OreOjou · Translations

OreOjou Volume 2 Prologue


Translated by Lickymee

I steeled myself as I decided to meet up with the girl who I hadn’t met for a long time.


I, Kimito Kagurazaka, have a lover.


We knew each other through a certain club activity.


As a daughter of a prestigious family, she emitted an aura that made others avoid her.


She herself was troubled by her lonely state as she hoped to make friends.


Due to a convenient opportunity, I became her consultant. In order to let others get close to her, I carried out a plan to change how the others viewed her.(TLN:Not sure,我实行了改变她风貌的作战。)


After that, she revealed the end product of the plan to everyone.


“Hi everyone! I’m Marika! Why don’t we go back together?”(TLN: Not sure,大家好哇,我是真梨花哟,一块儿回去呗.)


The scene where she puts up a peace sign with her hands and does a clumsy greeting looked like it came from an Event CG.(TLN:Not sure,那就是颇具印象的反V字手势Event CG,和笨拙的招呼。)


This slightly disappointing end result of her hard work was that she became very close with the members of the tennis club. 


Not long after, I accepted her confession and we officially became a couple.    


After one month or more later, I stopped contacting my lover.


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