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OreOjou Volume 2 Chapter 9


Just what could make the maidens hold such a meeting?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Translated by Lickymee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Edited by Rockgollem, Ice, Sekiryuu

In Reiko’s room, a girls’ meeting is about to take place.  

The participating members were too unusual to call this a tea party.  

As a habit, Reiko smiled a little as she elegantly raised her tea cup.

Karen held her katana as she sat still like an executioner.   

And there was Aika who had a flustered look on her face.

Only the three of them were present.

In the room where the maids were ordered to leave, just like a normal meeting of girls, a heavy depressing chaotic atmosphere filled the room.

Just what could make these maidens hold such a meeting.

Reiko silently put down her teacup.

“Recently……It seems that Kimito-sama and Hakua-sama are getting along pretty well.

From her respectful smile, a majestic feeling could be felt.

It was just like the aura emitted by an olden times European ruler. Actually, rather than being Reiko, she was more like Madame de Pompadour. (TLN: For those curious kitties, click here.)

“Why don’t you say it directly, Arisugawa?”

Karen was just like Okada the serial killer, sitting in the corner of the room while emitting a black aura. (TLN: I can’t find Okada on Google-sensei. Post in comments if yer know bout him.)

“That’s already a crime.”

Aika had a nervous face as she had looked uneasy from the start.

‘What’s the matter, Aika-sama?”

“ !!! N-nothing! I was just exceptionally nervous because it had been a very long time since I attended a tea party in a classmate’s room!”

The tsunpure-san revealed her state of loneliness to the public audience.

“The first time since the fourth grade, correct?”

“How did you know!? From what I remember, we were never in the same class before.”

“I heard it from others.”

“Why would you want to listen to it?”

“P-please do not misunderstand. Considering the situation here, even if I did not want to know, I’d still find out about it.”

Seika Academy practically only had 2 classes per grades. Should there be any rumor, it would be spread quickly.

“On the other hand, what do you think of this situation, Aika-sama?”

“Obviously, it cannot be forgiven!!”

Aika exploded.

“It’s been bothering me for a while, but it’s getting more strange lately! Every time I try to speak to Kimito, she sticks to him tightly so that his attention would be diverted to her in the end!”

“I wish she clung to me.” (Karen)

“And then there was a time when I was playing a two-player game with him. I thought that even if she clung to him tightly he would ignore her. But, who would have thought that she would start taking off her clothes, forcing us to stop again!”

“I don’t think you need to forcibly dress her.” (Karen)

“What was that about!? Was she doing it on purpose!?”

“It is true about what you said!” (TLN:您 is used here)

Reiko was also excited by Aika’s enthusiasm.

“Everytime she eats cookies, Kimito-sama feeds her with his hands! How can I put up with this…It’s unfair! It upsets me just to watch it!”


“I know right!?”

Just as the two of them chatted enthusiastically, they realised what they were doing and turned their heads from each other simultaneously.

Thump. Karen knocked the head of her katana sheath on the carpet.

“How enviable! I want him dead!”

“Y-you shouldn’t kill him……:”

“But he’s clearly in the wrong!”

Aika exploded once again.

“When he gives her a cookie, he would grin lustfully! It feels that he finds happiness in serving others! I knew it! He’s a born butler! A Sebastian!” (TLN: Sebastian is a stereotype name for butlers in Japan)

“Maybe he is just overly considerate of others?”

“No, No! He just loves to be swayed by an annoying kid like her!”

Though she ignored the fact that she was a kid herself.

“……….Should I also remove my clothing?”


“N-no. It’s nothing!”

“……I must take back Hakua from that evil man’s grasp.”

Karen stared at the hilt of the katana.

“If this goes on, that man will surely do this and that to Hakua…Un-unforgivable!!”

Karen felt like an uneasy dog that was barking at it’s own reflection on the surface of a river.

“Right! This is a crime, so we must stop it!”

“Th-that’s right! We must prevent a crime before it happens!”

The girls spoke as if they were some heroes of justice as they finished the discussion.

“……Let’s…sit down with Hakua-sama and talk it over.”

Reiko, who was like Madame de Pompadour, spoke.

With that, the girls’ meeting ended.



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