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OreOjou Volume 1 Afterword


Translated by Lickymee

Edited by IcePhantom


I like Ojou-samas.


I really like characters who end their sentences with desu~(TLN: Not sure, 当她们这么说话的时候,在我心中,这些角色的萌度就会大幅提升)

When they speak like that, their moe level increases sharply in my heart.


How sharp is the increase? If measured using the average unit of measurement, it would be as much as leggings.


Although it’s a normal unit of measurement specially for me.


My friend’s wife came out of a school for female nobles herself. She told me stories about her alma-mater.


It seems like the students at there never fought before, and acted just like flowers full in bloom.

Other than that, the male teachers in the school had good relationships with the students. It was even natural for them to marry the students.


What kind of world is this? Why didn’t I pursue a teaching license in college……


My memory is a little muddled, so I can’t be sure of the story’s truth……But if such a place exists how would it look like? Thus, I let my imagination and yearning for such a thing run wild.


I wrote down the type of [Ojou-samas] that I yearned indefinitely for.


They became a special existence to me.

If this book could let each and every one of you to pass the time happily, it would be my honor.


Many thanks to the illustrator Uruu Gekka-san for his cute illustrations of Aika and the others; K井-san for his careful editing; the people in the promoting department who didn’t give up on me after many obstacles to promote me; Fuku Tsukasa-san who gave me precious advice despite being so busy; and of course, my dear readers.


From today onwards, I shall continue doing my best.


2011 September


Takafumi Nanatsuki

Hi everyone. I am Uruu Gekka who’s responsible for the illustrations.


Does everyone like ‘Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Rachirareta Ken’?


I hope my illustrations can increase the colorfulness of this world, as well as bringing in positiveness.


Because some readers would choose to read the afterword first before starting on the content, I will not bring up anything about the content. However, I do personally think that Aika is very cute, just like a small animal. I hope that through my illustrations, she would be more excellent in the future.


Finally, I give my utmost thanks to the dear readers!


See you next time.

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