report it?!”

“Because I wanted to find someone to help me file a lawsuit.” (TLN: Unsure, 因为我想找人商量一下诉讼的事)

“A lawsuit!?”

“Ever since that incident, the time I use to wash my hands has been abnormally long.”

“Can you not say such hurtful words so casually!?”

“It was a lie.”

“The hell!? It’s a lie!?”

“It’s a good thing that both of you look like you get along well.”

“What part of this looks well in the principal’s eyes!? Are you looking into a parallel world!?” (TLN: 您 is used here)

But the principal merely giggled with a ‘huhuhu’ sound as she ignored my retort like a passing wind.

“………About that……did you call me here just to know my current situation?”

“Uhuh, that’s right.”

Doesn’t look like it though.

“To be honest, there is something I wanted to discuss with you regarding the fieldtrip.”

“Discuss……hold on, field trip?”

“It’s to be done around this time of the year annually. We’ll announce it at homeroom tomorrow.”


“And for this year’s field trip destination, how about ‘ShominLand’ that’s now under construction?”

Seems like a weird word came up.

“ShominLand is a theme park where the ojou-samas can experience the shomin culture.”

Kujou-san explained.

“Theme park……?”

“It is now in the midst of construction somewhere with an overall surface area of 15011 km². We’re also building a hotel to go along with the park.”

“Although it’s a field trip, isn’t it more comfortable for the students to put up a night there?”(Principal)


I almost forgot since I haven’t felt it for a while. But of Seikain’s other-worldly atmosphere, one of the things they never lacked was money.

“There was originally a plan for a beach to be built beside it called ‘ShominSea’, though it’s on hold now.”

“It wasn’t cancelled!?”

Also, the things they spend their money on are actually kind of stupid.

“Isn’t the reason the plan for ShominLand could be realized was due to Kagurazaka-san’s efforts?”



The principal said excitedly.

“Ever since you came, the school’s atmosphere had become rowdy. Reports from the maids regarding their worries of you becoming a negative influence to the students has also vanished.”


This…is a compliment,right?

“As expected, when there’s a boy here, girls would also be excited.”

“I-is that so……?”

Just as I was bathing in the happiness……

“Although he’s a boy, he’s actually a muscle-loving pervert.”

Kujou-san muttered under her breath.

“Who’s the hell is a muscle-loving pervert!?”

“——Is that not the case?”

Kujou-san instantly glared fiercely at me.

“If you are straight, then for the sake of protecting the purity of the Ojou-samas, I shall now cut off your pe————”

“My dream is to become a body lotion and be applied onto muscled men!”

Oh right, I almost forgot the rule. Nearly lost my son back there.

“In a nutshell, I want you to help with the setting up of ShominLand.”

The Principal summed our conversation up.

“I need your suggestions regarding the attractions.”

When she mentioned the word attractions, I’m already lost.

“Now is the best time to exert your Shomin knowledge.”

Kujou-san suddenly had a strange face on as she stared at my face.

“Kagurazaka-sama, please utilize your commoner’s sense to the fullest.”


“The whole reason for your existence is just for this moment today.”

“Is my whole life that cheap!?”


TLN: Slow update because real life and shitty internet.

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